Time To Listen?

                                                                                         I was alerted to this blog post by the good folks over at Linn products. Composer David Smooke wrote an excellent article detailing a personal listening project. Here’s a small extract:

In order to stop this gradual erosion of my knowledge of the contemporary repertoire, I’ve embarked on a new listening project. Each week, I try to carve out blocks within my schedule during which I concentrate on experiencing a piece that is either new to me or that I’ve only heard in less than ideal circumstances. I’m trying to force myself to move beyond the paralysis that can set in as I face the infinite variety of sounds available to me at all times in order to choose one or two works on which I will focus during each session. I’m hoping that this venture might work over time to stem the deterioration of my listening skills, and that it will allow me to remain more current in my awareness of the wealth of music available to listeners today”

You can read the full article here.

Original Resource is How Do You Listen To Music? https://howdoyoulistentomusic.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/time-to-listen/