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Solid State Logic Launches UF8 DAW Controller

Solid State Logic UF8 DAW Controller
Solid State Logic UF8 DAW Controller

Oxford, UK (February 5, 2021)—Solid State Logic has introduced its new UF8 Advanced Studio DAW controller, offering users remote access to faders, encoders and high-resolution color displays. It’s primarily intended for use in music creation, production and mixing, post production and webcasting.

The UF8 is expandable to a 32-channel control surface and offers integration for all major DAW platforms. SSL’s new 360° control software (both Mac and Windows-compatible) manages multi-controller configurations, customised user keys, and DAW switching across multiple layers, allowing for switching between numerous sessions.

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The unit offers 100 mm touch-sensitive faders; high-resolution colour displays; eight “endless” rotary encoders; creation and use of custom workflows via five banks of eight user keys and three quick keys, adding up to 43 assignable keys per UF8; an intelligent multi-purpose Channel encoder; mouse scroll emulation, providing control of any plug-in parameter you hover the mouse over; the ability to switch control between three simultaneously connected DAWs; the ability to chain up to four UF8s together for a total of 32 channels of control; and a pair of SSL plug-in: SSL Native Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip.

Andy Jackson, SSL studio product manager, noted “UF8 is an obvious next step in SSL’s development in ergonomically designed studio tools for todays’ mixers, producers and creators. The layout and build quality are all about our fixation with ‘human engineering’; creating products that keep you in the creative zone with high-speed access to every fader or control, without operator fatigue or discomfort.”

Solid State Logic • www.solidstatelogic.com

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Radial Updates Guitar/Amp Signal Switching Stations

Radial's JX42 guitar/amp signal managing switching station
Radial’s JX42 guitar/amp signal managing switching station

Canada (February 5, 2021)—Radial Engineering has updated two professional guitar/amp signal managing switching stations with the introduction of new models — the JX44 V2 and JX42 V2.

The JX44 V2 is a single rack space 4-Instrument, 4-Amp and EFX Signal Manager, while the JX42 V2 is a single rack space 4-Instrument, 2-Amp Switching Station. Both units are intended to provide signal changeovers in a guitar, bass, or keyboard rig without noise or popping when switching instruments. Both units enable simultaneous connection and activation of up to four instruments or wireless receivers, with all inactive inputs automatically feeding a buffered Tuner output.

The JX44 V2 also functions as a guitar, amp and EFX signal manager, handling effects routing requirements, providing connections for a local stereo EFX loop and the ability to assign and remotely control individual EFX channels to any amplifier for wet/dry/wet setups. The unit sports Class A signal buffers on the inputs, accessible on either the front or back panel.

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The JX44 V2 offers a direct output accessible via the back panel. Both units feature gold-contact connections and Jensen transformers on all outputs — two on the JX42 V2’s outputs and a total of seven on the JX44 V2 — including four on each output and one each on the JX44 V2’s SGI FX Loop Send and Receive, and the Direct Out. Additionally, the JX44 V2’s outputs feature ground lift and 180 polarity reverse switches.

Both units are MIDI controllable and feature remote control functionality via the optional Radial Engineering JR-5 remote footswitch. Additionally, the JX44 V2 offers A/B switching functionality via the Radial JR-2 dual remote footswitch. Both the JX44 V2 and JX44 V2 feature an Internal power supply that allows connectivity to standard IEC cables.

Radial Engineering • www.radialeng.com

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Monoprice Launches Stage Right Podcasting Bundle

Monoprice Stage Right Podcasting Bundle
Monoprice Stage Right Podcasting Bundle

Brea, CA (February 4, 2021) — Monoprice has launched an expanded podcasting/streaming bundle centered around its Stage Right microphone. Augmented with an accessories package, the bundle is intended for entry-level use.

The Stage Right Complete Podcasting and Streaming Bundle includes a USB condenser mic, a pair of headphones, a mic stand, and other accessories. The headphones can be plugged into the USB microphone’s headphone jack so users can monitor without the need for additional hardware.

