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Primephonic Classical Music Streaming | REVIEW

When approaching Primephonic (website), one of the few high-res (24-bit/192kHz) streaming services devoted to classical music, I was interested to see if they could go beyond the existential questions of survival that tend to dominate any discussion of the genre. Working a fundraiser at a classical radio station, I was once told by a listener making a donation that she also gave to endangered species protection funds. This well-intended listener revealed that the questions of survival are pervasive and exist at every level of the classical ecosystem from the local symphony and radio station, to agencies and record labels. As I logged into Primephonic for the first time, I was hoping that this angst would lead to genuine creativity in the streaming platform rather than just be a streaming platform without all that pesky stuff known as other genres of music. I was also hoping that it would advance the conversation in classical music, moving from the yes/no question of “will we survive?” to the broader question of “how will we survive?,” and maybe to provide part of the answer. After listening for several months now and seeing continuous updates to the platform, I feel like Primephonic is taking major [...]

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Roon im neuen Look & Feel

Roons Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) „Valence“ arbeitet mit extrem detaillierten, komplexen Metadaten und kennt über 100.000 Hör-Experten – natürlich anonym unter Einhaltung sämtlicher Datenschutzbestimmungen. Die neueste Version von Valence versteht den Kontext von Musik und die Zusammenhänge zwischen den Menschen, die sie komponieren, aufführen und produzieren, noch besser und berücksichtigt unter anderem auch den Hörverlauf, bevor es nach den beliebtesten passenden Ergebnissen filtert. Mit dieser multidimensionalen Herangehensweise kann Roon mit höhere Sensibilität und Sachkenntnis Musik anzeigen und vorschlagen.

Die "Focus"-Funktion kombiniert in Roon 1.8 Multikriterien-Filter mit Sortier- und Textfiltern und wurde in einer einheitlichen, klaren Oberfläche zusammengeführt, die praktisch überall in Roon verfügbar ist. Der Nutzer kann sich spezifisch auf Titel eines Albums, Künstler in einem Genre, Alben in der Diskografie eines Künstlers, Kollaborationen zwischen Künstlern oder Kompositionen nach Epoche, Instrumentierung und Form konzentrieren – und sie nach Titel, Popularität und Kompositionsdatum sortieren. Auch neu in version 1.8. ist die Option mit "Focus" nicht nur Musik in der eigenen Bibliothek, sondern auch Inhalte auf TIDAL und Qobuz filtern und sortieren zur können sowie die neue Kalender-Ansicht, die den detaillierten Hörverlauf der letzten vier Wochen zeigt. Der Roon Support und die Roon Community sind dank neuer Quick Links schneller erreichbar.

Für Klassik-Fans bietet Roon 1.8 ein neues Informationslayout, das es besonders leicht macht, genau die klassischen Aufnahmen zu finden, die gesucht werden, wobei die besondere Komplexität und Vielfalt klassischer Musik speziell berücksichtigt wurde. Valence identifiziert dazu Beziehungen zwischen Komponisten, Dirigenten und Interpreten und kann weniger interessante Veröffentlichungen von vorneherein aussortieren. So sind die von Experten am besten bewerteten Aufführungen jeder Komposition noch leichter auffindbar.

Die neue Diskografie beinhaltet auch eine übersichtliche „Performances“-Ansicht, mit der Focus genau die Aufführung findet, die der Musikliebhaber sucht. Martha Argerich spielt Chopin – oder eine Nocturne? Alle Bach-Aufnahmen mit Glenn Gould? Focus findet alles, was man sucht, mit wenigen Klicks.

Hier finden Sie unsere ausführliche Auseinandersetzung mit Roon aus STEREO 03/2020

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Marten Oscar Trio Loudspeaker | REVIEW

  At Casa de McAudiophile, the impressive hit parade of floor standing speakers continues. This latest installment of chart-topping performers is the seductive sounding and beautiful Marten Oscar Trio from the Sweden (website). The Oscar Trios are not only the first speaker from Marten I’ve had the pleasure to hear; their ceramic composite drivers are also a first in my listening room. I found the sound of these speakers to have a uniquely classy quality: they are precise, clean and fast, but with a richness and ability to portray tonal complexity in recordings that is something more than just accurate. The Marten Oscar Trios bring an inviting quality to the music played through them. That stately and authoritative something puts them in quite a charming spot on my listenability/accuracy matrix. Brothers I seem to be receiving a preponderance of speaker systems from Scandinavian countries, Sweden in particular. Is it possible there is an informal World Class Nordic Speaker Designers club in Gothenburg? I wonder if the Marten team of Leif, Lars, and Jorgen Olofsson ever hang out in a sauna and talk speaker design with Mats Anderson of Qln? Well, even if the two companies don’t share ideas, the friendly [...]

