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Tennis Center Reinvented as Music Bowl

The first show to use the CPO J-Series was for Government Mule with most of the season events pre-sold out.
The first show to use the CPO J-Series was for Government Mule.

New Haven, CT (May 25, 2021)—When the CT Tennis Center on the Yale University campus became the Westville Music Bowl, changes were no doubt in store for the 10,000-capacity venue. Chief among them was to ensure the site’s ability to cover all visitors with sound, and to that end, the Bowl recently became the first arena worldwide to install a d&b audiotechnik J-Series loudspeaker system through the company’s re-manufactured certified pre-owned (CPO) program.

The Westville Music Bowl has a strong green initiative and uses solar power during the day (2,000 seats were removed for solar panels); all beverage cups are bio-degradable, and the entire facility recycles. All vendors engaged in the venue are asked to follow green initiatives, and so a re-manufactured PA falls in line with that mindset.

According to d&b, the certified pre-owned (CPO) program was created to prolong the life of a loudspeaker—while also conserving natural resources and reducing waste—by returning a used product to at least its original manufactured performance and quality standards.

d&b Group Launches d&b solutions

DNR Laboratories of Watertown, CT installed the CPO-J. “Due to timing of the CPO J-Series becoming available, it was exactly what our client required,” states Donnie Gamsjager, president, DNR. The complete system contains 28 x CPO J8/J12 (14 per side), 12 x Y8 (outfills – 6 per side), 8 x Ti10P (front fills), and 8 x SL-GSUB.  Amplifiers are 30D installation models for all loudspeaker systems except for the subwoofers which are on D80 amplifiers. A dedicated computer running d&b R1 Control software is used for easy-to-work control for audio distribution of the entire system.

Stakeholders in the venue are reportedly pleased with the results, as Tim Burke, Production Manager, noted, “We’ve done five shows over two weekends at Westville, and I have to say I am thrilled with the performance of this J-Series rig.”

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d&b Group Launches d&b solutions

d&b Group, led by Amnon Harman, has purchased SFL Group, led by Tom Jeffery.
d&b Group, led by Amnon Harman, has purchased SFL Group, led by Tom Jeffery.

Backnang, Germany (May 10, 2021)—d&b Group has founded a new business, d&b solutions, which will provide end-to-end installation and production solutions. The move is aided by the company’s new acquisition of UK-based multidisciplinary AV provider SFL, which will now be SFL Group – a d&b solutions company.

d&b solutions will act independently from d&b audiotechnik with its own separate, independent business structure, but it will report to the d&b Group. The managing directors for d&b solutions are Amnon Harman (d&b Group CEO), Jens Nilsson (d&b Group CFO) and Michael Aldinger (d&b solutions Director Finance and Operations). The establishment of d&b solutions is part of a long-term d&b strategy to become an audio technology and solutions company.

Austin Stone Church Updates with d&b

SFL Group is a multidisciplinary AV provider specializing in event production, installation services and equipment sales. A long-time d&b sales partner, SFL has long standing business relationships with Royal Albert Hall and McLaren Racing, among other entities. The whole SFL team will join the d&b solutions business.

“d&b solutions is born out of customers’ increasing demand for the integration of full AVL solutions,” said Amnon Harman, d&b Group CEO. “We see a rise in requests for manufacturer support in design, planning and integration services as well as new buying behaviors regarding system ownership and managed services. The creation of d&b solutions as a standalone business entity under the d&b brand will address these developments and accelerate our solution offerings across the entertainment technology market.”

