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JBL stellt neuen Vollverstärker SA750 und limitierte “Classic 75”-Edition der L100 vor

Der neue JBL SA750 Vollverstärker verfügt über eine retro-inspirierte Frontplatte aus gefrästem Aluminium mit hochwertigen Reglern für Lautstärke, Balance und Eingangswahl sowie Schalter für Betrieb, Mute, Direct, MC/MM Phono und Dirac Live-Raumkalibrierung. Das Bedienfeld verfügt über einen 3,5-mm-Aux-Eingang und einen 3,5-mm-Kopfhörerausgang sowie ein 2-zeiliges orangefarbenes Display. Abgerundet wird der Look durch klassische Seitenwände aus Teakholzfurnier, die perfekt mit den Jubiläumslautsprechern JBL L100 Classic 75 harmonieren.

Dem Retro-Chic des JBL SA750-Designs stehen moderne Class-G-Verstärkung sowie Streaming-Protokolle wie Google Chromecast und Apple Airplay 2 gegenüber. Der SA750 enthält außerdem einen hochauflösenden DAC, einen umschaltbaren MM/MC-Phono-Eingang, Unterstützung für UPnP sowie vollständige MQA-Dekodierung. Dazu ist er Roon Ready und unterstützt sogar Dirac Live-Raumkalibrierung.

51 Jahre nach der Einführung der legendären L100 Century-Lautsprecher kommt eine limitierte Jubiläums-Edition der neusten JBL L100-Inkarnation: die L100 Classic 75. Sie bietet das ikonische Design im Stil der 1970er Jahre: Ein schwarzer Quadrex-Schaumstoffgrill und der unverwechselbare Korpus aus Teakholzfurnier verleihen dem Jubiläumsmodell seinen Look. Optisch unterscheidet sich das neue Modell durch das akzentuierte JBL-Logo in Gold und Schwarz. Auf der Vorder-und Rückseite befinden sich zudem weitere Abzeichen mit der Signatur des Lautsprecherentwicklers Chris Hagen sowie mit der gravierten Seriennummer der limitierten Produktion. Diese beläuft sich auf nur 750 Paar.

Akustisch verfügt der L100 Classic 75 über ein verbessertes Design der Aufhängung für den Tieftöner und ein überarbeitetes Anschlussterminal mit Bi-Wiring-Funktion und vergoldeten Anschlussterminals.

Die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung für den neuen JBL SA750 liegt bei 3.000 €. Der Verstärker ist ab Mai 2021 im Handel erhältlich. Die JBL L100 Classic 75 ist ebenfalls ab Mai 2021 für eine unverbindliche Preisempfehlung von 5.750€ pro Paar erhältlich. Die Lautsprecher werden als Matched-Pair-System und inklusive einem Satz JS-120-Bodenständern verkauft. Das Lautsprechersystem wird in einem speziell gefertigten Holz-Case geliefert.

Zum Test der JBL L100 Classic
Zum Test der JBL L82 Classic

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Volti Audio Razz Loudspeakers, Part One | REVIEW

A funny thing happened on the way to finding the perfect 2-way bookshelf monitor. When I first had the opportunity to review the new Volti Audio Razz (announcement, website), I imagined this 3-way floorstanding horn loudspeaker would act as sort of the sherbet between the courses, and chance to re-calibrate my ears before the next tiny yet precious speaker arrived. I knew I was going to like the Volti Audio Razz, the new entry-level speaker in the line—right underneath the $8,900 to $20,000 Rival/Rival SE family and the massive flagship Vittora, which starts just under $30K per pair. I always go out of my way to visit the Volti Audio and BorderPatrol rooms at high-end audio shows because I’m going to hear a HUGE, ballsy and dynamic presentation that’s just so…well, FUN. Have fun! That’s the de facto slogan for Volti. It’s not some catchphrase that some advertising executive pitched to Greg Roberts, designer and owner of Volti Audio—poor Greg didn’t have to pay five figures per word for that one. (Or maybe he did, I don’t know. I’m wingin’ it here.) Nope, Greg Roberts’ designs are all about excitement, tapping your foot, bobbing your head up and down to [...]

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JBL unveils 75th anniversary edition of L100 speakers

Celebrating a sonic classic.

