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Radial Launches BT-Pro V2 Stereo Bluetooth DI

Radial’s new BT-Pro V2 Bluetooth DI
Radial’s new BT-Pro V2 Bluetooth DI

Canada (May 21, 2020)—Radial Engineering has shipped its new BT-Pro V2 Bluetooth DI. The unit is intended for feeding smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices to a PA system, studio interface or powered speaker.

Expected applications include houses of worship, installed sound (gyms, dance studios), live sound, studio, DJ, presentations or any environment where providing music playback via Bluetooth connection is desired.

Radial Engineering Ships HDI Box

According to Radial, the new V2 edition of the BT-Pro provides “significantly improved audio quality and range.” Since many users need to connect multiple devices in a single room, each BT Pro-V2 ships with a unique ID. The new BT-Pro V2 can now be powered by either 48V phantom or a USB-C connection.

Like the original, the BT-Pro V2 includes an output level control with an output range from mic level to line level. It also features Mono-sum, Pair/Reset switches, and a 3.5 mm headphone output. An updated chassis design makes the BT-Pro V2 more durable and extends the Bluetooth connection range.

The BT-Pro V2 has a unique identifier that shows up as a six-digit numerical code, allowing users to connect an iPhone to the PA without having to search through drawers looking for wires.

Radial Engineering • https://www.radialeng.com

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