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Meyer Sound Unveils Leopard-M80 Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound Leopard-M80 Loudspeaker
Meyer Sound Leopard-M80 Loudspeaker Clive Young | Pro Sound News

Berkeley, CA (January 22, 2021)—Meyer Sound has unveiled its new Leopard-M80 narrow coverage linear line array, available immediate. Leopard-M80 is identical to the existing Leopard design except that it provides an 80° horizontal pattern instead of the 110° coverage of the original model. Because the vertical coverage and rigging hardware are identical to the original Leopard, the new Leopard-M80 can be configured in mixed arrays of both loudspeaker variants; the company suggests using Leopard-M80 loudspeakers in the upper array section to provide focused long-throw coverage while Leopard loudspeakers below spread horizontal coverage for closer seating sections. Arrays configured with only Leopard-M80 loudspeakers can offer a long throw with reduced spill to the sides of the array, aiding use in narrow venues with reflective side walls, as well as in outdoor applications where side spill into adjacent areas must be minimized to conform to noise regulations.

Meyer Sound, Sony Team for Netflix Screening Room

Leopard-M80 also affords additional system configuration options. Leopard enables tighter horizontal control across a broad spectrum of outfill, center fill and delay applications when used in large-scale systems with Leo and Lyon main line array systems. All current Meyer Sound line array loudspeakers share a common acoustical signature. “Leopard has been one of the most successful loudspeakers in our company history and is by far the bestselling member of our line arrays,” notes Meyer Sound vice president and chief loudspeaker designer Pablo Espinosa. “With Leopard-M80 we are offering system designers and rental companies yet another option to create high-performance, cost-effective systems for any application, from a small club with Lina arrays up to massive stadium and festival systems with LEO main arrays scaling down through Lyon and Leopard fill and delay systems.” Meyer Sound • www.meyersound.com

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Martin Audio Upgrades CDD Series, Adds Production Capacity

Martin Audio CDD Series
Martin Audio CDD Series

New York, NY (December 18, 2020)—Martin Audio has bulked out its CDD Installation Series with new additions and upgraded voicing.

During the pandemic, Martin Audio has reportedly seen a number of small to medium installations, and answered that by increasing production capacity, while extending product lines to include transformer variants of the 8” and 10” models, as well as changing the voicing across the series for consistency across the series.

To increase production capacity, Martin Audio has improved sourcing of suppliers and changed the 12” and 15” from its normal UPM Formi cabinet construction to wooden cabinets. Dom Harter, Managing Director, explained, “The 12” and 15” models in particular have always seen capacity constraints so by moving to wooden enclosures, using innovative bended wood techniques, we have not only been able to retain the classic aesthetics of the CDD design and performance, but now have the capability to increase production by tenfold.”

Martin Audio Moves into Arco’s Centrale Caffe

Extension of the series includes new 8” and 10” versions, with 70V / 100V transformer options, as well as weatherized variants, enabling daisy chaining of loudspeakers for increased amplifier efficiency in larger installation projects. Harter added, “We have seen increased requests for additional transformer versions to complement the current 5” and 6” transformer models, as larger scale projects are all about efficiency of the installation.”

Martin Audio has also launched new DSP settings across the range, as well as new FIR-based presets for iKON amplifiers and DX4.0 controller. New voicing settings for CDD are available to download now, while wooden cabinet changes are available from January and the transformer additions to follow in February.

Martin Audio • www.martin-audio.com

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Star Spangled Panner Aims to Aim Speakers

The Star Spangled Panner
The Star Spangled Panner and Star Spangled Panner Mini.

London, UK (December 4, 2020)—Live sound engineer Matthew Russell has used pandemic downtime to invent the Star Spangled Panner and Star Spangled Panner Mini—tools for precisely setting the horizontal pan of speaker cabinets.