JBL is releasing a 75th anniversary edition of its iconic L100 speakers this May.

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The L100 Classic 75 is based off the 2018 L100 Classic speaker, and features the same titanium dome tweeter and Quadrex foam grille, but with an improved woofer suspension design and new teak wood veneer cabinets.

It measures in at 25.06″ x 15.34″ x 14.625″, and weighs 26.7kg.

Each unit is accompanied with a pair of a set of JS-120 floor stands, and will be shipped in a specially designed wooden crate adorned with limited edition artwork.

The L100 Classic 75 is limited to 750 editions, and will retail for £4,046.

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Wilson Audio ActivXO & WATCH Dog Subwoofer | Review

Does a 260-pound loudspeaker that packs an 8- and 10-inch driver need any re-enforcement in the lower octaves? Add in a delicious amplifier that can generate 500 watts at 4 ohms with ease and you are off to the races, right? The engineer in me is always looking for opportunities to continue to move closer to that moment when the music was recorded. The release of a new Wilson Audio ActivXO stereo crossover designed by John Curl tickled my interest. I was fascinated to see what would happen if I added a pair of 211-pound Wilson Audio WATCH Dog subs and Wilson ActivXO into my room. Could these elevate my system further? If so, in what ways and by how much? Wilson Audio ActivXO: Do I really need subs? Over the years I have listened to musical systems where they added a set of stereo subs to various loudspeakers. In the setups that were done correctly, it was not about more bass. Instead, it was about creating more space. By “space,” I mean that feeling when you close your eyes and the associated soundstage grows and takes you a few steps closer to that feeling of being there at that moment [...]

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Pro Sound News’ Gear of the Year 2020

Gear of the Year logo 20202020 will be remembered as the year we’d like to forget, but when 2021 is recalled one day as the year everything bounced back, much of that will be due to groundwork laid down in the preceding 12 months. That includes the pro-audio industry—next year, when live events and concerts return, new hits rule the airwaves and the latest must-hear podcasts land in your listening queue, many of them will be created using pro-audio equipment that was introduced over the last 12 months. With that in mind, here’s the Gear of the Year for 2020.

So what was the Gear of the Year? That’s not an easy thing to determine, so rather than weigh a hot new plug-in against an arena-filling P.A. or an audio console years in development, we decided to let our readers show the way.

Product announcements have always been among the most popular stories on prosoundnetwork.com, so we dug through our Google Analytics (readership statistics), sifting through all the “new product” stories we ran 2020 (well into the triple digits!) to determine which ones were the most popular with PSN readers. With that in mind, here’s the Gear of the Year that YOU unknowingly picked—a true Top-20 for 2020.


This dual product launch in May was far and away the most popular product announcement of 2020 with our readers. Yamaha introduced two consoles—the PM5 and PM3—as well as a pair of DSP engines—DSPRX and DSP-RX-EX—and version 4 firmware that provides features to new and legacy Rivage systems.

Both of the new consoles feature large capacitive touchscreens that allow users to use multi-finger gestures, with the PM5 sporting three screens and the PM3 getting one. As with their predecessors, the PM5 and PM3 sport 38 faders—three bays of 12, with two masters—but each of the new control surfaces is laid out with an eye toward increased efficiency.


Solid State Logic unveiled its first personal studio-market products—the USB-powered SSL 2 (2-in/2-out) and SSL 2+ (2-in/4-out) audio interfaces—at the Winter NAMM Show. The 2+ in particular caught our readers’ eyes, with a 4K analog enhancement mode “inspired by classic SSL consoles,” monitoring and an SSL Production Pack software bundle. Offering expanded I/O for musicians collaborating, it includes two analog mic preamps, 24-bit/192 kHz AD/DA AKM converters, multiple headphone outputs with independent monitor mix, MIDI I/O, and additional unbalanced outputs for DJ mixers.


The JBL 4349 studio monitor is a compact, high-performance monitor loudspeaker built around the JBL D2415K dual 1.5-inch compression driver mated to a large format, High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horn, paired with a 12-inch cast-frame and pure-pulp cone woofer. The JBL D2415K compression driver features a pair of lightweight polymer annular diaphragms with reduced diaphragm mass, while the V-shaped geometry of the annular diaphragm reduces breakup modes, eliminates time smear and reduces distortion, according to JBL.


