Vocal Encounters, Dave Brubeck.

I am a sucker for any thing Dave Brubeck, and Vocal Encounters is no exception. This remastered CD, sounds reasonably clean and have good audiophile definition. As with most recordings from the 50's and 60's, if your system is up to mark, the vocal presence is full in density and very palpable. There's still some analog tape hiss noticeable depending from track to track, but did not prevent me from enjoying the music, most importantly.

The tracks feature guest vocalist, like Carmen McRae, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennet, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, amongst other leading some of Dave's favourite jazz improvising compositions.

For me at least, Louis Armstrong and Carmen McRae were the most outstanding of the vocals blending in to Dave's compositions. Both voices have great texture and melodious nature.

My favourite tracks from this CD are:

Track 2, Summer Song

Track 3, My Melancholy Baby

Track 4, It's a Raggy Waltz

Track 5, The Real Ambassador

Track 6, My One Bad Habit

Track 7, Because All Men Are Brothers

Track 10, Cultural Exchange

Track 12, Ain't Misbahavin'

Track 13, They Say I Look Like God

Track 18, Take Five

If you're in to Jazz Vocals or just plain Dave Brubeck Quartet fan, this one's worth your exploration.

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