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LSA HP-2 Ultra Headphone | REVIEW

One of the great things about high performance headphone audio is that there is such a diverse selection of great sounding gear now. Back in the day (oh, 30 years or so) there were far fewer options on the table. Now, one would have to listen every day of the year to make it through all the variety in headphones that promise high fidelity within a personal space. This review of the LSA HP-2 ($799) covers one of that market’s newest entries. It’s not perhaps the most widely known option out there, but it definitely has its place among the enthusiasts’ high expectations for headphones in the $500+ category.  The headphone itself is sourced from the Russian-based manufacturer Kennerton. Under the LSA moniker, Underwood HiFi now offers their own take on the headphone line via three options. The HP-2 sits in the middle of the lineup and is based around Kennerton’s Gjallarhorn model. The website describes it as containing “a superb new horn-loaded 50mm driver with a bio-cellulose and paper membrane with a graphene coating”. It is a closed-back design with ear cups that appear completely made of wood, with a small vent hole located near the center of a [...]

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A Pure and Righteous Ideal – A Review of the Kennerton Magni

Kennerton provided Magni free of charge for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

Magni sells for around $817 USD.

I’ve long been enamored by the craftsmanship of Kennerton Audio Equipment. Their headphones showcase an artistry and elegance which cannot be denied. I so wished to try them, but never got around to it. Until the Magni.

When I saw Kennerton released a new, reasonably priced, portable oriented model, I thought this might be my chance. I reached out, and Kennerton was generous enough to send me a unit for review.

I requested the Zebrano wood, because it looked so goddamn gorgeous. The CEO, Valentin Kazanzhi, explained this is not the best wood for most of their models, but Magni plays really well with it. Which I guess means I lucked out. The best looks and the best sound! Actually, Valentin feels Bog Oak is the best for Magni. But… I’m glad to take second best for these rich hues.

The build is all quality all day. Metal framework, beautiful wood cups, and fine, stitched leather, every aspect tended to by patient hands. Magni isn’t particularly compact, however. Don’t get swept up in the notion of extreme mobility. They won’t fold in on themselves, for storage in a small bag. The leather carry case is rather large, taking up most of my messenger bag. Since I was traveling with the ZMF Atticus before, this is little inconvenience to me. It may be an issue for you, though. Considering the sound, I must say it’s worth it.

The only thing I don’t fancy about Magni is the cable. I gave it one look-over and never touched it again. Part of that is most of my devices are setup for balanced audio, and the cable is not. The other part is how thick and stiff it is. I loathe that! I want a cable that doesn’t fight me, drapes comfortably, and disappears from thought and mind. Luckily, I had a few alternatives lying around. Meze Audio makes a few upgrade options for the 99 Classics/Neo that work. A few years back, I even built one setup for 2.5mm TRRS, before Meze sold a balanced option for the 99C. But the cord I settled on for Mangi was a custom copper design from Double Helix Cables.

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