Apple updated Logic Pro X with a “professional” version of Live Loops, new sampling features and new and revamped beatmaking tools. Live Loops lets users arrange loops, samples and recordings on a grid to build musical ideas, which can then be further developed on Logic’s timeline. Remix FX brings effects to Live Loops that can be used in real time, while the updated Sampler augments the EXS24 plug-in with new sound shaping controls. Other new tools include Quick Sampler, Step Sequencer, Drum Synth and Drum Machine Designer.


The AMS Neve 8424 is a small-format desk based on the 80-series console range. Intended for hybrid studios, the desk provides a center point between analog outboard gear, synths and the like, and the digital world of DAW workflows, software plug-ins and session recall. As an analog mixing platform, the 8424 offers 24 DAW returns across 24 channel faders or, for larger DAW sessions, a 48-Mix mode that allows a total of 48 mono inputs with individual level and pan controls to be mixed through the stereo mix bus.


Millennia Media bowed its fully remote-controllable microphone preamplifier, the HV-316. Offering 12V battery operation, the HV-316 is housed in a 10-pound, 1U aluminum chassis housing 16 channels of Millennia HV-3 microphone preamplifiers with simultaneous analog and Dante 32-bit/192 kHz Ethernet outputs. Other digital audio output options are planned, including USB and MADI. The unit is designed for high-temperature continuous operation (up to 150° F), is powered by both 12V DC and worldwide 80–264V AC, and features “pi filter” shielding on audio and digital feeds to prevent interference.


The Shure SLX-D, offered in single- and dual-channel models, provides operation of up to 32 channels per frequency band. Transmitters run on standard AA batteries or an optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery solution with a dual-docking charging station. For less technically inclined users, it offers Guided Frequency Setup and a Group Scan feature that sets up multiple channels by assigning frequencies to all receivers automatically via Ethernet connections, allowing a 30-plus channel system can be set up via Group Scan within a few seconds.


The Meyer Sound Spacemap Go is a free Apple iPad app for spatial sound design and mixing. Working with the company’s Galaxy Network Platform, Spacemap Go can control Galaxy processors using a single or multiple iPads as long as the units have current firmware and Compass control software. Spacemap Go is compatible with various sound design/show control programs such as QLab, so designs assembled using them can be implemented into a multichannel spatial mix using Spacemap Go’s templates for common multichannel configurations.


Housed in a flush-mountable cabinet, the d&b audiotechnik 44S is a two-way passive, point source installation loudspeaker with 2 x 4.5-inch neodymium LF drivers and 2 x 1.25-inch HF dome tweeters, delivering a frequency response of 90 Hz–17 kHz. The 44S features a waveguide and baffle design intended to provide horizontal dispersion down to the lower frequencies while being focused vertically, providing a 90° x 30° dispersion pattern to direct sound to specific spaces.


Beyerdynamic made two additions to its Touring Gear (TG) series. The second-generation TG D70 dynamic kickdrum mic is meant for capturing the impact of bass drums and similar low-frequency-intensive instruments, while the TG 151 instrument mic is a lean microphone with a short shaft that can be used on everything from snares and toms to brass instruments and guitar amplifiers.


New Studio Microphone Wrap-Up : Fall 2020


QSC’s Q-SYS Core 8 Flex and Nano audio, video and control processors provide scalable DSP processing, video routing and bridging for web conferencing, as well as third-party endpoint integration without the need for separate dedicated control processors. The 8 Flex includes onboard analog audio I/O and GPIO plus network I/O, while Nano offers network-only audio I/O processing and control.


Telefunken‘s TF11 is the company’s first phantom-powered large-diaphragm condenser mic. The CK12-style edge-terminated capsule is a single-membrane version of the capsule featured in the TF51, and the amplifier is a proprietary take on the FET mic amplifier similar to the M60, coupled with a custom large-format nickel-iron core transformer.


K3 is a compact loudspeaker from L-Acoustics that is intended as a main system to cover up to 10,000 people, or for use as outfills or delays for K1 or K2 systems. Designed as a full-range line source, K3 integrates 12-inch transducers for large-format system performance in the form factor of a 10-inch design.