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Chario Constellation Cygnus Loudspeakers | REVIEW

Hi-Fi reviewers like reviewing products that sound good to them. I’m no exception. If I can’t hear a component before actually getting it, I’m always a bit leery. So it was a welcome and pleasant surprise when I fired up a pair of Chario Constellation Cygnus speakers (website) in my listening room. After the hit parade of excellent loudspeakers I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing, it was a relief to find out that the relatively unknown (in the US) and modestly priced Cygnus ($3,700/pair) is no exception. Ciao mio adorabile amico The Cygnus is a mid-level offering in Chario’s entry-level Constellation line of speakers. The gente at Chario have been using fine Italian craftsmanship to make a LOT of different speaker models, and they’ve been doing so since 1975. There are four separate lines including Academy S, Aviator, Constellation II, and a limited edition Belong series. Within the Constellation line alone there are four different models named Lynx, Delphinus, Cygnus, and Pegasus. Must be some frequent espresso breaks happening at the Chario factory to get all those speakers ready to ship. Words and Photos by Dave McNair The Chario Constellation Cygnus is a three-way comprised of a 1.5” soft [...]

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Tidal-Rabatt bei Nucleus-Kauf

Vertrieben werden die Nucleus-Server in Deutschland von Audio Trade, und dort gibt’s für kurzentschlossene Käufer den Tidal-Rabatt obendrauf: Statt rund 240 Euro kostet das Tidal-Abo für ein ganzes Jahr nur rund 120 Euro. Beim Kauf eines Nucleus oder Nucleus+ mit vorinstallierter Roon-Core-Software kann der Kunde einen um 50% reduzierten Voucher erwerben, den er dann für das Tidal-HiFi-Abo einlösen kann. In der Basis-Version mit Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM und 64 GB SSD für das Betriebssystem kostet der Nucleus aktuell inklusiv 16 % Mehrwertsteuer rund 1520 Euro, der Nucleus+ mit Core i7, 8 GB RAM und 128 GB SSD liegt bei knapp 2600 Euro. In den Preisen ist eine Jahreslizenz für die Nutzung der Roon-Software enthalten. Das Top-Modell empfiehlt sich vor allem für sehr große Musiksammlungen, für Installationen mit mehr als sechs Multiroom-Zonen und für uneingeschränkte Nutzung der DSP-Funktionen.

Mehr zu Roon

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Charisma Audio Signature One Moving Coil Phono Cartridge | REVIEW

Let’s talk about the Passion Of St. Bernard. No, not the dog. No, not Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), the Benedictine monk–although he was no doubt passionate about his stuff. I’m talking about the founder, and head of Charisma Audio (website), Mr. Bernard Li.THIS Bernard is deeply passionate about high fidelity home playback with a special focus on cartridges and all things analog. You’d also need to have the patience of a saint to go to the lengths that Mr. Li has in producing the supremely musical sounding Charisma Audio Signature One moving coil phono cartridge. At this point, it’s no surprise to me when I hear about the back stories of these passionately driven hi-fi industry folks. It usually starts with a deep connection to music and a fortuitous way into the industry. Bernard is no exception. From his 40 plus years as an audiophile, reviewer, dealer and distributor, Mr. Li’s knowledge and experience in this industry is deep. Actually, that would be an understatement. About eight years ago, Mr. Li began working with an experienced phono cartridge artisan whose identity must remain secret. The partnership produced a line of cartridges, adding to an already impressive lineup of brands that [...]