“These products have been specifically designed to address the difficulties in achieving the precise real-world realization of the orientation of event fixtures according to a CAD model, such as those generated in ArrayCalc or MappXT,” he told Pro Sound News. “From a sound perspective, which is my background, the purpose [is] to optimize HF coverage of point sources; however, I also see them having applications in the world of LX and AV.”

Yorkville Sound Launches Synergy SA102, SA115S Loudspeakers

While it is relatively easy to adjust the vertical tilt of a speaker cabinet to ensure coverage matches that suggested by analysis software, adjusting horizontal pan is often done by eye—so the Panner aims to bring a greater level of precision to that effort.

Designed to work with clamps by Doughty, the Panner is placed between the rigging frame yoke and clamp. The clamp is then used as a fixed reference to determine the pan of an individual fixture or splay of adjacent fixtures.

Produced and sold by Augment The Event Ltd., the Panners are CNC milled out of 6082 T6 Aluminum which are then black anodized and engraved for touring durability. The laser boxes are 3D printed out of matte black PLA.

Russell is a UK-based production sound engineer with 12 years experience in the UK theatre industry, working for a number of theatre producers including ATG Productions, RSC, National Theatre Productions, Fiery Angel, Headlong and Chichester Festival Theatre.

Star Spangled Panner • www.starspangledpanner.co.uk

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EAW MKD1200 Series Loudspeakers Debut

EAW MKD1200 Series
EAW MKD1200 Series

Whitinsville, MA (December 2, 2020)– Eastern Acoustic Works has introduced the MKD1200 Series as an addition to its MKD Series of installation loudspeakers. The two EAW MKD1200 speakers—the MKD1294 and MKD1264—are three-way designs engineered to produce high output levels, for use in applications ranging from stadiums to small music venues.

Both models incorporate dual 12-inch low-frequency transducers with 3-inch vented voice coils, and coaxial 3.5-inch voice coil midrange and 1.75-inch voice coil high-frequency compression drivers. Nominal beamwidth of the MKD1294 is 90º horizontal x 45º vertical, while that of the MKD1264 is 60º horizontal x 45º vertical. The large-format horn utilized in the MKD1294 and MKD1264 may be rotated for altered pattern control, providing sound system integrators with installation options.

All models in the MKD Series employ EAW Core Technology including Beamwidth Matched Crossovers that are intended to eliminate polar irregularities in the crossover region, and Focusing, which uses advanced DSP to refine the impulse response of the loudspeaker in the time domain to reportedly eliminate horn “honk.”

Brooklyn Tabernacle Updates Audio System

The dual woofers are configured in the enclosures using a slanted mounting technique first developed for the KF860 touring line array cabinet and now used in QX Series loudspeakers. According to EAW, the configuration improves time coherency and also reduces the overall length of the cabinet.

Frequency response for the MKD1294 and MKD1264 ranges from 47 Hz to 20 kHz, and maximum SPL is 145 dB and 147 dB, respectively. Audio input is via rear-panel terminal block connectors, and both models may be operated in passive or biamped modes. All EAW MKD1200 Series loudspeakers feature enclosures constructed from Baltic birch, and are available in standard black or white finishes with options for custom colors as well as weather protection.

Eastern Acoustic Works • www.eaw.com

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Arista Launches HDMI/Dante Converters

ARS-200-HD and ARS-200-DH converters / interfaces
Arista Corp’s ARS-200-HD and ARS-200-DH converters / interfaces

Fremont, CA (December 1, 2020)—ARISTA Corporation has launched its new ARS-200-HD HDMI Audio to Dante Audio converter, and conversely, its ARS-200-DH Dante Audio Stream to HDMI Audio converter. The two HDMI / Dante converters are intended for presentation environments where audio needs to be converted from one format to the other and long-distance transmission is involved.

The ARS-200-HD can be used for extracting audio from, for example, a DVD player and converting the audio stream to Dante format, enabling the audio signal to be transmitted over long distance and used with PA systems, ensuring that everyone can hear the sound that accompanies the visuals. The converter / interface uses an HDMI Type A female connector for HDMI input and an HDMI Type A female connector for video loopback output. The HDMI input and loopback output maximum-supported video resolution is 4096 x 2160 / 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz (4:4:4).

