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LSA 20 Statement Loudspeakers | Review

So here it is, my first audio review in the COVID-19 world, and it’s a real game-changer. I’ve been listening to a lot of music using the LSA 20 Statement loudspeakers (website), yet as much solace as I’ve gotten from the music itself, I really haven’t been in much of a mood to write about it. Well, that stops now. There is hopefulness on the horizon. As a dear friend ended a recent email to me: “There is a collective grieving for the world as we knew it, but I believe it’s a time of great transformation. We may be in a seemingly dark place right now, but we will emerge from our place of struggle having gained the strength to fly to greater heights than we’ve ever known before. Who wants to stay a caterpillar, anyway?” There you have it; I don’t intend to caterpillar around for much longer, thank you very much, but will do my thing in isolation as long as I have to. To make that work, what we really need in these trying times is something that makes us feel comfortable. Like a familiar pair of jeans and a favorite t-shirt. Or a really good friend. Which [...]

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Von Schweikert Audio ESE Loudspeakers | Review

“Are you busy right now?” said the text from Von Schweikert Audio’s Leif Swanson. “Come back to the room when you can. We made a change.” This was back at the 2019 Capital Audiofest where Von Schweikert Audio and VAC were once again showing off what I call The System, approximately $1.5 million worth of high-end audio gear that usually snags Best Sound at Show Awards by an almost unfair margin. The loudspeakers that are used in The System most of the time are Von Schweikert’s own Ultra 11s, massive beasts that cost $325,000/pair. When I returned to the exhibit room, I discovered that Leif and VSA’s Damon Von Schweikert had replaced the Ultra 11s with the $25,000/pair ESEs (Endeavor Special Edition). Leif knew I would want to hear these much smaller speakers in The System because I had a pair of them at home for review. I’m not going to tell you that the ESEs were in the same ballpark as the Ultra 11s, because that would probably kill sales of the 11s overnight. No, that wasn’t the case at all. BUT. The Von Schweikert Audio ESEs were so good in The System that the show pair had sold [...]

Original Resource is Part-Time Audiophile https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2020/06/12/von-schweikert-audio-ese-loudspeakers-review/

AudioNec Evo 2 Loudspeakers

These speakers will not be for everyone, and not for every amplifier. Review By Dr. Matthew Clott With this article, Positive Feedback continues its content-sharing relationship with Enjoy the Music. Dr. Matthew Clott shares his thoughts on the AudioNec Evo 2 Loudspeakers. Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief I happen to be one of those audiophiles that are always... Read More »

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1873 Cathedral Updates with 2020 Audio System

Built in 1873, St. Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry, Ireland, now sports a sizable d&b audiotechnik xC-Series system.
Built in 1873, St. Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry, Ireland, now sports a sizable d&b audiotechnik xC-Series system.

Derry, Ireland (June 8, 2020)—Following an architectural refurbishment and technical systems upgrade to match, St. Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry, Ireland, now sports a sizable d&b audiotechnik xC-Series system to help parishioners hear sermons within the massive stone house of worship.

Built in 1873, the cathedral is from an era before audio systems, and has the reflections and reverberations to prove it. Looking to tame them, however, the church turned to acoustical consultant Michael Kielty of Belfast-based MK Audio, who in turn recommended a distributed system, and contacted Absolute Technologies for a specific solution recommendation that would meet the church’s requirements.

d&b KSLi System U.S. Debut Set for Virtual InfoComm

Absolute Technologies brought on the xC-Series column loudspeakers from d&b audiotechnik. Supported by Oran Burns from d&b’s Application Support team, Absolute made an initial design for the church using d&b ArrayCalc software to predict coverage and decide on suitable loudspeaker positions. Following this, an in-situ system demonstration was arranged and was decided upon as the solution for the church.

The design uses an inner pair of d&b 24C-E cabinets at the front and an outer pair of 24C serving the aisles; further down the room are two more pairs of 24Cs as delays, again arranged as inner and outer pairs. The system is powered by two d&b D10 amplifiers. For control, simplicity was key, with as little user interaction required as possible. An Allen & Heath Qu-Pac mixer is provided, with presets for the various regular services.

Aside from intelligibility, St. Eugene’s presented another major challenge: building restrictions forbid the fixing of hardware to walls and pillars. The only option was the creation of custom floor-mount brackets. Designed in conjunction with the architect and a specialist engineering company, each bracket is unique, to account for floor height and pan angle, and incorporates a plate for mounting beneath the floorboards and a rear cover to hide mounting bolts and cable. The back plate is finished in the same RAL colour as the loudspeaker, and the base plate in stainless steel to reflect its surroundings.

d&b audiotechnik • www.dbaudio.com

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Trenner and Friedl Osiris Loudspeakers | Review

This is the final entry borne from that magical In Living Stereo room at last year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I started with the precious, jewel-like Mactone MH-120 power amplifier and XX-7000 preamplifier, continued with the mighty yet affordable Hana ML phono cartridge and now I’m finishing up with the very product that lured me into that room in the first place—the Trenner and Friedl Osiris loudspeakers. As I’ve mentioned in those other reviews, I chose to cover the In Living Stereo room because my friend Bob Clarke, who heads Profundo Audio in Texas, brought a pair of the Osiris to the show and asked me to stop by. I was eager to do so because the Osiris, the smallest model among Trenner and Friedl’s floorstanders, was perhaps the only model I hadn’t heard up to that point. (While researching this review, I was shocked to discover that two new models, the Phi and the Taleisin, have also been introduced over the last couple of years.) As many of you already know, I’ve owned the first generation of the Trenner and Friedl ART monitors for almost a decade now, and I last year I reviewed the new generation of the [...]

