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FOCAL Stellia Headphone, Arche Amplifier | REVIEW

I don’t listen to headphones like the Focal Stellia (website). Okay, let me back up—I listen to headphones all the time, just not for pleasure, but rather to check my work in the studio and occasionally to make eq decisions on a master. Words by Dave McNair and Nan Pincus When Eric Franklin Shook asked me if I wanted to review some headphones, I said “Uh, I don’t think so.” “Wait, these are special ‘phones—the Focal Stellia AND their killer headamp the Arche,” he says. “Okay, I’ll give it a shot,” I reply since I know Eric to be the best at deciphering the fake news you can trust. Dave McNair’s Take So here I am with these gorgeous, French-made beauties. The Focal Stellia headphones look like they’d be at home on location at the season’s showing of the new Chanel or YSL line. Not too blingy but a certain unmistakable French elegance in fit and finish. After I whipped up a batch of Coq au Vin and got out a bottle of vintage Bordeaux, I sat down to listen to some Serge Gainsbourg. Tonight, the headphones will deliver you the words I can’t say The first thing I did [...]

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FOCAL Utopia, Stellia, Cleara owners receive $1,000 voucher towards Focal Arche Amplifier

Focal is offering a $1,000 voucher towards the purchase of a Focal Arche Amplifier to anyone who owns a Focal Utopia, Stellia or Clear at any period of time before or during the promotion. What makes this offer especially great, beyond the savings, is that the Focal Arche Amplifier works with Focal headphones in a way unlike any other amplifier on the market.The Focal Arche amplifier offers a unique set of presets that are designed to optimize the sound for each Focal Utopia, Stellia and Clear model. The Arche solution combines a digital-analogue converter and two pure class A amplification modes, designed especially for headphone use. Making the Arch a perfect All-In-One solution for Focal headphones. The Focal Arche is manufactured in France.This promotion runs through the end of the 2020 calendar year, so if you’re already a Utopia, Stellia, or Clear owner, or yet to be — don’t worry, you have ample time to take advantage of this sweet deal. This promotion is valid from July 24th 2020 through December 31st 2020. How it works: INFORMATION REQUIRED: First Name, Last Name, Product, Serial Number and Country. To obtain the voucher, consumers must send their information to [email protected] Consumers will [...]

Original Resource is Part-Time Audiophile