There’s more to Hammond than Richard

Dr Lonnie Smith
Boogaloo to Beck
Scufflin’ Records, 2003

For those who like short reviews here is the conclusion: Buy now.
For those who wish to spend a few seconds before coming to the conclusion that the advice is sound, here is the rest of the review:
Sometimes one gets to meet a magician worth his turban, in the case of Dr. Lonnie Smith the turban is almost as impressive as the funk he plays. This album is an odd and inspiring gesture by a demi-grandee of the funk/soul/jazz genre to the artist Beck.
The album features a string of Beck’s songs played by a mighty capable, tight and talented trio which is joined by another famous and soulful name from the dim and distant past for a few of the tracks. The music is for the most part a funk lover’s wet dream, the good Dr. Lonnie (Smith) does not believe in tickling the proverbial ivories of the Hammond B3, he incinerates them. The guitar player Doug Munro is able to move swiftly from blues to funk to rock to jazz with equal levels of dexterity and talent, the drums are handled by a guy with a name that might have come from a Cordwainer Smith sci-fi tale, Lafrae Sci, whose command of the drums is absolute. This merry crew is aided by Ray Charles sideman David "Fathead" Newman on tenor sax. The music is HOT, the recording is warmish and cosseting, the operative term to describe this album is happy.
But Beck devotees and acolytes may have different ideas. If the Gaga and her ilk bring you down, if you have watched too many reports that predict the end of the world as we know it or if you need to move your body to hypnotic noise, this album is highly recommended.
Favourite tracks: Paper Tiger, New Pollution, Devil’s Haircut, Where It’s At

Reuben Klein

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