“The team at SFL is excited to be part of something new and innovative in an industry that we have served with passion for 30 years,” said Tom Jeffery, Managing Director, SFL Group. “SFL built its business and reputation on putting people and service first.  We share not only the d&b strategic focus on complete solutions but also a similar set of values and company culture.”

d&b audiotechnik • www.dbaudio.com

SFL Group • www.sflgroup.co.uk

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Taiwan’s KMC Gets First KSL Soundscape Install

Taiwan’s new Kaohsiung Music Center is the site of the first d&b audiotechnik KSL Soundscape installation.
Taiwan’s new Kaohsiung Music Center is the site of the first d&b audiotechnik KSL Soundscape installation. Topsound

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (March 10, 2021)—Taiwan’s new Kaohsiung Music Center (KMC) isn’t merely unique due to its shape; now it’s also the site of the first d&b audiotechnik KSL Soundscape installation.

The Kaohsiung Music Center, located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, includes a vast outdoor stage HI-BREEZE Square, four auditoriums and a large main stage, HI-ING Hall, which is seen as the most important symbol of the entire park. The final auditorium is located outside the building on top of a bridge overlooking the Love River. The main stage there can be subdivided into smaller units, giving the center greater flexibility in its hosting capabilities.

In order to make the most of HI-ING Hall, the music center and supplier Topsound Audio used d&b Soundscape immersive technology and d&b KSL loudspeakers for the installation. The venue features seven hangs of KSL line arrays (five for the mains, and two for outfills) to provide full-band directivity control to the space, with the aim of providing the same sound to the entire audience, regardless of their location in the venue.

The venue features seven hangs of KSL line arrays
The venue features seven hangs of KSL line arrays Topsound

The Soundscape installation is powered by the DS100 Signal Engine, an audio system processor based on a Dante-enabled signal matrix. The technology’s coverage is controlled through its software module, En-Scene, a sound object positioning tool allowing the individual placement and movement of sound objects.

The venue’s asymmetrical construction was a challenge, with the additional concern that the entire venue needed to ensure optimum rear rejection, as it backs directly onto a noisy shopping mall. “We were concerned with the proximity of the shopping mall and needed to make sure that wouldn’t cause any issues during performances,” commented Kenny Liu, general manager of Topsound. “Everyone was absolutely taken aback by the exceptional rear rejection provided by the d&b SL-SUB Cardioid Subwoofers. It really helps us control the sound.”

Companies to Watch 2021

The center opened on Feb. 3, 2021, with a technology testing event held at the Hi-ING Hall. There, hundreds of music professionals were invited to hear the system in order to rigorously test and provide feedback on how the system handled multiple genres. While the d&b team could not be on site due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, all parties involved have vocalized extreme satisfaction with the training they received through d&b virtual webinars.

“We were supported by d&b every step of the way, and their online training initiatives taught us so much and ensured we felt extremely comfortable with the system,” commented Liu. “This is an extremely impressive looking venue, and we needed a sound system that would match, d&b gave us that and more, and we are very excited for audiences to experience this one-of-a-kind system in a one-of-a-kind venue.”

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Pro Sound News’ Gear of the Year 2020

Gear of the Year logo 20202020 will be remembered as the year we’d like to forget, but when 2021 is recalled one day as the year everything bounced back, much of that will be due to groundwork laid down in the preceding 12 months. That includes the pro-audio industry—next year, when live events and concerts return, new hits rule the airwaves and the latest must-hear podcasts land in your listening queue, many of them will be created using pro-audio equipment that was introduced over the last 12 months. With that in mind, here’s the Gear of the Year for 2020.

So what was the Gear of the Year? That’s not an easy thing to determine, so rather than weigh a hot new plug-in against an arena-filling P.A. or an audio console years in development, we decided to let our readers show the way.

Product announcements have always been among the most popular stories on prosoundnetwork.com, so we dug through our Google Analytics (readership statistics), sifting through all the “new product” stories we ran 2020 (well into the triple digits!) to determine which ones were the most popular with PSN readers. With that in mind, here’s the Gear of the Year that YOU unknowingly picked—a true Top-20 for 2020.


This dual product launch in May was far and away the most popular product announcement of 2020 with our readers. Yamaha introduced two consoles—the PM5 and PM3—as well as a pair of DSP engines—DSPRX and DSP-RX-EX—and version 4 firmware that provides features to new and legacy Rivage systems.

