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Coast Mastering Opens Immersive Room

Mastering engineer Michael Romanowski recently completed a new facility at Coast Mastering
Mastering engineer Michael Romanowski recently completed a new facility at Coast Mastering

Berkeley, CA (November 19, 2020)—Mastering engineer Michael Romanowski recently completed a new facility at Coast Mastering that is outfitted to handle projects up to Dolby Atmos 9.1.6.

The new mastering room was designed by Romanowski along with acoustical consultant Bob Hodas, who also tuned the room. California-based audio engineer and studio design consultant Bob Levy worked closely with the build-team from the beginning of the project.

Coast Mastering features equipment chosen over Romanowski’s 30 years as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer, both in Nashville and the San Francisco Bay Area. On the audio software side, Romanowski has been mastering immersive audio projects using the Steinberg Nuendo software for many years.

Compiling the Box Set of America

A main feature of the new studio are the Focal Scala Utopia EM speakers for left, right, and center channels which tower at almost six feet tall, and Focal Utopia Diablo Evo speakers for the six surrounds, which are all paired with Bricasti amplifiers and converters, and Wireworld cables. The subwoofer is by Meyer Sound, while the six height speakers are by Neumann. Stillpoint Aperture acoustic treatment was used throughout the new studio.

“As a music fan, I have really been enjoying the variety of styles of music that I have mastered in Atmos, with Alicia Keys, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The U.S. Army Field Band, Fantastic Negrito, The Devil in California, and a local Bay Area Latin fusion band, Vibrason, among many other projects,” said Romanowski.

“I built my first mastering room in 2000 for 5.1 surround with Paul Stubblebine, then moved to immersive sound adding height speakers in 2018. My new mastering room was built specifically for immersive formats including Dolby Atmos. It’s such a joy to work in and to really hear the music as it is, so I can make the best decisions for my clients.”

Coast Mastering • www.coastmastering.com

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DALI IO 6 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones | REVIEW

Look down, think of a Danish speaker brand that starts with D, look up, think of a Danish speaker brand that isn’t Dynaudio. I’ve had a number of run-ins with Dali speakers over the years, but they’ve never been as firmly planted in my mind as some other brands–but I’ve always thought they seemed to put out a nice enough product. I’ve just never sat down with a Dali for long enough to know, and to tell the truth I didn’t really do much research when a review sample came across my desk. The Dali IO 6? Another pair of headphones from a reasonably well-known speaker brand, Bluetooth, noise-cancelling, a laundry list of facilities, $500 price-point, I’m nodding my head absent-mindedly. Words by Grover Neville What the dickens? Cue surprised pikachu face meme. I ripped the cans off my head the first time I heard them. This can’t be right, I thought. The Dali IO 6 sound goods. I mean, really good, as in “better than some of my proper headphone rigs” good. What the hell? Clearly I underestimated these puppies. Let’s go in for round two. The DALI IO 6 is, in a sense, unremarkable in its Danish classiness. The [...]

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Focal and Naim Offer Premium Music Systems at Special Bundle Prices

RALEIGH, NC — We’ve had a bit of a summer love affair brewing at PTA, and Focal/Naim have been at the center of it. Currently our man in so-cal Grover Neville, is reviewing the Focal Kanta N°2 tower speakers, along with the Naim Uniti Nova. Early reports from Grover on both components are eagerly positive. On the east coast our own Dave McNair and Nan Pincus are being swept away by the Focal Stellia headphones, and Focal Arche headphone amplifier. A stunning combination if I do say so myself. Finally, you may have read Marc Phillips‘ recent review of the Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation—which he really enjoyed. As you await our forthcoming reviews, do take advantage of the aggressive bundle deals from Focal/Naim that run from November 1 through December 31, 2020 (while supplies last), and include free cables (worth $500), and 5 years extended warranty when bought on bundle. All listed in full detail below. Press Release Five Easy Pieces: Focal and Naim Offer Premium Music Systems at Special Prices With a combined 88 years of handcrafted audio expertise, Focal and Naim understand how to create the very best music systems. Now they are making them even easier to [...]

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Manley Labs Snapper Monoblock Amplifiers | Review

“What are those light bulb things?” My roommate asked that as he bent over the Manley Labs Snapper Monoblock Amplifiers with his camera in hand. The downtown Los Angeles skyline tinted the sky charcoal grey and I had to admit, even in the depths of my current obsession with the Naked and the Bauhas architectures, this scenery made a romantic backdrop for the Snappers. Tubes glowing—delightful, tubes glowing against the evening backdrop of America’s westernmost Art Deco capital. Who says that Paris gets the je ne sais quoi all to itself? Words and Photos by Grover Neville Je ne sais quoi, however, is far from the name of the game when it comes to the Manley Labs Snapper Monoblock Amplifiers—these puppies are strong and fun. EveAnna Manley (interview HERE), someone I count as a friend, mentor and hi-fi hero, told me the Snappers were extensively tuned and tweaked in some very cool Los Angeles mastering studios. That aforementioned fun and the absence of extra sonic romance are two of the things that make these amps completely transparent, and my personal reference amps. Yes, I’ve purchased these Manley Labs Snapper Monoblock Amplifiers, and not recently. I’ve owned the Snappers for a [...]

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FOCAL Utopia, Stellia, Cleara owners receive $1,000 voucher towards Focal Arche Amplifier

Focal is offering a $1,000 voucher towards the purchase of a Focal Arche Amplifier to anyone who owns a Focal Utopia, Stellia or Clear at any period of time before or during the promotion. What makes this offer especially great, beyond the savings, is that the Focal Arche Amplifier works with Focal headphones in a way unlike any other amplifier on the market.The Focal Arche amplifier offers a unique set of presets that are designed to optimize the sound for each Focal Utopia, Stellia and Clear model. The Arche solution combines a digital-analogue converter and two pure class A amplification modes, designed especially for headphone use. Making the Arch a perfect All-In-One solution for Focal headphones. The Focal Arche is manufactured in France.This promotion runs through the end of the 2020 calendar year, so if you’re already a Utopia, Stellia, or Clear owner, or yet to be — don’t worry, you have ample time to take advantage of this sweet deal. This promotion is valid from July 24th 2020 through December 31st 2020. How it works: INFORMATION REQUIRED: First Name, Last Name, Product, Serial Number and Country. To obtain the voucher, consumers must send their information to [email protected] Consumers will [...]

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