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Steve Gadd Band at Blue Note Tokyo | The Vinyl Anachronist

I can imagine a hardcore Steely Dan fan, one who probably does agree with that popular YouTube video that makes the case for Steve Gadd’s drum solo in “Aja” being the all-time greatest, listening to the Steve Gadd Band (website) and thinking just wait, he’s gonna get rolling here in a second. You’ll see. You’ll laugh if you’re a fan of the Steve Gadd Band, and you consider yourself knowledgeable about the man behind the drum kit. On this new live album, At Blue Note Tokyo, he spends the first few songs developing the slow burn, the steady tension, and then he’ll deliver a quick solo, nothing as mind-blowing as The Aja Solo, and then he’ll keep it tight and let the rest of his crew step into the spotlight. That’s when you notice that Steve Gadd is doing the Mick Fleetwood thing. (Or perhaps Mick Fleetwood was doing the Steve Gadd thing.) Do you know what I mean? For more than a decade, Playboy picked Mick Fleetwood as their favorite rock drummer in their annual music awards. This wasn’t Hef picking the winners, but genuine music critics and writers. This was back when I was young, back when I’d [...]

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The Music List: Is It Really Necessary? | The Vinyl Anachronist

A few weeks ago, I found myself editing an equipment review and I got to that section. You know the section, the one where the reviewer gathers up copious notes on the music used during the review and condenses it into a survey of sorts. I call it the Music List. In this particular case, the Music List went on and on and eventually became the largest section in the review. I asked myself an important question—do we really need all this? Is it necessary to discuss the fabled drum solo by Steve Gadd on “Aja” as extra punchy on a particular pair of speakers? Or how easily we can hear Yoko’s back-up vocals on “Obla-di, Obla-da” through the latest DAC? Maybe. I published a review not too long ago, and I didn’t mention any particular pieces of music in the “listening” section—on purpose. Within a few hours of publication, we received a comment on the website: “What music did you listen to? How are we supposed to put your review in context?” And I came to the realization that we all expect reviewers to go on and on about the records they listened to, a linguistic touchstone for the [...]

Original Resource is Part-Time Audiophile