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Audacity Acquired By Muse Group

AudacityNew York, NY (May 3, 2021)—Audacity, the long-running open source, cross-platform audio editor, has been acquired by Muse Group. Founded in 1999, the free software program has been downloaded more than 100 million times to date.

In partnership with Audacity’s online open-source community, the new owners will be looking to expand the software’s feature set and update its ease of use. Dedicated designers and developers will be tasked to work on the software, but Audacity will remain free and open source.

Shepherding Audacity will be Martin Keary, recruited based on his efforts running MuseScore, an open-source music notation software that is also owned by Muse Group; Keary will oversee both brands. In a wide-ranging YouTube video detailing the history of Audacity, Keary noted that he will be interviewing users and creating online spaces to interact with those users in an effort to determine priorities and approaches to the program’s development going forward. Keary noted that the company will pre-publish designs and updates so users can comment before widespread implementation, taking advantage of open source’s transparency.

Some early priorities as Audacity moves forward will be the addition of non-destructive, stackable VST effects, as well as user-experience updates with the aim of making features easier to find and use. In the video, other, more experimental ideas are suggested and teased, such as a 3D spectral editing prototype that, if developed, could possibly offer haptic spectral editing via a haptic glove. With these and other additions in mind, Muse Group will be looking to hire a number of senior developers and designers with experience in audio and music technology.

Audacity’s new parent company, Muse Group, is pretty new itself, having only opened its doors last week on April 26, 2021. Muse Group owns the brands Ultimate Guitar, MuseClass, ToneBridge and MuseScore, which together reach more than 350 million users in more than 60 countries. The company is led by chairman Eugeny Naidenov and CEO Michael Trutnev; Naidenov founded Ultimate Guitar in 1998. In total, Muse Group has more than 100 employees in a fully remote-working oriented workforce; the company is privately held with no investors or external shareholders.

Audacity • https://www.audacityteam.org

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Apos Giveaway: Moondrop Aria!

Moondrop’s brand new Aria is one of the most talked about IEMs, a sub $100 killer with tuned dynamic driver, metal chassis and refined Harman-based tuning. Apos Audio are proud to announce their latest collaboration with Moondrop, where they will be giving away an Aria to not one, but two lucky winners!

You can enter the giveaway here and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a review of the Aria coming soon to THL!

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Giveaway: Kinera Nanna!

To celebrate the launch of their new Kinera Mount Nanna, the company will be giving away a set to one lucky fan! The Nanna is their former flagship featuring a tribrid DD + BA + Estat driver setup. It has been well reviewed across the net and is considered to be one of the better Estat implementations, offering an engaging and resolving sound.

The Nanna retails for $899 USD. You can view the product listing on HiFiGO and enter the giveaway on Kinera’s Facebook page here.

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Deal Alert: New Meze Bundles and Limited Ed Release!

Romanian audio manufacturer, Meze audio has stormed the market in recent years with their immensely impressive portable 99-series headphones and flagship Empyrean. They’ve also had numerous successful IEM launches, the Rai Penta being especially coveted for its superbly natural and balanced sound, we took a look at the latter here and came away very impressed.

Rai Penta Bundle

Starting this week, customers who purchase a Rai Penta IEM will receive a free balanced SPC upgrade cable worth $149 USD in their choice of 4.4mm or 2.5mm connector. As with the stock 3.5mm cable, the Meze balanced cable employs a high 160 strand count for an ergonomic and pure sonic experience, in addition to hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant Rhodium plugs.

The Rai Penta retails for $1099 USD. You can read more about Meze’s upgrade cable here and purchase the bundle with Rai Penta here (affiliate).

Limited Edition 99 Classics

Anyone interested in portable headphones would surely have heard of the 99 Classics. If you’ve been on the fence, now may be the time to buy as Meze have just released a new limited-edition Maple Silver model. These portable headphones were designed to balance all-day comfort with a portable and isolating design. Furthermore, it features gorgeous aesthetics with genuine wooden cups and a completely modular construction that makes them easy to maintain and repair. This is an impressive sounding headphone intended to last a life-time.

First LE units will ship on Dec 11th (may be subject to change). You can read our full review here and secure a unit for yourself on Apos Audio (affiliate).

The post Deal Alert: New Meze Bundles and Limited Ed Release! first appeared on The Headphone List.

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