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Ahava Festival Gets in Under the Wire

Held just before the pandemic took hold of the U.S., New Orleans’ new Ahava Festival charity event was assisted by Danley Sound Labs.
Held just before the pandemic took hold of the U.S., New Orleans’ new Ahava Festival charity event was assisted by Danley Sound Labs.

New Orleans, LA (June 3, 2020)—Marking one of the last festivals to take place in the U.S. before the pandemic took hold, The Ahava Festival in New Orleans’ Woldenberg Riverfront Park held its first edition, bringing together thousands to enjoy performances and donate money to 10 local charities in lieu of an admission fee (it worked—more than $100,000 was raised). Multiple regional production companies were involved in the event, coordinated by technical director Matt Dupuy, system designer and installation technician at local AV integration firm Assurance AV Solutions of Mandeville, LA.

Dupuy worked with Danley Sound Labs, which supported the Ahava Festival with over 4,200 pounds of loudspeakers, subwoofers and multi-channel amplifiers for all of the event’s three stages. “The whole concept behind the Ahava Festival is based on sharing love and giving to the people in New Orleans who are in need,” explained Dupuy, who also handles FOH engineering for regional party band, Groovy 7. “As an integrator, Danley is always our first suggestion to clients whenever possible. And I own Danley! Groovy 7’s main system is two SM80s and two TH118s.”

60 Seconds with Jonathan ‘JP’ Parker of Danley Sound Labs

Dupuy reached out to Kim Comeaux, Danley’s western regional sales manager, to see if Danley would be willing to supply the sound system for the charity event; Comeaux was happy to oblige, noting, “The Ahava Festival provided an opportunity to exhibit different Danley solutions while supporting an important charity fundraiser.” Ivan Beaver, chief engineer at Danley Sound Labs drove down from Georgia to assist with the event and chat with local live sound engineers who used the system.

The Ahava Festival used three stages stretched across a quarter mile of the Mississippi River in Woldenberg Riverfront Park: a big, central “Seruntine” main stage, a smaller “SOTA” gazebo stage, and a smaller “420 Gospel Tent” stage. The Seruntine main stage used a flown Danley J7-95 loudspeaker per side sonically supported from below by two Danley BC415 subwoofers per side. Two smaller Danley SM80s provided front fill.

The SOTA gazebo stage used a Danley SH96HO stacked on top of two Danley TH118XL subwoofers per side powered by two Danley DNA 20k4 Pro amplifiers. Finally, the gospel stage used Dupuy’s Danley SM100s, along with two Danley TH115 subwoofers and a Danley DNA 10k4 Pro amplifier. All of the Danley DNA amplifiers used on-board DSP with model-specific presets.

“I was really blown away that Danley was so willing and eager to do this for us,” Dupuy said. “At the Ahava Festival, the Danley boxes helped us knock it out of the park. That’s saying something, because Louisiana has over 150 registered festivals. I had a bunch of people come up to me to say Ahava was the best-sounding festival they had ever been to!”

Danley Sound Labs • www.danleysoundlabs.com

Original Resource is ProSoundNetwork.com https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/live/music-festival-business/festival-profile/ahava-festival-danley-loudspeakers-live-sound-concert-charity-pandemic

KV2 Sounds at Khalijia Lounge

The Khalijia Lounge & Restaurant has an audio system based around KV2 loudspeakers.
The Khalijia Lounge & Restaurant has an audio system based around KV2 EX Series loudspeakers.

Barcelona, Spain (June 2, 2020)—The Khalijia Lounge & Restaurant has a little bit of everything—it serves up Lebanese and Moroccan-inspired food, sports an Oriental design and it’s located in Barcelona. It also has a new audio system designed by regional AV integrator Slience Electroacústica, centered around KV2 EX Series loudspeakers

Silence Electroacústica was commissioned to design and install the audio, lighting and DMX control systems throughout the new venue. From an audio perspective, the system needed to handle a wide spectrum of requirements, from extremely low-level music reproduction for the lunchtime and early evening crowds to high-energy live performances for nighttime revelers.

