Touchstone Audio weekend

Astin Trew will be launching / demonstrating the new 'Concord' DAC with both asynchronous USB and FireWire input options next weekend at the Touchstone Audio Weekend in Reading (full details below).  This will give you the opportunity to compare the difference between the two competing data input technologies now in use - FireWire as used and listened through in most music studios around the world; and asynchronous USB, the 'favoured' home audio solution for studio quality audio files.  Both options are available in the Concord DAC1.  Has 'computer audio' now come of age?  Why not come and take a listen.

Also, at the Touchstone Audio Weekend, you will get to see and hear a plethora of other lovely audio equipment being used in several music rooms, bring your favourite CD or LP and have a relaxing listen through products from Acoustic Signature and Holborne Swiss Audio Instruments Turntables; Audio Origami tone-arms; DSS and Elac Loudspeakers; Fonel and Astin Trew CD players; amplifiers from Octave and others; phono and headphone amps from Trichord Research; cables from Vovox, Astin Trew and Pulse; and many, many more exciting products, some new to the UK, others well known - at all price points - all offering great sound and represented by Touchstone Audio.

The on-line audio music shop 'Sound Fidelity' will also be at the show, selling STS Digital and other audiophile CDs and the range of Chisto CD and LP cleaning products, at special reduced prices.  They are also giving away an STS CD (worth £17.99p) to their first 50 customers.

Where and when:
Touchstone Audio weekend Dealer show:
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November
Moat House Hotel, Reading, RG41 5DG
(opening times 10am - 6pm Saturday, 10am - 4.30pm Sunday. FREE ENTRY).

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