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Kenyan sound artist and producer KMRU “journeys through the dust of time” on Jar

Bringing together delicate, celestial ambient with found sounds.

Sound artist and producer KMRU, aka Joseph Kamaru, has released a new album called Jar, via Seil Records.

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Described as a “ journey through the dust of time,” across Jar KMRU merges “found sounds, analogue warmth and granular dreams.”

As with all Seil Records releases, 10% of proceeds will be donated to charity, with profits from Jar going to Afrorack.

Jar follows KMRU’s contribution to Extra Muros / FLEE’s Extra Muros – Kenya compilationone of our favourite albums in September.

Head here to purchase a copy of Jar, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. degree of change
2. time of day
3. life at ouri
4. ulmma
5. note 43
6. behind there
7. space of uncertainty
8. change of degree

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Kenyan sound artist KMRU unveils new album on Editions Mego

Mixing field recordings with electronic ambient.

Sound artist and producer KMRU, aka Joseph Kamaru, has releasing a new album – Peel – via Editions Mego.

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The album was written during his trip to Montreal in March, as well as the journey back to Nairobi before borders closed.

Peel’s 6-tracks see him “improvising with field recordings, drones and textures,” shares KMRU.

It follows his contribution to FLEE’s Extra Muros-Kenya project and compilation, the latter of which will be released this September.

Head here to order a copy of Peel, check out the tracklist and artwork below.


1. Why Are You Here
2. Well
3. Solace
4. Klang
5. Insubstantial
6. Peel

Banner photo by: Illia Symphocat. Cover photo by: Claudia Mock.

Original Resource is The Vinyl Factory