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Clair Global Co-Develops Virtual Crowd for Events

The new interactive streaming technology Virtual Crowd is a collaboration between Fireplay, PRG, and Clair Global.
The new interactive streaming technology Virtual Crowd is a collaboration between Fireplay, PRG, and Clair Global.

New York, NY (November 4, 2020)—Virtual Crowd, a collaboration between Fireplay, PRG, and Clair Global, is a scalable multimedia technology that facilitates interaction between presenters/performers and viewers in both online and hybrid experiences. It is primarily intended for use in concerts and other major events.

Virtual Crowd allows performers or speakers to see and interact with their audience on large video screens. Meanwhile, viewers experience a live, interactive performance with professional production value and can interact directly with the performer. The aesthetics are customizable in order to suit the presentation, whether a concert, business meeting, esports event or something else.

Clair Global’s Virtual Live Audience proprietary platform is at the heart of Virtual Crowd, reportedly providing minimal latency, simplified logging in, a Moderation Mode ensures that moderators have full control of who participates in the event, and Interview Mode, which allows the client or production team to choose one or two guests and interact with them directly.


“The fact that our team was able to come together to develop a technology tailored to experiencing live events during these unfamiliar times is exciting,” said Matt Clair, chief information officer at Clair Global. “Clair’s pivot towards packaged data services allowed us to utilize our experience in production audio/IT and be back at the table working alongside PRG and Fireplay in a new way. The prospect of getting our road crew – and the entire live events industry – back to work with the deployment of each and every Virtual Crowd system is the biggest win from our vantage point.”

Live Sound Turns to Livestreaming

“PRG is excited to collaborate with two well-respected companies in entertainment to bring to market a vital missing piece of live shows,” said Randy Hutson, CEO of PRG’s Music Group. “This solution, while creating jobs for our crews, will create an environment of live enhancement to support an artist’s interaction with their audiences. Further, with PRG’s unsurpassed inventory of technology, clients can easily activate Virtual Crowd on any scale, anywhere around the world.”

Nick Whitehouse, CEO of Fireplay, noted, “Nothing will ever replace the experience of an in-person live show, but I believe Virtual Crowd is a fantastic way for artists, live events, concerts and streams to re-engage their audiences who are getting tired of watching virtual events. I am really proud of the team here at Fireplay and excited that the two biggest and most respected companies in the industry have partnered with us to support our vision with their equipment, tech, and most importantly, creating jobs to put crew back to work.”

Virtual Crowd • www.virtualcrowd.live

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Bettermaker Launches Limited-Edition Darthlimiter

Bettermaker Mastering Darthlimiter
Bettermaker Mastering Darthlimiter

Las Vegas, NV (November 4, 2020)—Bettermaker is marking the sale of 1,000 Bettermaker Mastering Limiter units with the introduction of the “very-limited-edition” Darthlimiter. Only 200 will be produced.

The new Darthlimiter updates the original Mastering Limiter with the addition of a new capacitive touchscreen with improved contrast and viewing angle; a Burr-Brown™ OPA1656 op-amp for lower noise and extended dynamic range; and, as might be expected from its name, an all-black front panel with a black frame and black knobs.

Bettermaker Unveils Stereo Bus Compressor

Both the Darthlimiter and Mastering Limiter include frequency-dependent saturation with separate odd- and even-harmonic components and fully-adjustable clip and limiting settings. In addition to digital recall and automation, the front panel offers an array of metering, including all varieties of ‘analog’ meters (VU, PPM, RMS, Peak), LUFS, K-metering, FFT, Goniometer, correlation and more.

TransAudio Group (US Distributor) • www.transaudiogroup.com

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L-Acoustics, JH Audio Team for Contour XO IEMs

l-acoustics Contour XO
Contour XO is a 10-driver balanced armature IEM with 3-way crossover delivering the signature sound of live music in a compact footprint

Marcoussis, France (November 2, 2020)—L-Acoustics has introduced its new limited-edition premium in-ear audio solution, Contour XO in-ear monitor, created in conjunction with JH Audio. The result of collaboration between both companies’ R&D teams, the Contour XO aims to produce L-Acoustics’ sonic signature frequency contour in a 10-driver in-ear monitor.

The newly designed universal in-ear monitors sport 10 balanced armature drivers and three-way crossover in a quad low, dual mid, and quad high configuration. Contour XO offers control of the low end with bass adjustment of up to 15 dB above flat response. The IEMs included JH Audio Soundrive technology built in to handle extreme dynamics, as well as features like Freqphase, aiming to provide precision timing across the frequency spectrum.