Both of the new consoles feature large capacitive touchscreens that allow users to use multi-finger gestures, with the PM5 sporting three screens and the PM3 getting one. As with their predecessors, the PM5 and PM3 sport 38 faders—three bays of 12, with two masters—but each of the new control surfaces is laid out with an eye toward increased efficiency.


Solid State Logic unveiled its first personal studio-market products—the USB-powered SSL 2 (2-in/2-out) and SSL 2+ (2-in/4-out) audio interfaces—at the Winter NAMM Show. The 2+ in particular caught our readers’ eyes, with a 4K analog enhancement mode “inspired by classic SSL consoles,” monitoring and an SSL Production Pack software bundle. Offering expanded I/O for musicians collaborating, it includes two analog mic preamps, 24-bit/192 kHz AD/DA AKM converters, multiple headphone outputs with independent monitor mix, MIDI I/O, and additional unbalanced outputs for DJ mixers.


The JBL 4349 studio monitor is a compact, high-performance monitor loudspeaker built around the JBL D2415K dual 1.5-inch compression driver mated to a large format, High-Definition Imaging (HDI) horn, paired with a 12-inch cast-frame and pure-pulp cone woofer. The JBL D2415K compression driver features a pair of lightweight polymer annular diaphragms with reduced diaphragm mass, while the V-shaped geometry of the annular diaphragm reduces breakup modes, eliminates time smear and reduces distortion, according to JBL.


Apple updated Logic Pro X with a “professional” version of Live Loops, new sampling features and new and revamped beatmaking tools. Live Loops lets users arrange loops, samples and recordings on a grid to build musical ideas, which can then be further developed on Logic’s timeline. Remix FX brings effects to Live Loops that can be used in real time, while the updated Sampler augments the EXS24 plug-in with new sound shaping controls. Other new tools include Quick Sampler, Step Sequencer, Drum Synth and Drum Machine Designer.


The AMS Neve 8424 is a small-format desk based on the 80-series console range. Intended for hybrid studios, the desk provides a center point between analog outboard gear, synths and the like, and the digital world of DAW workflows, software plug-ins and session recall. As an analog mixing platform, the 8424 offers 24 DAW returns across 24 channel faders or, for larger DAW sessions, a 48-Mix mode that allows a total of 48 mono inputs with individual level and pan controls to be mixed through the stereo mix bus.


Millennia Media bowed its fully remote-controllable microphone preamplifier, the HV-316. Offering 12V battery operation, the HV-316 is housed in a 10-pound, 1U aluminum chassis housing 16 channels of Millennia HV-3 microphone preamplifiers with simultaneous analog and Dante 32-bit/192 kHz Ethernet outputs. Other digital audio output options are planned, including USB and MADI. The unit is designed for high-temperature continuous operation (up to 150° F), is powered by both 12V DC and worldwide 80–264V AC, and features “pi filter” shielding on audio and digital feeds to prevent interference.


The Shure SLX-D, offered in single- and dual-channel models, provides operation of up to 32 channels per frequency band. Transmitters run on standard AA batteries or an optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery solution with a dual-docking charging station. For less technically inclined users, it offers Guided Frequency Setup and a Group Scan feature that sets up multiple channels by assigning frequencies to all receivers automatically via Ethernet connections, allowing a 30-plus channel system can be set up via Group Scan within a few seconds.


The Meyer Sound Spacemap Go is a free Apple iPad app for spatial sound design and mixing. Working with the company’s Galaxy Network Platform, Spacemap Go can control Galaxy processors using a single or multiple iPads as long as the units have current firmware and Compass control software. Spacemap Go is compatible with various sound design/show control programs such as QLab, so designs assembled using them can be implemented into a multichannel spatial mix using Spacemap Go’s templates for common multichannel configurations.