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The headphone volume level can be adjusted independently of the microphone output level using the headphone volume knob on the mic.

The USB condenser microphone itself features a 16-bit/48 kHz sampling rate, and comes with a broadcast-style mic boom, pop filter, mic clip, mount bracket and windscreen.

Monoprice • https://www.monoprice.com

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Adorama Debuts H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone

H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone
H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone

New York, NY (February 4, 2021)—H&A has unveiled its new AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone, primarily intended for use on podcasts, narration, or vocals.

The cardioid dynamic microphone features an internal pop filter, a low-cut filter switch, microphone clip, a standard mount adapter, and a molded ABS protective case lined with impact resistant foam for storage and transportation.

Using a cardioid pattern, the mic primarily sounds in front, eschewing off-axis noise, making it appropriate for podcasting or vocal performances. Inside the mic, along with the mesh shielding, the internal pop filter helps eliminate distortion and allows for instant control of plosives when talking close to the microphone.  The Low Cut Filter Switch allows users to reduce low frequencies by –10 dB in order to maintain an overall flat frequency response when needed. The microphone features a shielded all–aluminum construction and durable finish.

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Based around an XLR output connection, the mic doesn’t require phantom power and offers a 20 – 20,000 Hz wide frequency response.

Available exclusively at Adorama, the H&A AC50 Studio Broadcast Microphone is now available for $99.95.

Adorama • https://www.adorama.com/haac50.html

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Antelope Audio Unveils Zen Go Synergy Core Audio Interface

Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core Audio Interface
Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core Audio Interface

Santa Monica, CA (February 3, 2021)—Antelope Audio has launched its new Zen Go Synergy Core audio interface, marking the first time the company has released a product aimed at a more budget-conscious corner of the market, making it aimed for recordists, content creators, podcasting and more.

The bus-powered, portable (4 x 8 USB-C) audio interface sports a DSP-based desktop design powered by the same Synergy Core onboard effects processing platform found in the manufacturer’s top-tier audio interfaces.

The unit sports Antelope’s AD/DA converter technology, namesake Synergy Core onboard effects processing platform, and proprietary 64-bit AFCTM (Acoustically Focused Clocking) algorithm, supporting sample rates of up to 24-bit/192 kHz.

Antelope Audio Introduces Synergy Core FX Platform

As a plug and play interface, the Zen Go Synergy Core providers users with two ultra-linear discrete transistor-based preamps; two MIC-XLR and LINE / HiZ / 1/4” JACK connections; two independent (HP1 and HP2) headphone outputs with dedicated DAC (Digital-to-Analogue- Converter); stepped analogue rotary encoder for precise gain adjustment; alternative MONITOR line out on RCA connectors directly fed from the main DAC; S/PDIF digital I/O on RCA connectors for expansion; dedicated IPS (In-Plane Switching) display for signal monitoring; direct monitoring mixers for real-time hardware-based monitoring with onboard effects; advanced software control panel for macOS and Windows; and dedicated secondary USB- C connection for external power supply and reverse charging. Zen Go Synergy Core offers monitor output boasting a 127 dB DNR (dynamic range)

The unit has onboard 80-plus analog-modelled real-time effects, usable during live tracking or post-production. Also onboard are 37 emulations of specific analogue studio gear, which the company coyly states ranges from “a rare Austrian EQ through to legendary British solid-state processing with much in-between.”  Since they are hosted by the unit itself, latency is low during their use and a DAW’s CPU is not taxed.

Zen Go Synergy Core will be shipping in Q1 2021 at $499.00.

Antelope Audio • www.antelopeaudio.com

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Boss Launches WL-30XLR Wireless System

Boss WL-30XLR Wireless System
Boss WL-30XLR Wireless System

Los Angeles, CA (February 3, 2021)—While typically best known for its long-running range of guitar and bass effect pedals, Boss has introduced its new WL-30XLR Wireless System for XLR dynamic microphones.