Intended for use on stage, at the mixing desk, in the studio or for personal use, the Contour XO will also support the upcoming release of new L-ISA binaural object-based mixing software tools.

Guillaume Le Nost, L-Acoustics executive director of Creative Technologies, noted, “Object-based mixing to achieve natural, spatialized audio is the future of sound. The success of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology has led us to seek ways to further streamline the production process. L-ISA binaural software tools are scheduled to be released in early 2021. We are pleased to offer early access to this L-ISA binaural software package to first adopters of Contour XO.”

L-Acoustics Launches K3 System

L-Acoustics founder Dr. Christian Heil stated, “The first time I tried the prototype, I put on my favorite playlist, and it took me 20 seconds to love them. There’s a very generous, deep low-end contour, and a high-end extension that I’ve never heard on an IEM before. The sound is natural and powerful! We recently launched sound systems for private use via our new division, L-Acoustics Creations, allowing music lovers to ‘bring the concert home.’ This IEM extends that lifestyle philosophy further still with the concept of L-Acoustics sound wearables to bring the concert with you, anywhere.”

JH Audio founder Jerry Harvey added, “I’ve been trying to make my in-ears sound like an L-Acoustics PA for years. It wasn’t until their team challenged us that we got as close as we could. The L-Acoustics R&D team has been great to work with.”

Available at the L-Acoustics eStore, the Contour XO universal fit model is priced at €1,620 (roughly $1,884 US), while the custom fit Contour XO are available for an additional €340 (roughly $2,280 US).

L-Acoustics • www.l-acoustics.com

L-Acoustics Creations • www.l-acoustics-creations.com

JH Audio • www.jhaudio.com

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Nugen Audio Releases Paragon Convolution Reverb

Nugen Audio Paragon
Nugen Audio Paragon

Leeds, UK (October 23, 2020) – Nugen Audio has introduced Paragon, a “3D-compatible” convolution reverb that offers users control of decay, room size and brightness modelling off of 3D recordings of real spaces. Paragon also features spectral analysis and EQ of the Impulse Responses (IR).

Paragon reverb operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, making it appropriate for surround applications, including Dolby Atmos bed tracks. Further, it features individually configurable crosstalk per channel, unique technology for re-synthesis of authentic IRs, HPF and LPF per channel, and switchable LFE.

Studio Owner Harps on About Nugen

Using technology developed with the University of York’s Dr. Jez Wells, 3D Impulse Responses are analyzed, decomposed and re-synthesized to create new spaces, ultimately creating a small digital footprint for the IR library and making it possible to configure combinations of spaces with adjustments to the settings. The IR panel also enables users to make changes to the frequency response of real spaces by EQ’ing the reverb model and altering the frequency-dependent decay rate. Unlike traditional convolution reverb, Paragon does not use static IR.

Additionally, Paragon’s crosstalk feature allows users to produce surround reverb from mono or stereo sources. It also offers the control and flexibility to determine how reverb from each channel interacts with another, which can be useful for dialog intelligibility. In addition to its Atmos application, Nugen Audio’s Paragon reverb plug-in can create immersive reverb in mono, stereo and surround formats.

Paragon is available for $599 USD.

Nugen Audio • www.nugenaudio.com

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RTS Digital Partyline Family Debuts with OMS

RTS OMNEO Main Station
RTS OMNEO Main Station

Burnsville, MN (October 23, 2020)—RTS has introduced its RTS Digital Partyline with the debut of its new OMNEO Main Station (OMS), a hybrid IP/digital/analog main station for partyline intercom systems used in theaters, houses of worship, broadcast, AV rental, industrial facilities and entertainment/event venues.

Presented in a 1RU enclosure, OMS can interconnect both wired/wireless and IP/digital/analog devices; full TCP/IP connectivity is supported. OMNEO IP technology – incorporating Dante (audio transport), AES70 (device control) and more – allows OMS to interconnect with RTS Digital Matrix products (including ADAM, ADAM-M, ODIN, KP series keypanels and ROAMEO DECT wireless) and forthcoming new members of the RTS Digital Partyline family. This aims to provide users with a path from legacy equipment to the latest technology, allowing users to migrate to an IP infrastructure while protecting the investment value of their existing analog partyline hardware.

RTS Intercoms Bring Trucks Together at Big Game

OMS is available in five configurations — Advanced, Intermediate and Basic digital (each with OMNEO), as well as Analog Plus and Analog (main station options for analog-only partyline systems). Software upgrades allow for increased capacity and functionality as needs evolve. Users requiring both analog and digital should upgrade to OMS Intermediate or OMS Advanced.