Housed in a flush-mountable cabinet, the d&b audiotechnik 44S is a two-way passive, point source installation loudspeaker with 2 x 4.5-inch neodymium LF drivers and 2 x 1.25-inch HF dome tweeters, delivering a frequency response of 90 Hz–17 kHz. The 44S features a waveguide and baffle design intended to provide horizontal dispersion down to the lower frequencies while being focused vertically, providing a 90° x 30° dispersion pattern to direct sound to specific spaces.


Beyerdynamic made two additions to its Touring Gear (TG) series. The second-generation TG D70 dynamic kickdrum mic is meant for capturing the impact of bass drums and similar low-frequency-intensive instruments, while the TG 151 instrument mic is a lean microphone with a short shaft that can be used on everything from snares and toms to brass instruments and guitar amplifiers.


New Studio Microphone Wrap-Up : Fall 2020


QSC’s Q-SYS Core 8 Flex and Nano audio, video and control processors provide scalable DSP processing, video routing and bridging for web conferencing, as well as third-party endpoint integration without the need for separate dedicated control processors. The 8 Flex includes onboard analog audio I/O and GPIO plus network I/O, while Nano offers network-only audio I/O processing and control.


Telefunken‘s TF11 is the company’s first phantom-powered large-diaphragm condenser mic. The CK12-style edge-terminated capsule is a single-membrane version of the capsule featured in the TF51, and the amplifier is a proprietary take on the FET mic amplifier similar to the M60, coupled with a custom large-format nickel-iron core transformer.


K3 is a compact loudspeaker from L-Acoustics that is intended as a main system to cover up to 10,000 people, or for use as outfills or delays for K1 or K2 systems. Designed as a full-range line source, K3 integrates 12-inch transducers for large-format system performance in the form factor of a 10-inch design.


Clear-Com has sanitization kits for its CC-300, CC-400, CC-110, CC-220 and CC-26K headsets. They include replacement ear pads, pop filters, sanitizing wipes, ear sock covers and temple pads in a cloth bag. Items for each kit vary depending on the headset, and can also be purchased separately.


The Zoom PodTrak P8 provides recording, editing and mixing capabilities all in one unit. Six mics, a smartphone and PC can be recorded simultaneously, each with its own fader and preamp with 70 dB of gain. A touchscreen controls monitoring, adjusting, onboard editing and more.


Pro Sound News‘ Gear of the Year, 2019


Waves’ Kaleidoscopes plug-in creates classic analog studio effects such as 1960s phasing and tape flanging, 1970s stadium tremolo-guitar vibes and 1980s chorus sounds.


The Outline Stadia 28 is a medium-throw system intended for use in permanent outdoor installations. A single enclosure weighs 46.2 pounds and can reportedly reach 139 dB SPL.


Lab.gruppen‘s FA Series Energy Star-certified amplifiers are intended for commercial and industrial applications, and are offered in 2 x 60W, 2 x 120W and 2 x 240W.


The updated D.W. Fearn VT-2 Dual-Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier now features an integrated, switchable 43 dB pad, aiding patching into a master bus.


Our Gear of the Year list concludes with the LS50, featuring KEF’s Metamaterial Absorption Technology driver array, a cone neck decoupler, offset flexible bass port, low-diffraction curved baffle and more.

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60 Seconds with Robert Trebus of d&b audiotechnik

Robert Trebus, d&b audiotechnik
Robert Trebus

What is your new position, and what does it entail?

My new position is director of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) and Remanufacturing at d&b audiotechnik. The position entails operationalizing, communicating and drawing awareness to d&b’s new CPO initiative. As part of the program, customers are given the chance to purchase pre-owned, remanufactured d&b systems. CPO systems come with new energy-saving amplification and electronics, accessories, service, finance options and the same support advantages as when purchasing a new system. This new program is a small but powerful way of delivering premium audio while helping to reduce consumption of raw materials.

How has your background prepared you for your new role?