The entry level system is intended to simplify the adoption of wireless mics for non-technical users such as singers, speakers, DJs, MCs, video producers and others.

The WL-30XLR system consists of a streamlined transmitter that connects to nearly any standard XLR dynamic mic, and a compact receiver that plugs into an XLR mic input on a mixer, stage amp, or other audio destination. The system’s processing reportedly provides ultra-low latency, plus strong line-of-sight transmission up to 230 feet/70 meters.

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The WL-30XLR’s receiver and transmitter each use a single AA alkaline battery, which provides up to 11 hours runtime to cover multiple gigs and rehearsals.

Wireless set up with the WL-30XLR is simple. First, the user presses a button on the receiver to automatically scan 14 channels and find the best one for their environment. Next, they confirm the setting on the transmitter, and they’re ready to go.

The Boss WL-30XLR Wireless System is available now for $299.99.

Boss • www.boss.info

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TASCAM Updates DR-10L Digital Recorder

The TASCAM DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder
The TASCAM DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder

Santa Fe Springs, CA (January 27, 2021)—TASCAM has added several new features for its DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder. The DR-10L now ships with these capabilities incorporated and older units previously purchased can be updated to add them as well.

Designed around a compact form factor and included lavalier microphone, the DR-10L has added MP3 recording at both 128kbps and 192kbps in addition to its support for 48kHz/24-bit BWF (Broadcast Wave Format), WAV format recording. Also, level meters are now active during both recording and playback. New controls such as Auto Gain, a Limiter, and its Low-Cut filter have been added as well.

TASCAM Launches TM-70 Dynamic Broadcast Mic

The low-profile unit is small and lightweight, weighing 51grams, and includes a built-in belt clip. A dedicated, screw-locked lavalier microphone is included with the recorder, offering  a sensitivity of -42 dBV/Pa, and 115dB SPL maximum input sound pressure. The unit can be powered by a single AAA battery for 10 hours or a lithium battery for 15 hours.

Among the functions onboard is a dual-recording function that allows users to set the recording level as high as possible while simultaneously recording a backup track at a lower level. The unit has five different gain levels in addition to the aforementioned automatic gain and limiter controls.

The DR-10L is bundled with a free full version of iZotope RX Elements.

TASCAM • www.tascam.com

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Lectrosonics Launches New Wideband Transmitters

Rio Rancho, NM (January 25, 2021)—Lectrosonics has unveiled two new transmitters in its Digital Hybrid Wireless SM Series product line—the SMWB/E07-941 (single AA battery) and SMDWB/E07-941 (dual AA battery), covering the Part-74 license-only frequency range from 941.525 to 959.825 MHz.

The two new transmitters have the same dimensions and features as the earlier UHF SMWB and SMDWB units, including the ability to either act as a transmitter or as a body-worn recorder.

RF power for the two models is selectable at 100, 50 or 25 mW. They feature the standard TA5 connector with servo-bias mic input, as used on all previous SM Series units and all current TA5 beltpack units like the LT and LMb. Any lavaliere microphones wired for these other Lectrosonics transmitters will also work on these new models. Accessories for the existing SMWB/SMDWB series including pouches, belt clips and battery eliminators are fully compatible with the new models.

The new units can be configured either as a transmitter or a recorder, with files stored on Micro SD card memory, allowing use as body worn recorders. Audio files are recorded in the industry standard Broadcast Wave (.WAV) format at 24 bits, 44.1 kHz sample rate. The Micro SD memory card can also be used to update firmware in the field.

The new transmitters feature the same backlit LCD found on the LT, HHa, LMb and DBu. The new models also include an IR port to allow for setup when using any IR equipped receiver such as the SRc-941 or Venue 2-941.

The SMWB/E07-941 has an MSRP of $2,120 and the SMDWB/E07 has an MSRP of $2,215. Both models are available now.