All OMS configurations feature a full-color front panel display and an icon-based menu structure for system configuration and control. The panel layout has dedicated color-coded controls for each channel (talk/listen/call/volume); each of the four button sets can be programmed to function with any destination in the system. The AC power supply has a locking IEC connector, and due to its low power draw and venting, it does not have any cooling fans

Support for four ports of analog AIO four-wire, four ports of analog two-wire (equipped with echo cancellation), two program inputs and one stage announce output are included. Ethernet connectivity is via copper or fiber (for OMS Intermediate and OMS Advanced versions with OMNEO). Additional OMNEO expansion audio ports are included for networking with other OMS units. OMS Intermediate and OMS Advanced configurations support the TIF-2000A digital telephone interface.

RTS • www.rtsintercoms.com

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Cinnafilm Launches Skywalker Sound Tools

Skywalker Sound
Skywalker Sound

Albuquerque, NM (October 22, 2020)—In partnership with Skywalker Sound, Cinnafilm has announced a new toolset for its media processing ecosystem with the introduction of Skywalker Sound Tools for the  PixelStrings media conversion SaaS.

The tools provide a streamlined audio pipeline experience, according to Cinnafilm, combining audio processing capabilities with automated, intelligent orchestration that is expected to reduce audio workflow complexity for professional content delivery. Skywalker Sound Tools is available exclusively within PixelStrings cloud and on-premises.

At AES: Heyser Lecture Says ‘Pay Attention’

“Studios, broadcasters, and other content distributors must fulfill myriad delivery standards and formats, and content creators want their visual and aural artistic intent to remain intact from creation to distribution,” says Cinnafilm COO Ernie Sanchez. “To meet these needs, we built PixelStrings to provide sensible, scalable, enterprise-grade media processing and conversions. The integration of Skywalker Sound Tools makes PixelStrings the most inclusive conversion system for top-tier industry deliverables.”

The tools’ proprietary signal processing and intelligent orchestration technology allow the mastering engineer to conduct channel mapping, downmixing, retiming, segmenting, and loudness correction within the automated workflow. The process avoids external DAWs and other applications, says the developer, which can introduce the challenges of operator error, duplicate media, digital audio corruption, incompatibilities and, perhaps most importantly, inefficiency.

According to Josh Lowden, general manager of Skywalker Sound, “We’ve been working for several years to develop strategic software tools that leverage Skywalker’s core strengths and serve our community of filmmakers. We are thrilled to work with Cinnafilm to bring these tools to the market.”

Cinnafilm • www.cinnafilm.com

Skywalker Sound • www.skysound.com

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Shure Debuts DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone

Shure DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone
Shure DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone

Chicago, IL (October 22, 2020) — The Shure DuraPlex Subminiature Microphone is a 5 mm subminiature omnidirectional lavalier and headset mic—the company’s first to receive an IP57 dust-resistant, waterproof certification rating. It features the same cable durability of the company’s flagship TwinPlex microphone.

Aimed at applications including house of worship, theatrical and television production, DuraPlex consists of the DL4 omnidirectional waterproof lavalier microphone and the DH5 omnidirectional waterproof headset microphone. The microphone is available in four colors—black, cocoa, tan, white—and in two connector types: TA4F (mTQG) and LEMO. The microphone is intended to capture a neutral sound quality, but comes with a Presence Cap for tailored frequency response, providing additional vocal clarity and presence (3–4 dB boost near 10 kHz).

Innovations: Shure SLX-D Digital Wireless System

The 1.6 mm Shure Plex cable, introduced last year with the TwinPlex subminiature microphone, sports a dual redundant ground that doubles as a secondary shield. The cable is fully paintable with typical theater paints, pens and polishes.

DuraPlex comes complete with accessories needed to support simplified usability, such as a carrying case, snap-fit and foam windscreens, single tie clip, and the presence cap. The DL4 also comes packaged with a sticky mount. DuraPlex DH5 Headsets come in multiple colors (Tan, Cocoa, Black) with a brushed steel frame for placement.

The DH5 headset’s pricing starts at $399, while DL4 lavaliers are available starting at $299.

Shure • www.shure.com

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SPL Ships Control One, Marc One Monitor Controllers

SPL Marc One (top) and Control One Monitor Controllers
SPL Marc One (top) and Control One Monitor Controllers

Montreal, Canada (October 22, 2020)—SPL of Germany has added to its Series One line with the introduction of its new Control One and Marc One monitor controllers, both manufactured in Germany.