Arista E-Vocal ARS-1616S Series Stage Interfaces Launched

Meanwhile, the ARS-200-DH Dante Audio Stream to HDMI converter creates options in presentation environments where Audio is being handled via Dante in order to cover long distances in a large hall. In such cases, Dante audio is being received by the ARS-200-DH while it is also receiving video input via HDMI. In this case, the ARS-200-DH merges the audio with the HDMI signal so that it can feed external displays. The ARS-200-DH outputs stereo audio (20HZ – 20kHZ) with a frequency response of 20HZ – 20kHZ. Maximum video resolution is 4096 x 2160 / 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz (4:4:4) and both the video input and the video loopback ports are HDMI Type A female connectors.

Power for both the ARS-200-HD and the ARS-200-DH can be handled via either a DC 12V feed or PoE (Power over Ethernet). Both units are housed in a metal housing and the dimensions for both units are 3.3 x 3.9 x 1.1 inch.

The ARS-200-HD and ARS-200-DH converters / interfaces are scheduled to become available Q1, 2021.

ARISTA Corporation • www.aristaproav.com

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60 Seconds: Preston Gray, Yamaha Corp. of America

Preston Gray, the new director of marketing for Pro Audio, Yamaha Corp. of America.
Preston Gray is the new director of marketing for Pro Audio, Yamaha Corp. of America.

Q: What is your new position, and what does it entail?

I am excited to take on the role of director of marketing for Pro Audio at Yamaha Corp. of America. We are responsible for developing strategies to reach and engage new customers for Yamaha, Nexo and Steinberg products. At a deeper, more human level, I believe a simple melody, or even a few notes, can trigger an emotional bond with another person, and that sound and music have a transformational impact on individuals and the world around us. Our job in Yamaha’s Pro Audio team is to make sure those notes are heard, and to facilitate that connection between people.

Q: How has your background prepared you for your new role?

I am fortunate that I have been able to follow my passion for music and technology from day one of my career. I spent time touring with national artists in arenas and stadiums, where I gained firsthand experience with how the Yamaha, Nexo and Steinberg products perform cohesively as integrated systems in the real world. I experienced daily how Yamaha’s unique and intimate connection with music and musical instruments shines through in the sound quality of our pro audio systems.

While most pro audio systems are designed to amplify music, Yamaha uniquely knows exactly what that music should sound like, as we empower artists to create music by developing musical instruments. My role in the field, touring and tuning our systems, confirmed this confidence and excellence in sonic performance, and I can’t wait to share that experience with the world.

60 Seconds with Robert Trebus of d&b audiotechnik

60 Seconds with Zack Salpeter of Mackie

Q: What new marketing initiatives are we likely to see from the company?

Yamaha empowers artists to make waves with sound and music. We will focus on initiatives that provide the systems and solutions to amplify art and voices that inspire connection to make waves.

Q: What are your short- and long-term goals?

In the short-term, we want to continue to be a solid and trusted partner to our customers, building on our strong brand image and reputation. As we look further into the future, we will continue to share our expertise in music and sonic quality across every aspect of our pro audio systems, from recording and creation with Steinberg, to processing, mixing and performance with Yamaha, and powerful, linear sound reinforcement from Nexo.

Q: What is the greatest challenge you face?

As the world faces changes and uncertainty, we know that music has the ability to unite and connect us. We must not lose sight of the fact that, as professionals in the pro audio industry, we have the power to amplify the voices of those around us to make an impact, progress personally and come together with others. At the same time, we will continue to support our customers in every way as the live event and commercial sound industries embrace new opportunities.

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Van Don International Airport Upgrades Audio

Vietnam’s Van Don International Airport recently installed a large-scale Harman Professional airport sound solution
Vietnam’s Van Don International Airport recently installed a large-scale Harman Professional airport sound solution.

