Tired of audio artifacts and weird visual glitches when playing CDs and DVDs? Chisto has you covered with effective solutions for disc static elimination

Disk Analoguer is Chisto’s answer to solving the riddle of disc static elimination – efficacy and safety, the chemical recipe of audio heaven inside a small bottle. For the uninitiated, let’s break down why disc static elimination is a real problem for your CDs and figure out exactly how to solve it.

The reality of CD sound: why disc static elimination is necessary

If you enjoy listening to music and you’ve grown up in the 80s or 90s, there’s a good chance you have a fairly sizable collection of CDs from a number of artists. CDs took over the world ever since their introduction in the 1980s, and have ruled the industry pretty much until the fairly recent introduction of streaming services. However, as many audiophiles know, the quality of audio that streaming services provide simply can’t satisfy a perfectionist which is why many audio aficionados stick to the realm of physical records.

However, what many audiophiles ignore is that while CDs certainly can provide far better quality than any way consuming audio (with the possible exception of vinyl, but that’s a whole another debate), it doesn’t mean they necessarily actually do it every time you play them. The reason why this isn’t common knowledge is because the problem that causes this reduction of quality is quite complicated, and, until recently, there was no way of solving it.

You see, whenever you play a CD, there’s a plethora of physical processes taking place. To us, the most important result of these processes is the generation of electrostatic fields. For those not in the loop, static is and always has been a mortal enemy to anyone calling themselves an audiophile. This applies double to whenever CDs are involved: because static inteferes with the reading of the data from the disc and the subsequent transmission of the signal, the produced audio quality is often worse than is to be expected.

The ideal solution for disc static elimination

So, the question that has to be asked is now obvious: is there a way to somehow reduce the influence of these electrostatic fields or, better yet, completely eliminate them? For a while, the answer to this question remained unknown. Audiophiles have devised their own ways of reducing static’s harmful impact on sound (lifting cables, trying various chemicals on both CDs and equipment), but to no avail. As fellow audiophiles, we at Chisto have also searched for the ideal solution for disc static elimination. We saw that there is no way to prevent static generation (because it is a part of the CD playing process), therefore, this perfect solution has to dissipate static as it appears. Also, since chemicals will be involved, the antistatic agent’s formula should be 100% safe for CDs (due to their extreme sensitivity).

After conducting a lot of research and consulting various chemists, we have created a solution that has both of the aforementioned qualities and is perfectly suited for disc static elimination. We have dubbed it “Disk Analoguer”, because with this antistatic agent your CDs will sound more “analogue”, meaning static won’t interfere with the signal and the sound will come out a lot cleaner and display the full richness of CD’s sonic palette.

We have conducted numerous tests which have shown that our Analoguer dissipates static almost instantly (<0.1 second). These results were also confirmed by many audiophiles, who feel that their CDs sound far better after applying the Analoguer. Not only that, but the formula that we use is only aimed at eliminating static, which means it doesn’t contain any chemicals that can physically harm the CD or somehow alter the sound in their own way.

Another cool property of the Analoguer’s disc static elimination qualities is that it’s applicable to DVDs and blu-rays as well. How is that possible? Well, CDs and DVDs (and, by extention, blu-rays) function very similarly, so it would only makes sense that they suffer from the same problems. So that posed a logical question: if the Analoguer works on CDs, can it lend their antistatic properties to DVDs as well? Turns out, it absolutely can! After reducing static influence testers observed a far brighter and richer color palette, confirming the improved performance of DVDs after applying the Analoguer.

As you can see, Chisto’s Disk Analoguer is perfect for disc static elimination, making it the №1 solution for any audio aficionado who strives for sonic perfection. So take full advantage of the Analoguer’s antistatic properties, and let your CDs charm you with brighter and richer soundscapes!