The SPL Control One is an analog control center, managing audio sources and monitor speakers including subwoofers. The device features an individually adjustable headphone amplifier with Phonitor Matrix based featuring ‘crossfeed’ control. There are two stereo line inputs, two stereo speaker outputs for control of two sets of speakers, a subwoofer output and a stereo line output.

SPL of Germany Debuts Crescendo Duo Mic Preamp

The SPL Marc One includes these features while adding a stereo AD/DA converter with an AKM AK 4490 Velvet Sound chip on the DA side and the matching AK 5552 on the AD side. Besides playing and recording digital PCM audio material with up to 768 kHz/32-Bit, a playback of Direct Stream Digital Audio up to DSD4 is also possible. Marc One can directly be connected to a computer via USB. It also sports analog volume controls, switches and a metal housing with aluminum front panel.

Hermann Gier, co-founder and CEO of SPL, said, “With the Marc One and the Control One, we are bringing two monitoring controllers to the market, designed to speed up the workflow and to create remarkable sounding mixes. The Marc One is our first monitoring and recording controller with a hi-res AD/DA converter on board. That means that users can not only monitor any USB source, but they can now also record using their beloved channel strips or mic preamps, reaching a higher sound quality than with the usual interfaces.”

The SPL Control One has a MSRP of $599.00 USD, while the Marc One runs $ 799.00. The SPL line of products is distributed by Focal-Naim America in the US and Canada.

SPL • https://SeriesOne.spl.audio

Focal Naim America • https://www.focalnaimamerica.com

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StreamS Unveils IOdigi2X / IOdigi8X Audio Interfaces

StreamS IOdigi2X / IOdigi8X Audio Interfaces
StreamS IOdigi2X / IOdigi8X Audio Interfaces

Diamond Bar, CA (October 21, 2020) — StreamS has introduced its new IOdigi2X / IOdigi8X audio interfaces. Currently available, the AES Digital In/Out USB interfaces can provide a XMOS-based AES digital audio interface to Apple, Linux, MSFT and all mobile operating systems.

They are USB Audio Class 2 compliant devices that use system drivers, eliminating driver installs. A free, custom Windows Driver with advanced features is available as well.

This is the easiest way to get pristine digital audio in and out of Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPad OS, Linux and Android computers.

JBL Launches IRX115S Subwoofer

StreamS IOdigi2X is a stereo synchronous device and can use either an internal or external clock. Sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz are supported. It can be used for any audio record/play application, and for test applications. This includes digital audio workstations, streaming audio encoders, SIP applications, AES FM MPX radio applications and audio analyzers.

Meanwhile, the StreamS IOdigi8X is a multichannel asynchronous device allowing more flexibility with sample rate converters on all four inputs. It can be used as a four stereo input and output device for stereo 2.0, or as a single multichannel input and output device for surround 5.1/7.1. Input sample rate convertors allow it to interface to any digital audio source from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.

StreamS IOdigi2X/8X uses a XMOS xCORE audio engine, and is thought to be suitable for pro-audio, broadcast, netcast and consumer applications.

StreamS-Modulation Index, LLC • www.streamindex.com

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JBL Launches IRX115S Subwoofer

The new JBL IRX115S (left) joins the IRX Series.
The new JBL IRX115S (left) joins the IRX Series.

New York, NY (October 21, 2020)—JBL has introduced its new JBL IRX115S 15-inch powered subwoofer as part of its IRX family of portable PAs.

The 15” IRX115S sports a custom driver and amplifier design; tuned, ported enclosure; and built-in crossover and polarity settings. The sub has a max SPL of 128 dB and a frequency response down to 35 Hz, all housed in a cabinet weighing 65.3 pounds.

JBL Pro Launches VTX B28 Subwoofer

The 15” woofer features a 3” voicecoil to generate deep LF response, and there are selectable 80 Hz, 100 Hz and 120 Hz crossover points, optimized for JBL IRX Series loudspeakers. The IRX115S had a power rating of 1,300 W; a variety of I/Ss with two XLR combos and two XLR outs; and a polarity switch to help optimize system response.

The JBLIRX115S ported enclosure cabinetry is MDF with ergonomic handles, a reinforced grille,  and a built-in standard pole mount to allow integration with IRX108BT, IRX112BT and other loudspeakers.

The IRX115S will be available worldwide in Q4 2020.

JBL • www.jbl.com

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