Lectrosonics • www.lectrosonics.com

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Meyer Sound Unveils Leopard-M80 Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound Leopard-M80 Loudspeaker
Meyer Sound Leopard-M80 Loudspeaker Clive Young | Pro Sound News

Berkeley, CA (January 22, 2021)—Meyer Sound has unveiled its new Leopard-M80 narrow coverage linear line array, available immediate. Leopard-M80 is identical to the existing Leopard design except that it provides an 80° horizontal pattern instead of the 110° coverage of the original model. Because the vertical coverage and rigging hardware are identical to the original Leopard, the new Leopard-M80 can be configured in mixed arrays of both loudspeaker variants; the company suggests using Leopard-M80 loudspeakers in the upper array section to provide focused long-throw coverage while Leopard loudspeakers below spread horizontal coverage for closer seating sections. Arrays configured with only Leopard-M80 loudspeakers can offer a long throw with reduced spill to the sides of the array, aiding use in narrow venues with reflective side walls, as well as in outdoor applications where side spill into adjacent areas must be minimized to conform to noise regulations.

Meyer Sound, Sony Team for Netflix Screening Room

Leopard-M80 also affords additional system configuration options. Leopard enables tighter horizontal control across a broad spectrum of outfill, center fill and delay applications when used in large-scale systems with Leo and Lyon main line array systems. All current Meyer Sound line array loudspeakers share a common acoustical signature. “Leopard has been one of the most successful loudspeakers in our company history and is by far the bestselling member of our line arrays,” notes Meyer Sound vice president and chief loudspeaker designer Pablo Espinosa. “With Leopard-M80 we are offering system designers and rental companies yet another option to create high-performance, cost-effective systems for any application, from a small club with Lina arrays up to massive stadium and festival systems with LEO main arrays scaling down through Lyon and Leopard fill and delay systems.” Meyer Sound • www.meyersound.com

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Electro-Voice Launches Evolve 50M Column PPA

Electro-Voice Evolve 50M column PPA
Electro-Voice Evolve 50M column PPA

Burnsville, MN (January 22, 2021) – Electro-Voice has introduced the Evolve 50M column loudspeaker system, a portable PA based around the manufacturer’s new QuickSmart Link digital audio and control technology, an onboard mixer, DSP and effects. The system is intended for use by bands/musicians, AV rental companies, DJs and others.

Available in black or white finishes, the Evolve 50M features a full-range column array containing eight lightweight 3.5” neodymium drivers that provide 120° coverage via proprietary waveguides. The array enclosure is constructed from a composite material and incorporates an aluminum handle. A 12” subwoofer is housed in a 15 mm wood enclosure with a laminar-flow vent design, for rigidity and acoustical performance. The array and sub are connected via a symmetrical aluminum pole with internal wiring and magnetically assisted latching. The speakers are protected by a black powder-coated, 18-gauge steel grille, and an array/pole carry case is included. An advanced Class-D amplifier provides up to 1000 W of power.

Electro-Voice Brings on the RE20-BLACK

The Evolve 50M’s “M” designation refers to its integrated eight-channel digital mixer. Developed in collaboration with Dynacord, the mixer has multiple inputs (4x XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs, 1x XLR/TRS combo stereo line input, 1x RCA, 1x 3.5 mm stereo, 1x Hi-Z instrument input) with preamps and mix functions. Bluetooth streaming aids music playback or accompaniment. Independent channel aux sends and a foot switch input are also included, and a range of effects (30 presets, including chorus, delay, flange and reverb, via two FX channels) are also onboard.

QuickSmart Link allows users to combine two Evolve 50Ms together for gigs needing more inputs via an Ethernet cable to create an uncompressed digital audio/control connection. Both systems can be paired to a single mobile device via the QuickSmart Mobile app (available via the Apple App Store and on Google Play) which can provide mix control of both systems. For applications requiring fewer inputs, but still requiring a mixer and stereo output, the Evolve 50M can be matched with an Evolve 50 via the Mix Out XLR connector.

Electro-Voice • www.electrovoice.com

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