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Merason DAC-1 | REVIEW

From The Outside, Everything Looks Right I was reminded of what I love about Teutonic design aesthetics when I first opened the box and removed the flagship Merason DAC-1. Have you ever gone to the part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and seen the display of medieval armor and weapons? Even a millennium ago, the armor and weapons used by knights and crusaders in battle had a very nationalistic vibe. The French suits of armor borrowed their look from a Parisian palace for the aristocracy. The Italian armor looked like it was made by people whose descendants would craft Ferrari bodies, and the German armor and swords were all business, a medieval Mercedes but with some Bauhaus angularity. Words and Photos by Dave McNair Switzerland isn’t exactly Germany–maybe there is something in the water that runs off the Alps and shit. Maybe it’s the beer. Design and construction of products having an undeniable amount of performance, precision, and attention to detail without unneeded flourish is the order of the day for these folks. I like this. I like it a lot. It’s practically in their regional DNA! Or the beer. I Want A New World Without The [...]

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Doshi Audio EVO Series Tape Head Preamplifier | Review

I had a fantastic time putting the most excellent Doshi Audio Tape Head Preamplifier through its paces. This latest version, labeled the EVO series, has some improvements over the previous Tape Head Preamplifier 3.0 series, but permit me to reminisce a bit first… A Long Time Ago In A Recording Studio Far, Far Away Sitting behind an enormous API console as I peered through the glass to watch the musicians in the tracking room, I heard the last bit of decay from the final chord and cymbal crash fade to silence. I hit stop, then the rewind button on the MCI JH-110 2” 24 track machine. I mashed the talkback button and asked the band to come in and hear the take. When all were gathered in the control room, I hit play. It was a big sonic letdown. In different situations, the disappointment was sometimes extreme, sometimes minimal and on a few very special occasions, I felt the playback actually had an enhanced quality. But it was NEVER the same as the input. Sure, the music and performances were many times excellent and captivating, but why wouldn’t the tape deck serve up all that goodness that I heard going to the [...]

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