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VF Live: Peter Adjaye presents Ceremonies Within

Playing records that influenced his new album, including Sun Ra, Midori Takada and Tony Allen, alongside selections from the release.

In VF Live, our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios, for intimate mixes and performances.

Sound artist Peter Adjaye returns for his latest set, playing a selection of compositions from his new album Ceremonies Within – alongside music that influenced his creative process, including records by Sun Ra, Midori Takada and Tony Allen.

“My new VF mix is a celebration of the release of my new album Ceremonies Within, which is my response to a new collaborative exhibition called A Countervailing Theory with Toyin Ojih Odutola at The Curve Gallery, Barbican open now through 31st January 2021,” shares Adjaye.

The soundscape sees Adjaye combining ancient African instrumentations with modern contemporary synthesizers and strings.

Watch and listen to the set above, head here to find out more about the release and order your copy here.

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VF Live: Eliza Rose #7

Soul and disco records from India.

In VF Live, artists take you inside their homes, record shops, and studios for intimate selects and mixes.

Londoner Eliza Rose has spent over a decade working at her local record shop Flashback, acquiring a formidable collection along the way – sourced from the racks and beyond.

In Rose’s latest VF Live set, she plays records from a trip to India, before lockdowns began.

Watch and listen to the mix above, find out more about the set below.

“I picked these up during my trip to Delhi with my dear friend and amazing DJ Jess Farley. The Wild City Crew had invited Rhythm Sister to run a short course teaching women to DJ! It was an unforgettable experience and trip, I met some wonderful people and found some of my most prized records…”

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Hex Gets Genelecs

Hex! Museum of Witch Hunt (interior), with Genelec 4420 Smart IP loudspeaker visible
Hex Museum of Witch Hunt (interior), with Genelec 4420 Smart IP loudspeaker visible.

Ribe, Denmark (September 17, 2020)—The new Hex Museum of Witch Hunt may be dedicated to the history of “abolishing” witches, but one thing it didn’t have to search for was a way to create a soundscape for the various stories being told in each of its nine exhibition rooms. Following a recommendation from Johan Ahrenfeldt, head of the Moesgaard Museum Exhibition Design Studio, the new facility opened with a Smart IP loudspeaker solution from Genelec.

As Denmark’s oldest town and home to Maren Spliid, the country’s most famous witch, the setting is ideal for a museum that aims to tell the stories of witches – who they were, why they were so feared, and the myths and superstitions that surrounded them. In order to create the best possible visitor experience, Hex turned Ahrenfeldt, who in turn had recently used Genelec’s Smart IP technology on one of his own exhibitions, so he suggested it might work for Hex as well.

“The building itself posed a few challenges as it’s an old listed building in the center of Ribe,” said Ahrenfeldt. “While this definitely adds to the atmosphere, it’s not ideal for audio-visual installations. Many of the rooms are quite small with low ceilings, so it was important that the technology remained as unobtrusive as possible, whilst nevertheless delivering a high-quality experience. Genelec’s Smart IP loudspeakers were therefore an obvious choice…. We know that Genelec is a guarantee of superlative audio quality, even at low levels, which was a requirement in this instance due to the intimacy of the environment and the proximity of the loudspeakers to the audience. Our aim was to provide linear and detailed sound reproduction that allows visitors to lose themselves in the experience without feeling overwhelmed.”

Sixième Son Upgrades to Genelec 5.1 System

The sound design was created by the composer Søren Bendixen of Audiotect, who specializes in creating soundscapes for exhibitions. The design was prepared in the studio but mixed on-site in an iterative process. The onsite use of the Spat Revolution software engine in the mixing process made it possible to map the sound designs, and adapt and benefit from the specific speaker placement in the exhibition rooms – independently of standard audio formats. Ahrenfeldt utilized a total of 36 4420 Smart IP loudspeakers across the exhibition rooms, supplemented by a half-dozen 4020 and four 4010 installation loudspeakers, as well as a compact 7050 active subwoofer.