Clear-Com has sanitization kits for its CC-300, CC-400, CC-110, CC-220 and CC-26K headsets. They include replacement ear pads, pop filters, sanitizing wipes, ear sock covers and temple pads in a cloth bag. Items for each kit vary depending on the headset, and can also be purchased separately.


The Zoom PodTrak P8 provides recording, editing and mixing capabilities all in one unit. Six mics, a smartphone and PC can be recorded simultaneously, each with its own fader and preamp with 70 dB of gain. A touchscreen controls monitoring, adjusting, onboard editing and more.


Pro Sound News‘ Gear of the Year, 2019


Waves’ Kaleidoscopes plug-in creates classic analog studio effects such as 1960s phasing and tape flanging, 1970s stadium tremolo-guitar vibes and 1980s chorus sounds.


The Outline Stadia 28 is a medium-throw system intended for use in permanent outdoor installations. A single enclosure weighs 46.2 pounds and can reportedly reach 139 dB SPL.


Lab.gruppen‘s FA Series Energy Star-certified amplifiers are intended for commercial and industrial applications, and are offered in 2 x 60W, 2 x 120W and 2 x 240W.


The updated D.W. Fearn VT-2 Dual-Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier now features an integrated, switchable 43 dB pad, aiding patching into a master bus.


Our Gear of the Year list concludes with the LS50, featuring KEF’s Metamaterial Absorption Technology driver array, a cone neck decoupler, offset flexible bass port, low-diffraction curved baffle and more.

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Van Don International Airport Upgrades Audio

Vietnam’s Van Don International Airport recently installed a large-scale Harman Professional airport sound solution
Vietnam’s Van Don International Airport recently installed a large-scale Harman Professional airport sound solution.

Quang Ninh, Vietnam (November 5, 2020)—Vietnam’s Van Don International Airport recently installed a large-scale Harman Professional airport sound solution to cover its 2.5 million passengers a year.

Located on the west coast of the province Quảng Ninh, the airport covers 800 acres and has a single runway. In addition to passengers, it also handles 10,000 cargo tons per year, and has four jet bridges, four baggage carousels, eight security gates and 31 check-in counters.

To cover all that, integrators Ba Sao Invest Co., Ltd. and Thien Van Tech Co. designed and installed a system based around JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification and BSS signal processing

JBL Launches IRX115S Subwoofer

Ba Sao selected JBL 8138 and 8128 ceiling speakers along with Control 23-1 compact speakers. In some spaces, JBL’s CBT 100LA-LS line array column loudspeakers were used ot provide vertical coverage. Allowing airport staff to deliver announcements throughout the facility, Ba Sao selected JBL CSS-H30 paging horns and AKG PZM11 LL WR boundary laundry microphones. For outdoor areas, JBL Control 85M landscape speakers provide 360-degree coverage. All that is powered by Crown DCi 8|300N and CT16S amplifiers; the system is configured and integrated using BSS BLU-806DA signal processors with BLU Link.

“We were pleased to partner with Ba Sao and Harman for the installation of a highly capable and robust audio system for the airport,” said a spokesperson for Van Don International Airport. “With the new system, we will raise the bar in providing an unmatched world-class audio experience to our passengers.”

Harman Professional Solutions • http://pro.harman.com

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JBL Launches IRX115S Subwoofer

The new JBL IRX115S (left) joins the IRX Series.
The new JBL IRX115S (left) joins the IRX Series.

New York, NY (October 21, 2020)—JBL has introduced its new JBL IRX115S 15-inch powered subwoofer as part of its IRX family of portable PAs.

The 15” IRX115S sports a custom driver and amplifier design; tuned, ported enclosure; and built-in crossover and polarity settings. The sub has a max SPL of 128 dB and a frequency response down to 35 Hz, all housed in a cabinet weighing 65.3 pounds.

JBL Pro Launches VTX B28 Subwoofer

The 15” woofer features a 3” voicecoil to generate deep LF response, and there are selectable 80 Hz, 100 Hz and 120 Hz crossover points, optimized for JBL IRX Series loudspeakers. The IRX115S had a power rating of 1,300 W; a variety of I/Ss with two XLR combos and two XLR outs; and a polarity switch to help optimize system response.