I have over 30 years of experience in senior management roles in the AV industry. Since the beginning of my career, I have accompanied and designed the commercial market launch of new media technologies and products. This wealth of experience was extremely valuable when developing this new sustainable business model for d&b.

What new marketing initiatives are we likely to see from the company?

As with every product that is manufactured by d&b, all CPO products go through a rigorous quality-control process including a through exterior, mechanical and acoustic check. The exterior check includes a full system inspection to confirm there is no damage, then all foam and seals are replaced and the exterior is repainted with the original d&b top coat. In the mechanical inspection, we check pins, rigging, links, wheels, latches, frames and chains for any damage, with everything tested and replaced where necessary. Finally, the CPO program product goes through the same rigorous frequency and impedance checks as new systems, and is subject to a listening test for performance qualities. CPO systems also come with a two-year warranty, and a five-year factory warranty to all new parts.

What are your short- and long-term goals?

Our short-term goal is to make our partners and customers aware of our CPO initiative and its benefits. Not only can these systems significantly reduce our carbon footprint and the consumption of raw materials, but they can also save customers money and extend the product’s life even further.

Our long-term goal is, of course, to make a lasting, positive impact on our environment. At d&b, we’re really conscious of the impact that the entertainment industry in particular has on the environment. Our customers, partners and artists alike recognize just how important is it that we protect the planet and operate in a sustainable way. Everyone has a part to play in “greening” the entertainment industry, and while the industry as a whole has a long way to go to be more sustainable, it is reassuring to see leaders in the entertainment industry beginning to voice their concerns.

What is the greatest challenge you face?

When you look at the overall ecological impact of our industry, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the huge task that lies ahead. We cannot let the enormity of the challenge deter us. While the challenge can seem difficult, it is important that we continue to find ways and take the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We still have a long way to go to ensure that touring and festivals are more environmentally friendly, but we should remember that small steps can have a big impact.

There is a misconception from the organizational and the customer side that sustainability means expense, but our studies concluded that remanufacturing not only significantly reduces ecological footprint, but it also makes products economically very attractive!

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d&b Rolls into Radius Chicago

Radius, a former steel factory transformed into a 55,000-square-foot, is outfitted with a sizable d&b KSL system.
Radius, a former steel factory transformed into a 55,000-square-foot, is outfitted with a sizable d&b KSL system.

Chicago, IL (October 23, 2020)—Before the pandemic kicked in last Spring, Chicago’s East Pilsen neighborhood got its first taste of Radius, a new, 55,000-square-foot multi-room venue that can hold up to 3,800 guests. The unusual space—a retrofitted former steel factory—sports an open floor plan and mezzanine level, all of which is covered by a d&b audiotechnik KSL loudspeaker system installed by Brown Note Production of Thornton, CO.

The d&b system configuration consists of 11 KSL (7 KSL8, 4 KSL12) per side for a total of 22, 10 SL-GSUB,  four Y10p loudspeakers for front fills, a pair of Y10p bar area fills, two Y10p under balcony fills, five 10S-D for the mezzanine and VIP area fills, 17 D80 amplifiers, three D20 amplifiers and two DS10 Audio Network Bridges.

d&b audiotechnik, Autograph Launch d&b Fanblock

“The original spec was for a d&b J-Series as the project started four years before the SL-Series was available,” said Ryan Knutson, Brown Note Productions. “The KSL was the natural progression for the venue’s future sound reinforcement needs. As we went down the road with the J-Series, the clear replacement would be KSL as it fit the venue size and sound qualities needed to cover the venue throughout.”

“The d&b KSL loudspeaker system was essential – from the start, we wanted the sound to be a major differentiator for Radius and this system was the driving force,” said owner Nick Karounos. “With this system and the venue acoustics, we’ve essentially addressed a major complaint of other venues that were a theatre first and then retrofitted into a concert venue.”

The venue is set up to handle most touring shows and since the pandemic, has shifted to small socially distanced experiential events, private events and corporate events.

