VF Live: Sarah Evans #15

Funk, soul and Afrobeat from her South London HQ.

In VF Live, our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops and studios for intimate selects and mixes.

Presenter and producer Sarah Evan returns for her latest VF Live, plays direct from her South London abode

Watch and listen to her set above, check out the tracklist below.


1. Frank Pleyer Big Band – Sally
2. The Sultan’s Swing – Dune (feat. Chip Wickham)
3. The Altons – When You Go (That’s When You’ll Know)
4. Magic In Threes – Takes 10 Minutes
5. Natural Lateral – Bossa Blue
6. Clever Girl – Teleblister
7. Sassouma Kouyate – Niani (Jose Marques)
8. I Rainy – Bonafide Rojas – Shook (Unnayanaa Mix)
9. SHMLSS – Andong

Original Resource is The Vinyl Factory