KV2 Audio ESD Cube to Make US Debut

Silence’s owner and CEO, Jose Luis Rosales, remarked, “We went for EX Series components firstly because of their extremely high quality live music reproduction capacity and secondly their extraordinary sensitivity when it comes to low volume music reproduction – this is really important for creating the right ambience for diners. Another important factor was size – EX Series are incredibly compact yet are capable of performance that completely belies their size – and they are active, so no need to worry about where to put the amplifiers.”

Silence installed a main system comprising two EX10s supplemented by a pair of EX1.2 MkII compact subwoofers in the performance area and a further four, extremely compact EX6s as a distributed system throughout the rest of the bar and restaurant.

“The combined result with the audio, intelligent lighting and video is fantastic. The client is thrilled, as is the public and I am very proud of what have achieved at Khalijia,” said Rosales.

KV2 Audio • www.kv2audio.com

Original Resource is ProSoundNetwork.com https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/live/regional-and-local/kv2-ex-series-loudspeakers-khalijia-lounge

The Von Schweikert Research VR-4 Loudspeakers

From Positive Feedback magazine in print, Vol. 5, No. 6, Summer, 1995 The prospect of doing the first review of a new loudspeaker from the hands of Albert Von Schweikert filled me at the same time with excitement and with anxiety. The excitement was understandable. I had owned and cherished a pair of his Vortex... Read More »

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Fern and Roby Raven II Loudspeakers | Review

Reviewing the Fern and Roby Raven II loudspeakers reminds me of April last year, when Eric Franklin Shook and I visited the Fern and Roby factory for an article and photo essay we put together for The Occasional. Since Eric and I were driving from different directions and he was running late, I met Christopher Hildebrand at his house in Richmond VA for breakfast. When I arrived, music was playing in his living room courtesy of a Linear Tube Audio Z10 integrated amp and Christopher’s entry level The Cube Loudspeaker, which retails for a paltry $1650/pair. The Cubes were placed, quite literally, on a bookshelf about six feet off the floor. (That’s an in-joke for audiophiles, of course.) Yet they still provided great tonality and balance, even during considerably off-axis listening as we feasted on everything bagels with a black olive schmeer in the kitchen. Why did those little speakers sound so good from such a distance? Christopher designs his loudspeakers to be both heirlooms and lifestyle products, meaning that they are meant to be enjoyed at home for a very long time. As I mentioned in my review of the larger Fern and Roby Raven loudspeakers, these gorgeous products [...]

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Orpheum Theater Upgrades with Sound Image

Touring sound/installation specialist Sound Image replaced the aging audio system in Flagstaff, AZ’s Orpheum Theater with a new EAW KF810P line array.
Touring sound/installation specialist Sound Image replaced the aging audio system in Flagstaff, AZ’s Orpheum Theater with a new EAW KF810P line array.

Flagstaff, AZ (May 20, 2020)—The Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff hosts a myriad of concerts, performing arts events and more—enough so that its PA system was ready to call it a day after 16 years. Teaming with Sound Image (Escondido, CA), the Orpheum Theater’s audio production manager Scotty J. demoed various systems and ultimately decided upon an EAW KF810P Line Array, backed by SB818P Single 18-inch flyable subwoofers.

Originally built in 1914 and then later rebuilt in 1917 following a major snowstorm, the Orpheum Theater is located in the center of downtown Flagstaff. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and recognized as one of the West’s most significant theater structures. The classic 650-seat space with additional standing room up to 1,000 people, hosts major bands, plays, classical concerts, film screenings, community events and occasionally TV shows.

Roni Nevo Named EAW CEO

“The theater doesn’t specialize in one type of music or event, so we needed a versatile PA that could not only handle speech intelligibility, but also the decibel level of hip-hop and EDM shows,” says Scotty J. “Numerous times, I was worried that we had been pushing the existing PA to its last watt. The older PA’s amplitude was never a problem as we could make it loud, but the coverage, because of the design of the theater itself and the number of boxes we had, just wasn’t adequate for the room.”

Scotty worked directly with Ben Davis from Sound Image who advised on the purchase and design of the rig. “Ben came out, looked at the room, took his measurements and discussed with us what was available within our budget,” says Scotty J. “We looked at several different systems and EAW was clearly the best option. I heard the EAW rig in a few different environments and it always sounded amazing. Through my interaction with the EAW team, I knew I wanted to work with them. Also, a lot of the acts/engineers that come through the venue know EAW, which added to my confidence in the brand.”

The new EAW PA system consists of 12 KF810P line arrays with six boxes on the left and right respectively, 12 SB818P Single 18-inch flyable subwoofers and four RSX129 2-way self-powered loudspeakers for front fills. When spec’ing the system, Davis wanted to make sure the PA could generate enough SPL from the mains and didn’t want to rely too heavily on the subs. In addition, the venue is a long rectangular space with a balcony on one end, so making sure the balcony was covered was another important factor.

“We made a very significant investment for the theater in order to attract more national acts,” adds Scotty J. “We are excited to unveil it in the very near future, once the theater re-opens.”

Eastern Acoustic Works • www.eaw.com

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