The JBLIRX115S ported enclosure cabinetry is MDF with ergonomic handles, a reinforced grille,  and a built-in standard pole mount to allow integration with IRX108BT, IRX112BT and other loudspeakers.

The IRX115S will be available worldwide in Q4 2020.

JBL • www.jbl.com

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Neue Kompakte von JBL: L82 Classic

Dabei handelt es sich um die Regalversion der legendären JBL L100 3-Wege-Lautsprecher aus dem Jahr 1970, die als Heimvariante des JBL 4310 Pro Studio Monitors mit ihrem ikonischen Design zu den weltweit bekanntesten Lautsprechern zählen. Sie greifen bewusst das Vintage-Design des großen Bruders JBL L100 Classic, inklusive dem Korpus im klassischen Walnussholzfurnier und der Lautsprecher-Abdeckung aus markanten Quadrex-Schaumstoff in Orange, Schwarz oder Blau.

Beim JBL L82 Classic setzen die Ingenieure von Harman auf ein kompaktes Gehäuse, das wahlweise aufrecht oder liegend platziert werden kann. Bestückt ist es mit modernen akustischen Komponenten als 2-Wege-System. Ein kultiger 8-Zoll Weißkegel-Tieftöner (JW200PW-6 Pure Pulp) im Gussrahmen soll in Kombination mit dem nach vorne abstrahlenden Bassreflex-Design für ein solides und beeindruckendes Klangfundament sorgen. Ergänzt werden diese durch den 1-Zoll Titan-Hochtöner vom Typ JT025TI1-4 mit Waveguide-Technologie, der saubere Höhen und eine außergewöhnliche Dynamik verspricht.

Moderne Frequenzweichen runden die Ausstattung der JBL L82 Classic ab und sollen zusammen mit den Treibern einen außergewöhnlichen Dynamik- und Kontrastbereich, hohe Ausgangsleistung und einen präzisen, druckvollen Bass ermöglichen. Dabei sorgt der kompakte Lautsprecher laut Herstelerangaben mit hoher Detailauflösung, geringer Verzerrung und naturgetreuer Studiowiedergabe für eine zeitlose Akustik. Über den auf der Schallwand platzierten HF-Regler lässt sich der Klang zudem individuell anpassen. Abgerundet wird der ikonische Look der JBL L82 Classic durch die beiden goldbeschichteten Anschlussports auf der Rückseite.

So ausgestattet messen die JBL L82 Classic je 42 x 281 x 32 Zentimeter (Höhe x Breite x Tiefe, inklusive Abdeckung), bringen knapp 13,7 Kilogramm auf die Waage und lassen sich damit sehr flexibel platzieren. „Der JBL L100 Classic war ein enormer Erfolg und hat den klassischen JBL-Sound sowie das ikonische Design der 1970-Jahre mit neuem Leben erfüllt“, erklärt Jim Garrett, der als Senior Director verantwortlich ist für die Produktstrategie und -Planung bei Harman Luxury Audio. „Mit dem JBL L82 Classic bieten wir die gleiche herausragende Klangqualität und das klassische Design mit hohem Wiedererkennungswert, jedoch bei deutlich geringerem Platzbedarf. Die JBL L82 Classic ergänzen einerseits die L100-Familie und passen andererseits perfekt in die lange Tradition erfolgreicher 2-Wege-Lautsprecher aus dem Hause JBL.“

Die JBL L82 Classic sind ab sofort im autorisierten Fachhandel erhältlich. Die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung liegt bei 2.200 EUR pro Paar. Als Zubehör sind die JS-80-Bodenständer verfügbar, die ebenfalls paarweise angeboten werden (UVP 200 EUR). Sie ergänzen perfekt die JBL L82 Classic und heben die kompakten Lautsprecher auf die richtige Position für entspannten Musikgenuss. Außerdem bieten Harman zusätzliche Lautsprecher-Abdeckungen in den Farben Orange, Schwarz und Blau an, die im Paar mit einer unverbindlichen Preisempfehlung von 107 EUR erhältlich sind.

