Vodka, Metallica, Tchaikovsky, Vodka

I'm liking the Ukrainian approach to the pursuit of audio nirvana, this is the Chisto story

We live in Ukraine to drink vodka and listen to music. We used to do it for 1000 years. Vodka. Metallica. Tchaikovsky. Vodka. This is our way.By the way, Ukraine is not Russia. Russians do not agree. We do not know and still speak russian. Some of us call ourselves not russians or ukrainians but "audiophiles". Usually guys who read a lot in internet.
I personally felt pity for that guys who cried how to make their system sound a billion dollar. Without investments. Without money. Without even believing in Jesus. Or Buddha. Or...
I was responsible for importing about three dozens of audio vendors and know what sound is and what not. So I developed this lotion with the help of some tech guys from another side of the world.
Main wonders were a) it works and b) it is not made of vodka.

I personally never believed it works. But those crazy guys tested and tested, called me and cried: "Vow… Vow.. Now I have a billion dollar system. CDs sound like vinyl".

One day I get bored of all this and said: "Well. I quit IT business and start producing this stuff".
This is the beginning of CHISTO story. The story of Disk Analoguer and Black Analoguer. And this is just a beginning...

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That's one stand I will be visiting at Munich for sure.

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