Quang Ninh, Vietnam (November 5, 2020)—Vietnam’s Van Don International Airport recently installed a large-scale Harman Professional airport sound solution to cover its 2.5 million passengers a year.

Located on the west coast of the province Quảng Ninh, the airport covers 800 acres and has a single runway. In addition to passengers, it also handles 10,000 cargo tons per year, and has four jet bridges, four baggage carousels, eight security gates and 31 check-in counters.

To cover all that, integrators Ba Sao Invest Co., Ltd. and Thien Van Tech Co. designed and installed a system based around JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplification and BSS signal processing

JBL Launches IRX115S Subwoofer

Ba Sao selected JBL 8138 and 8128 ceiling speakers along with Control 23-1 compact speakers. In some spaces, JBL’s CBT 100LA-LS line array column loudspeakers were used ot provide vertical coverage. Allowing airport staff to deliver announcements throughout the facility, Ba Sao selected JBL CSS-H30 paging horns and AKG PZM11 LL WR boundary laundry microphones. For outdoor areas, JBL Control 85M landscape speakers provide 360-degree coverage. All that is powered by Crown DCi 8|300N and CT16S amplifiers; the system is configured and integrated using BSS BLU-806DA signal processors with BLU Link.

“We were pleased to partner with Ba Sao and Harman for the installation of a highly capable and robust audio system for the airport,” said a spokesperson for Van Don International Airport. “With the new system, we will raise the bar in providing an unmatched world-class audio experience to our passengers.”

Harman Professional Solutions • http://pro.harman.com

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Outline Launches L3000 Compact Power Amplifier

Outline L3000 Compact Power Amplifier
Outline L3000 Compact Power Amplifier Andrea_Baronio

Italy (October 20, 2020)—European pro-audio manufacturer Outline has introduced its new L3000 multi-purpose amplifier.

The compact, DSP-equipped multi-channel amplifier can be configured to drive most loudspeaker configurations. Skipping the traditional 19” rackmount format, the amplifier is housed in a lightweight chassis using the same materials and polyurea external coating as Outline’s loudspeakers.

Outline Ships Stadia 28 Line Array System

The diminutive size is intended to help make it appropriate for audio installation projects where space is at a premium. L3000 allows 3,000 W of audio power to be tucked away out of sight, although Outline will also offer a dedicated rackmount kit to hold up to two L3000s in a standard enclosure.

Featuring two inputs and four outputs, the unit’s routing and operational parameters are configured using Armonía Plus, the amplifier’s management software, which also offers control of input / output levels and EQ, delay, polarity, crossover filters and limiter settings.

Outline • www.outline.it

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Bluesound Professional Ships BSP1000, BSP500 Loudspeakers

Bluesound Professional BSP1000 in Black and White Finish
Bluesound Professional BSP1000 in Black and White Finish

Ontario, Canada (October 16, 2020)—Bluesound Professional is now shipping its BSP1000 and BSP500 network active loudspeakers. The PoE speakers incorporate integrated streaming capability and are designed specifically for use in either indoor or outdoor commercial installations.

Offered in choice of White or Black matte finish, the speakers come supplied with an integral wall mounting bracket for installation. Based around a one-wire connection paradigm—hence the PoE aspect—the speakers use the BluOS platform, which is capable of playing and distributing content from local network storage as well as from a large number of streaming services, including some specifically designed for commercial use, such as SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC and internet radio stations.

Innovations: Bluesound Professional Music Distribution for Commercial Spaces

A pair of BSP speakers can also be used in stereo configuration and multiple speakers in a room in either mono or stereo configurations. Use of either BSP model in a larger BluOS system is also possible, allowing for grouping into user-definable groups of whatever size is required with other BSP speakers and/or any other connected Bluesound Professional players, amplified players or network speakers on the network in an installation.