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JBL Pro Launches VTX B28 Subwoofer

JBL Pro VTX B28 Subwoofer
JBL Pro VTX B28 Subwoofer

Northridge, CA (August 18, 2020)—Harman Professional Solutions has unveiled its new JBL VTX B28, a dual 18-inch subwoofer designed to complement the company’s flagship VTX sound reinforcement systems.

The VTX B28 houses a new, Integrated rigging system that allows the B28 to be suspended in omnidirectional or cardioid arrays of up to 16 enclosures. The rigging and various accessories make the B28 appropriate in both mobile and installed sound system applications. The B28 integrates with HiQNet Performance Manager and Line Array Calculator (LAC) software, and features the same industrial design as A- and B-Series loudspeakers, giving the entire system a cohesive look.

At the core of the B28 are two JBL Differential Drive 2288H-M 18-inch woofers, said to be engineered for improved linearity, efficiency and extra-long excursion. The combination of the 2288H-M drivers and the large, central, flared port are intended to aid delivering low-frequency output. FEA-optimized integral bracing aims to eliminate inter-cabinet standing waves, and simplify the structural design.

JBL 4349 Studio Monitors Debut

The two-point rigging system uses integrated levers and locks, avoiding traditional quick release pins and retaining cables, and allowing the B28 to be stacked vertically or horizontally, using the independent sets of feet on the bottom and sides. Universal M20 mounts interface with supported VTX accessories for constructing complete groundstacked arrays. NL4 connectors on both the front and rear of the unit enable wiring in standard or cardioid configurations.

“The VTX B28 is our new premium subwoofer, and a perfect addition to VTX Series line array systems,” said HARMAN Professional product manager George Georgallis. “As with the B18 subwoofer, we started by taking the best aspects of the previous-generation S28 and G28 and improving performance. Then we optimized the design for a dual 18-inch system, and the result was the B28. We worked very hard to ensure the B28 could meet the most demanding applications, but also focused on configurability, a full suite of accessories, and software applications to make the B28 a solid investment and an outstanding performer for tour sound providers and rental companies.”

HARMAN Professional Solutions • http://pro.harman.com/

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JBL 4349 Studio Monitors Debut

JBL 4349 Studio Monitors
The new JBL 4349 studio monitor couples JBL’s D2415K dual 1.5-inch compression driver with a large-format HDI horn.

Northridge, CA (July 28, 2020)—JBL has introduced its new JBL 4349 Studio Monitor, bringing together a JBL D2415K dual 1.5-inch driver, a large-format, High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horn and a 12-inch cast-frame, Pure-pulp woofer cone into a monitor intended for both professional and consumer use

JBL’s HDI horn geometry is intended to provide high-frequency detail, directivity for smooth in-room response, a reportedly neutral frequency response on- and off-axis and be able to transition between the high and low frequency drivers.

JBL BRX300 Series Line Array Debuts

JBL D2415K compression driver features a pair of lightweight, polymer, annular diaphragms with reduced diaphragm mass. The V-shaped geometry of the annular diaphragm is said to reduce breakup modes, eliminate time smear and reduce distortion, according to JBL.

The 12-inch (300 mm) woofer and the 3-inch (75 mm) long-throw voice coil in conjunction with dual opposing spider dampers are designed for getting loud while reducing distortion. A Pure-pulp cone provides a lightweight, rigid diaphragm in an effort to eliminate breakup modes.

High-frequency and Ultra High-frequency attenuator controls on the new JBL 4349 Studio Monitor allow sound to be tailored to the specific environment and listener preference. The controls manage an crossover network design that features air-core inductors, cast wire-wound resistors and low-ESR metallized film capacitors in a multi-cap configuration.

On the outside, the JBL 4349 Studio Monitor sports a traditional JBL monitor design with a blue baffle and is finished in a choice of walnut or black walnut satin wood veneers. A blue (Walnut) or black (Black Walnut) cloth grille completes the appearance. Dual sets of gold-plated binding posts provide a secure connection and offer a choice of single-ended or bi-wire/bi-amplified connections. The enclosure is braced with 1-inch (25mm) thick walls to provide a solid acoustic foundation and incorporates a bass reflex design with dual front-firing, computer-optimized flared ports.

The JBL 4349 Studio Monitor will hit in early September with retail pricing of $7,500/pair.

Harman • www.harman.com

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