Brown Note Productions • www.brownnote.com

Radius • www.radius-chicago.com

d&b audiotechnik • www.dbaudio.com

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d&b audiotechnik, Autograph Launch d&b Fanblock

d&b fanblockBacknang, Germany (October 15, 2020)—d&b audiotechnik has teamed with UK event/theatrical audio company Autograph, to co-develop and launch d&b Fanblock — a stadium sound application that reproduces the sound of a live crowd at empty sports events.

Using a d&b sound system design positioned within an arena, d&b Fanblock creates a multi-channel surround sound system which, when combined with Autograph’s playback software, fills sports venues with the sounds of fans.

A noisy, responsive crowd helps build excitement for players and viewers at home alike. The basic audio content consists of non-team specific sounds including background ‘bed’ loops to provide a continual atmosphere within the stadium and a library of sound cues that can be triggered by operators in reaction to the action on the field. The custom sound design package offers club-specific chants made possible through Autograph’s content partner, FanChants.

Riedel Pops into NBA Bubble

The software, Stadium Sound by Autograph, creates a live crowd atmosphere at sports events that can be dynamically controlled in real-time to directly respond to the events of the game. The system is operated live by engineers in the stadium in order to follow the energy levels and punctuate the dramatic moments as they happen.

“By partnering with Autograph, we’ve come up with revolutionary new sound solution,” said Amnon Harman, CEO d&b audiotechnik. “No longer will sports teams hear the echo of empty stadiums and venues; instead with d&b Fanblock, they will once again hear the strength and passion of their fans while on the field.”

d&b Fanblock uses the matrix functions of the DS100 Signal engine to distribute audio to the d&b loudspeaker system. As the backbone of d&b Soundscape, the DS100 Signal engine enables further enhancement of d&b Fanblock through its En-Scene software. Object-based signal management allows complex sound events to move dynamically around the stadium in real-time, and add detail to the effect of Stadium Sound in response to the actions on the field.

The system is scalable and can be put in any size stadium or arena around the world. It’s first scheduled full-scale use will be at the Championship games at The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium in London.

d&b audiotechnik • www.dbaudio.com

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Mosaic Church Moves to d&b

Nevada’s Mosaic Church fills its 1,100-capacity worship facility with high-energy live music via its new d&b audiotechnik A-Series system.
Nevada’s Mosaic Church fills its 1,100-capacity worship facility with high-energy live music via its new d&b audiotechnik A-Series system.

Henderson, NV (September 30, 2020)—Nevada’s Mosaic Church fills its 1,100-capacity worship facility with high-energy live music, video and theatrical lighting elements and more. The site already had acoustical treatments but wanted to update its audio system, turning to CCS Presentation Systems of Las Vegas. The result was a new d&b audiotechnik A-Series system that brings the church’s message to its parishoners.

“One of the main project objectives was to provide an enhanced guest experience, said Gilbert Medina, director of Business Development at CCS. “The A-Series fit our performance and budget requirements, and the church was aware of the d&b brand so when I made the A-Series recommendation and that it could meet their budget needs, they approved our design.”

12Stone Church Turns to Royer

The system, commissioned by d&b support specialist Mark Rush, includes a half-dozen AL90 loudspeakers (3 per side, Stereo), four center ceiling mounted Yi-SUBS (Stereo summed), and a pair of 30D amplifiers.

“The d&b A-Series is the perfect fit for our venue,” said John Solomon, worship pastor. “The compact footprint and wide coverage provide an impactful and immersive experience for us. The directionality is especially impressive as we have high gain before feedback with omni-directional headset condensers very close to directly underneath the arrays. The flown subs provide surprising evenness throughout the room and provide full low end without being too physically impactful up close. Transparent warm and clear are words we’ve used to describe the sound and we are eager to further expand our system as we grow.”