“Each of the nine rooms is set up as a separate zone,” explains Ahrenfeldt. “The zones are managed and controlled via the Smart IP Manager software, which has proved both easy and efficient. We’re using QLab software and a Dante-compatible RME Digiface interface to control the 47 discrete channels and feed them to the Dante network. The playback by QLab is triggered by the main show control. As the rooms are all adjacent to each other with open doors, the audio separation between the zones is very poor. We needed to turn this obstacle into an opportunity. By considering the overall sound design as a composition of nine separate yet interconnected designs, the result is an auditive experience that both facilitates the mood in each individual room as well as providing a more holistic listening experience throughout the museum as a whole.”

Ahrenfeldt believes that the best audio in this type of visitor attraction is the audio that registers almost subliminally: “The last thing you want is for the soundtrack to start playing and people’s attention being instantly drawn to the source. Ideally, we don’t want people to even notice that there are loudspeakers in the room at all. Genelec’s Smart IP loudspeakers help us achieve that thanks to the minimal cabling infrastructure, which reduces cost and makes for quicker, tidier and more flexible installation. Also, Smart IP’s harmonious design enables them to blend into any environment, with the useful ability to dim the on/off LED indicator on the front of the loudspeaker. Sonically, their superb definition and crystalline intelligibility enable us to create audio designs that offer a truly immersive experience and bring the exhibition to life.”

Genelec • www.genelec.com

Hex Museum of Witch Hunt • www.hexmuseum.dk

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Martin Audio Moves into Arco’s Centrale Caffe

Arco’s Centrale Caffe recently underwent a complete renovation, which included installing substantial numbers of Martin Audio loudspeakers.
Arco’s Centrale Caffe recently underwent a complete renovation, which included installing substantial numbers of Martin Audio loudspeakers.

Arco, Italy (September 16, 2020)—Arco’s Centrale Caffe recently underwent a complete renovation, which included installing substantial numbers of Martin Audio loudspeakers to provide atmospheric music for customers of the busltling bistro.

Local contractor Iiriti srl, led by owner Giacomo Galassi, was brought in and recommended the brand. Special attention was paid to the terrace, where customers gather and sit overlooking the main square and the public gardens while dining and relaxing. The terrace, which has been completely renewed, now features three Blackline X8 mounted horizontally on the external walls of the patio. Meanwhile, 10 ADORN A55 loudspeakers populate the main room and lounge.

Martin Audio Releases XP Connect iOS App

The sound system, which is split into three audio zones, is controlled by the customer’s computer running Xilica X-Touch App, with two quad channel power amplifiers driving the loudspeakers. The video system is controlled from the AVPro Edge video matrix, integrated into X-Touch.

According to Galassi, “The new audio system guarantees optimum sound and helps create the perfect atmosphere throughout the entire day—from breakfast to after-dinner.”

Martin Audio • www.martin-audio.com

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Living the Dream with ChileStream

When the pandemic shut down the shows in Chile, concert engineer Carlos Hormazabal founded ChileStream to help artists and audiences reconnect.
When the pandemic shut down the shows in Chile, concert engineer Carlos Hormazabal founded ChileStream to help artists and audiences reconnect.

Santiago, Chile (September 16, 2020)—When the pandemic shut down the shows in Chile earlier this year, concert engineer Carlos Hormazabal founded ChileStream to help artists and audiences reconnect. The veteran engineer, who’s worked and toured internationally with acts like Franco el Gorila, Frank’s White Canvas, Max Zegers and Paloma Mami, teamed with a lighting designer, videographer and producer to produce virtual live shows under the ChileStream banner.

“I think it is fair to say that we are pioneers of these high-quality streaming shows here in Chile,” he said. “The response has been amazing; through our platform, fans can not only see the artist live but also enjoy interaction through chat, something that has proved very popular. Audio quality is absolutely vital to the success of the streams.”

Concert Livestreams Evolve Quickly During COVID-19

Hormazabal was already a user of Waves’ LV1 digital mixing system, integral to which are his two DiGiGrid IOX units and a DiGiGrid D. He uses the setup both live and in his studio: “The main advantages for me of the DiGiGrid system are its portability, sound quality and I/O, but above all its connectivity and stability. Having a plug and play system of this quality is, of course, fantastic. My next ambition is to acquire another LV1 system where I can incorporate three additional IOX to have independent preamp stages for both front of house and monitors.”