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Rotel A14 Integrated Amplifier | REVIEW

  Why in the world would I want to review the Rotel A14 (website), an integrated amplifier with DAC and phono stage and headphone amplifier all sorts of features for just $1500? What is this, 1985? Am I still in college looking for an optimal amplification match for my Snell Type Js? Look over there, on the racks and around the listening room. I’ve got $10K worth of Rowland over here, and $25K worth of prime Pureaudio amplification over there. I should be set, ready to go, ready to review turntables or speaker cables or something else other than amplification. But when I got the chance to review the Rotel A14, I jumped at the chance. Again, why? Because I love doing reviews on gear from companies I know well, the brands that convinced me to fall head over heels with this hobby so many years ago. If you haven’t noticed, I love telling those stories. I love talking about my hi-fi history. Some guy in an elevator in 1992 who turns out to be Jeff Joseph and 28 years later I finally get to review his speakers. Meeting Colleen Cardas for the first time at CES—I remember meeting her, [...]

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Roon Nucleus(+) inklusive 1 Jahr Roon

Nucleus ist der einfachste und schnellste Weg, Roon zu erleben. Es sind keine Computer- oder Netzwerkkenntnisse erforderlich. Einfach den Nucleus anschließen, die Roon App für Ihr mobiles Gerät laden und genießen. Nucleus by Roon verfügt auch über eine Ripping-Funktion. Man kann dafür jedes beliebige CD/DVD/Blu-Ray-Laufwerk per USB anschließen. Die Ripping-Routine profitiert von der Roon-Datenbank, die umfassende Informationen zu der gerippteb CD aus dem Internet herunterlädt und nach dem automatischen Import in die Musikbibliothek bereitstellt.

Nur Nucleus und Nucleus+ bieten die Möglichkeit, das Roon-Erlebnis mit einer Haussteuerung zu verbinden. Treiber für Crestron und Control4-Systeme stehen dafür zur Verfügung. So profitieren auch vernetzte Häuser und Wohnungen von Roons Datenbank und den umfassenden Verwaltungsmöglichkeiten.

Der leicht angepasste empfohlene Verkaufspreis für den Nucleus liegt bei 1.519,70 Euro und bei 2.591,97 Euro für den Nucleus+, jeweils inklusive 16% Mehrwertsteuer. Damit erhalten Kunden einen echten Rabatt von 62,48 Euro.

Zum STEREO-Test des Roon Nucleus

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Merason DAC-1 | REVIEW

From The Outside, Everything Looks Right I was reminded of what I love about Teutonic design aesthetics when I first opened the box and removed the flagship Merason DAC-1. Have you ever gone to the part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and seen the display of medieval armor and weapons? Even a millennium ago, the armor and weapons used by knights and crusaders in battle had a very nationalistic vibe. The French suits of armor borrowed their look from a Parisian palace for the aristocracy. The Italian armor looked like it was made by people whose descendants would craft Ferrari bodies, and the German armor and swords were all business, a medieval Mercedes but with some Bauhaus angularity. Words and Photos by Dave McNair Switzerland isn’t exactly Germany–maybe there is something in the water that runs off the Alps and shit. Maybe it’s the beer. Design and construction of products having an undeniable amount of performance, precision, and attention to detail without unneeded flourish is the order of the day for these folks. I like this. I like it a lot. It’s practically in their regional DNA! Or the beer. I Want A New World Without The [...]

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Naim Audio Mu-so 2nd Generation Wireless Music System | REVIEW

  The Naim Audio Mu-so changed the way I listen to music. That’s not hyperbole, a ready-made pull quote that Naim can use in their print ads. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to borrow a Naim Mu-so QB, the smaller cube in the line-up, for a few months. I wasn’t that excited about the Mu-so when I first encountered it. To me, it was a fancy table radio. It did a lot of cool things, but these were mostly the things in audio I didn’t do at the time, like digital streaming. That Naim Audio Mu-so QB had been set up for me in advance, so I plugged it in and started exploring. I didn’t even have a proper owner’s manual for it. I just started poking around, and slowly I started to understand why I would want something like the Mu-so in my daily life. The first discovery was internet radio, something that didn’t interest me in the least before the Naim arrived at my office—the place where I ultimately planned to use it. Over the next few weeks I explored the thousands of stations playing all sorts of genres from all over the world. If [...]

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