The Best Audio Interface

Audio interfaces are amazing inventions, they allow users to plug in microphones and instruments and record to one of the many digital audio workstation software packages available. Perhaps the idea of you recording some tracks that you’re written, or putting out some music with your band is quite scary because studios are quite expensive right?

The technology has advanced to a point where it has become incredibly easy for us to gain access to studio quality equipment that we can use in our own homes and get the same results.

If you are setting up a home studio an audio interface is an essential piece of gear. The audio interface is the brain of the operation and will convert your analog signals into digital information.

Audio interfaces are typically connected to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. You may also find some manufacturers offer a Firewire, Thunderbolt or PCI Card option. Firewire and Thunderbolt connections are not as common and PCI cards are only really recommended if you are leaving this set up all the time, for instance, in a commercial studio.

USB interfaces come in a range of sizes from 2 inputs to 24 inputs. The advantage to USB is that it is widely compatible with most computers/laptops and the smaller interfaces are very portable meaning you can take  your studio anywhere in the world with you.

Let’s look at 10 great and affordable audio interfaces that you can use to start recording today.