thank you for the music

guys, the time has come to draw the curtains....

it has been a glorious 3.5 years blogging for desirable audio. i am proud to be the pioneer hifi blogger in this region. looking at the scene now, there are no less than 5 hifi blogs in malaysia! it is heartening to see that.

desirable audio has garnered its fair share of supporters and detractors over the years. for that, i thank you for your support and i am sure the new generation of hifi bloggers like panzer and hifikaki would emulate what i have done and do even better than me.

i am full time into music production now, you can follow my adventures in poppopmusic blog. again, i am proud i am a pioneer in the audiophile music production in malaysia... let's see if i can bring the malaysian flag to the international arena.

again, thank you for the music. may the spirits of good music live forever!

goodbye, farewell and amen.

Original Resource is desirable audio boutique 欲望:音响