So far, ChileStream has staged more than 20 live streamed performances of Chilean artists including Luis Jara, DrefQuila, Franco Figueroa and Carolina Soto.

DiGiGrid • https://digigrid.net/

ChileStream • https://chilestream.cl/

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Billy Strings’ Drive-In Tour Rolls On

Wilkes-Barre, PA (September 16, 2020)—It used to be that a tour would drive into a venue and load-in; this year, the drive-in is the venue. While those drive-in concert venues may seem few and far between, some intrepid acts are linking them together for tours anyway, forging ahead despite the pandemic. Case in point: bluegrass sensation Billy Strings’ Meet Me at the Drive-In tour, which spent much of mid-September on the road, playing sizable gigs in outdoor venues in Pennsylvania and Illinois.

One of those stops included three nights at Wilkes-Barre Township’s Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza—or, rather, its parking lot. On hand to ensure every speedpicked note was heard were Dave Brotman and Mike Shoulson of Coatesville, PA, rental company DBS Audio Systems, which fielded a Meyer Sound Leopard reinforcement system for all three shows.

Billy Strings performing at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza parking lot. Andy Lytle, Billy Strings FOH Engineer

“What a wonderful experience it was to work a large show again—our first since December—and to work with such a professional crew and fabulous band as Billy Strings,” DBS Audio Systems president Dave Brotman said. The Billy Strings production team included FOH engineer Andy Lytle.

The parking lot venue provided a capacity for 530 vehicles, allowing fans to maintain social distancing while enjoying the outdoor shows. Covering all that space were left-right hangs of 16 Leopard compact linear line array loudspeakers each and a dozen ground-stacked 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements. Meanwhile, four MSL-4 reinforcement loudspeakers were evenly dispersed among two delay towers.

WSDG Pitches In for Drive-In

“Once again, the Leopards performed beyond my wildest expectations. Andy, Mike, and I were absolutely amazed. From a low-end perspective, we opted not to do an end-fire configuration, though it would have helped on stage, due to the extreme width of the parked cars,” Brotman said. “Once tuned, the 1100-LFCs performed wonderfully and soared happily all the way back to the end of the parking lot, which was easily 500 yards-plus. The 1100-LFC is the most musical sounding subwoofer I have ever heard. With an upright bass and the wonderful overtones it naturally has, the 1100-LFCs only complemented the bass players’ sound. No coloration, just an incredibly musical loudspeaker at any volume.”

At 200 feet from the stage, the front of house mixing position was significantly farther away than FOH engineers are used to (100 feet). It was also Lytle’s first time using Meyer Sound Amie precision studio monitors at the console: “The Amies’ sound quality helped my mix drastically. The clarity of the Amies was unbelievable, not to mention the low end response. These monitors sound so good that I would trust them mixing the band side stage any day.”

With drive-in concerts serving as a new solution to producing live events, everyone from the production teams to the artists to the audience was excited to be experiencing live music. “Everyone we came in contact with was just thrilled to be there, be performing, and be reinforced by, in my opinion, one of the best loudspeaker systems on the planet,” Brotman said.

Meyer Sound • www.meyersound.com

DBS Audio Systems • http://dbsaudio.com/

Billy Strings • https://billystrings.com/

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Live Concerts Come Back to Alaska

Koch Sound fielded its Allen & Heath GLD console at Backyard BBQ 3 in Sterling, Alaska. The August concert featured artists such as Craig Morgan, Matt Stell and Jimmie Allen
Koch Sound fielded its Allen & Heath GLD console at Backyard BBQ 3 in Sterling, Alaska. The August concert featured artists such as Craig Morgan, Matt Stell and Jimmie Allen

Kenai, Alaska (September 16, 2020)—“Business has been slowly but surely picking back up—we did three major shows over the last four weeks,” reports Alex Koch, owner of Koch Sound. Providing audio around the Kenai Peninsula, the company covers the subarctic South-central Alaska area. Like all parts of the U.S., the region’s live sound events essentially stopped with the arrival of the pandemic, but Koch used the time to reassess his company’s inventory, ultimately opting to upgrade his main console to an Allen & Heath Avantis—one of the first in the state—and his PA to VUE Audiotechnik AL4 speakers.