Both models utilize a 1” HF driver while the BSP1000 features a 6.5” LF driver and the BSP500 utilizes a 5.25” woofer. Each is powered  by a high-efficiency amplifier including a low power standby mode. The LF driver on BSP1000 is port-loaded with a provided port plug for outdoor use. The frequency response of the BSP1000 is 45 Hz-23 kHz (63 Hz – 23 kHz for the BSP500) and the THD+N of either model is 0.095% at full-rated power.

An integral bracket allows for wall mounting with 90 degrees of swivel and 170 degrees of rotation possible. IP65 rating allows for either indoor or outdoor use.

“At Bluesound Professional, our focus is to combine exceptional sound quality with unique flexibility and convenience for both the installer and their customers”, explained Graeme Harrison, Vice President and General Manager for Bluesound Professional. “Of course, reliability of the components as well as the BluOS operating system is also paramount so the brand is all about testing and continuous improvement.”

Bluesound Professional •  https://bluesoundprofessional.com

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Void Acoustics Rocks A Yacht

A Void Acoustics club system on a 56-foot yacht? Sure, why not?
A Void Acoustics club system on a 56-foot yacht? Sure, why not?

Chicago, IL (October 15, 2020)—Void Acoustics is typically associated with club sound systems, but the owner of a new 56-foot luxury yacht wanted to bring the club with him. The 20-person capacity craft is now a proverbial VIP room on water, outfitted with a sizable Void system thanks to Chicago-based design/installation firm Pineapple Audio

The boat’s owner, preferring to stay anonymous, recalled, “I had another, smaller boat, but I was investing in a new yacht, and a main driver behind this was wanting a larger sound system. I wanted people to hear us coming! I met Matt [Edgar, CEO/president of Pineapple Audio] at another boating event where there was a Void system being used, we hit it off straight away, and as we got chatting, I knew I wanted him and his team to work on the project with me.”

The Void System is at the far back of the boat with the craft's antenna above the back deck.
The Void System is at the far back of the boat with the craft’s antenna above the back deck.

Pineapple Audio may be a new name in the region, but it’s an older company, having recently rebranded from AIS Audio Integration Services—the first dealer and distributor of Void Acoustics products in the United States.

Said Pineapple’s Edgar, “We pride our business on our installations not only improving a space, but also helping to define it, and this was pretty much what our client was looking for. He told us he wanted a club sound system, one that would be the best audio system in Chicago Harbor.”

Edgar and colleague Javier Briseno collectively took on the role of consultant, specifier and installer. “It was important that our client trusted us and that we developed a relationship where we were able to fully understand his goals,” said Edgar. “We approached this as a residential installation. In many ways, it was, as it was for a private client for his privately owned property—which simply happens to be a floating gin palace for him to party on with his friends and family!”

Peek Inside the Private Studio of Herman’s Hermits’ Keith Hopwood

The team opted for a combination of Air Vantage loudspeakers combined with the Cyclone Bass low frequency enclosure for the front deck of the boat, augmented with the IP55 rated Cyclone 10 loudspeakers at rear.  The main deck then utilised triangular three-way Tri Motions with a dual 18” Stasys 218 subwoofer.

“We had to work out how to mount the speakers with custom hardware, all of which are on the outside deck of the boat and therefore exposed to the elements,” Edgar recalled. “Each speaker needed to have custom mounts built for it due to the unique mounting locations on the boat’s surface. The client had a professional welding team that met with us to design a 5:1 weight ratio mounting solution for each speaker to withstand the force of the waves and the ocean currents. So, whilst creating a visually and audibly interesting installation, we also had to create customized solutions for the speakers to ensure their longevity over time in a sea-worthy environment.”

“We consulted with the client every step of the way to ensure he was integral to the decision-making process, ensuring he understood why we had specified the products we did,” said Edgar. “It has ended up being a completely feel-good installation and a challenge which we have thoroughly enjoyed working on. We can’t wait to get our boat shoes back on again for another similar installation.”

Void Acoustics • www.voidacoustics.com

Pineapple Audio • pineappleaudio.com

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