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Evertz Acquires Studer from Harman

Evertz acquires StuderBurlington, Ontario, Canada (January 13, 2021)—Canadian broadcast equipment company Evertz Technologies Limited is purchasing the legacy recording/broadcast studio gear brand Studer from Harman Professional Solutions. The deal, arranged for an undisclosed amount, sees the brand and all related assets and technology move to Evertz.

Studer has played a vital role in the development of recording technology over the years. First formed in Zürich, Switzerland by namesake Willi Studer in 1948, the company quickly gained notoriety for its tape machines, which went on to be used around the world in countless recording studios during the analog tape era.

Studer sold his company in 1990 to Motor-Columbus AG, which in turn sold the various Studer brands to Harman International in 1994. In the years that followed, Studer began producing broadcast consoles, including the long-running Vista line, and Harman eventually merged many of Studer’s operations with its other console brand, Soundcraft. While the heart of the Studer brand remained in Switzerland for decades, Harman ultimately shuttered the brand’s Swiss-based R&D and management offices in 2018 as part of the global restructuring of Harman Pro brands around international centers of excellence. That move came after Harman itself was acquired by Samsung in 2016.

Evertz says it plans to invest in Studer, aiding the brand’s development of “next-generation products” with an eye towards building synergies between its current product suite and the Studer product line.

In a statement, Brian Campbell, EVP Business Development at Evertz, noted, “We’re pleased to welcome this iconic audio brand to our Evertz family of products and solutions that has been serving the broadcast market for more than 50 years. We also welcome the many valued Studer customers who depend on Studer technology and reliability to deliver the best audio to their audience.”

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