Recent shows included concerts by national acts like Parmalee and Tim Montana & the Shrednecks, as well as the socially distanced annual Backyard BBQ 3, which featured national acts like Craig Morgan, Matt Stell and Jimmie Allen. “We tackled a couple of them with our trusty [Allen & Heath] GLD-80 paired with AR2412 and AR84 AudioRacks,” said Koch. “It was great to get back to mixing…Avantis came in later and we are loving it at front of house with the GLD shifted to serve up monitor duties.”

Lake Hills Church Goes All in on Allen & Heath

In addition to the recent Avantis acquisition, Koch Sound also added a GX4816 48 input / 16 output Portable Expander with DX sockets. Koch continues, “The ability to easily tie in ME Personal Monitors to the system through the GX4816 is such a big deal. Most churches are skipping floor wedges and going in-ear, so we get a lot more requests for ME systems now. Simply plug them in to the GX box and call it a day. You can even daisy-chain them or choose to go with PoE power for a super clean and easy setup.”

The Advantis is housed in a ProX Live Performance Gear ZCase—a hydraulic lift case that moves from a vertical transport position to a typical horizontal operation position. “The ZCase takes it up a few levels,” Koch admits. “Push the magic button and it flips up for you. Have FOH done in about 30 seconds…We’re excited to keep ramping it up with A&H as live shows come back more and more.”

Allen & Heath • www.allen-heath.com

Koch Sound • www.facebook.com/KochSound

ProX • www.proxdirect.com

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VF Live: Yo-Yo Records #8

“Latin, Brazilian, gospel, jazz, funk and disco.”

In VF Live, our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops and studios for intimate selects and mixes.

Hackney shop Yo-Yo Records takes us through selects drawn straight from the racks, with “Latin, Brazilian, gospel, jazz, funk and disco.”

Watch and listen to the set above, check out the tracklist below.


1. The Crazy Men (Los Dementes) – Descarga Cuatricentenaria
2. Quarteto Em Cy – Salva O Verde
3. Claudia – Garra
4. Truth & Devotion – I Must See My Lord
5. William Hudson III – Love So Great
6. Spirit Of Love – The Power Of Your Love
7. Freddie Cole – Brother Where Are You?
8. Webster Lewis – El Bobo
9. Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug

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VF Live: Sarah Evans #15

Funk, soul and Afrobeat from her South London HQ.

In VF Live, our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops and studios for intimate selects and mixes.

Presenter and producer Sarah Evan returns for her latest VF Live, plays direct from her South London abode

Watch and listen to her set above, check out the tracklist below.


1. Frank Pleyer Big Band – Sally
2. The Sultan’s Swing – Dune (feat. Chip Wickham)
3. The Altons – When You Go (That’s When You’ll Know)
4. Magic In Threes – Takes 10 Minutes
5. Natural Lateral – Bossa Blue
6. Clever Girl – Teleblister
7. Sassouma Kouyate – Niani (Jose Marques)
8. I Rainy – Bonafide Rojas – Shook (Unnayanaa Mix)
9. SHMLSS – Andong

Original Resource is The Vinyl Factory

VF Live: Dubplate Pearl #4

Shimmering funk, soul and reggae with the effervescent selector.

In VF Live, our favourite collectors take you inside their homes, record shops and studios for intimate mixes.

London legend Pearl Boatswain aka Dubplate Pearl – one half of DJ duo Camberwell Connection – grew up with sound system culture in the city, immersing herself in blues parties and weekend sessions.

For her latest VF Live set, she dips into her home collection for shimmering selects.

Watch and listen above, check out the tracklist below.


1. Donald Byrd – Morning
2. Roy Ayres – Turn Me Loose
3. Tammy Payne – Take Me Now
4. Scandal featuring Lee Genesis – Love Either Grows or Goes
5. Tradition – Breezing
6. Carolyn Caitlin – Peaceful Woman/Eve Orchestra – Jumpers in Session (version)
7. Zabandis – Your Love To Me
8. The Traps – Higher
9. Derrick Harriott – Being In Love
10. Coxson Dodd and The Sound Dimension – Real Rock

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