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d&b audiotechnik to Offer Certified Pre-Owned Systems

German loudspeaker manufacturer d&b audiotechnik is now offering certified pre-owned systems.
German loudspeaker manufacturer d&b audiotechnik is now offering certified pre-owned systems. ERNESTO MARTENS

Backnang, Germany (August 18, 2020)—d&b audiotechnik has introduced a new Certified Pre-Owned program, providing remanufactured d&b systems for sale to customers interested in owning systems with a reduced carbon footprint due to remanufacturing.

The CPO program is part of d&b’s ongoing support of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015 by UN member states and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Directive 2014/95/EU established by the European Union.

Inside the San Jose Civic’s d&b audiotechnik PA

“The CPO program means our systems are more accessible than ever before,” said Amnon Harman, CEO, d&b audiotechnik. “At a time when the entire entertainment industry has been challenged, remanufacturing extends the life of a d&b system with all the benefits of buying new.”

Each system goes through an exterior, mechanical and acoustic check. The exterior check includes a full-system inspection to confirm there is no damage, then all foam and seals are replaced and the exterior is repainted with the original d&b top coat. In the mechanical check pins, rigging, links, wheels, latches, frames and chains are all inspected for damage, tested, and replaced where necessary. Finally, the CPO program product goes through the same frequency and impedance checks as new systems and is subject to a listening test for performance qualities.

d&b’s first CPO program offering is the J-Series, an established large-format system which continues to tour globally. CPO program systems come with new energy-saving amplification and electronics, according to the company, as well as accessories, service, finance and the same support that new systems get, including a 2-year warranty and a 5-year factory warranty to all new parts.

d&b audiotechnik • www.dbaudio.com

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Inside the San Jose Civic’s d&b audiotechnik PA

The sizable d&b audiotechnik KSL loudspeaker system at the San Jose Civic
The sizable d&b audiotechnik KSL loudspeaker system at the San Jose Civic

San Jose, CA (August 10, 2020)—While it marked the first anniversary of its installation in silence due to the pandemic, the sizable d&b audiotechnik KSL loudspeaker system at the 2,850-seat San Jose Civic has already made its mark, delivering notable shows by the likes of Deadmau5, Frankie Valli, Lindsey Sterling, REO Speedwagon, Piano Guys and others.

The San Jose Civic is one of the San Jose Theaters, a collection of four historic cultural venues managed by Team San Jose, in partnership with LJ Productions, all located in the heart of the Downtown neighborhood. The San Jose Civic shares a common wall with the more intimate 468-seat Montgomery Theater; however, the theaters often have performances simultaneously, so controlling the sound in the Civic was important. “We were counting on d&b ArrayProcessing to keep the energy off the common wall,” said Adrienne Felicioni, LJ Productions. “We conducted dB testing before and after the KSL install. There was an incredible drop in sound leakage getting into the Montgomery.”

The system configuration is a combination of KSL12 and KSL8 (totaling 9 x boxes per side), 6 x SL-SUB sub woofers, 4 x Y10P front fill speakers, 2 x V7P out fill speakers, 12 x D80 amplifiers, and 1 x 30D amplifier.

Tin Box, Singapore Showcase Venue, Opens with d&b

d&b’s ArrayProcessing technology is used onsite in an effort to improve the tonal balance and SPL consistency throughout the entire vertical coverage of a line array while also creating zones of reduced SPL or even avoidance of certain areas. “We have designed, using d&b ArrayProcessing, a slot to apply a hard avoid on the upper [level] seating,” said Michael Clifford, an independent sound engineer involved with the project. “It works flawlessly in eliminating the reflections we used to get from the empty space that now directs the energy evenly throughout the lower seating.”

Clifford also says they were able to build additional slots for various configurations that their most frequent clients use, such as different front fill or sub placement requirements. “Since we share a common wall with the Montgomery Theater, in the past, we would have to apply a strict dB limit until their show was over. Now, we simply push a button that redirects energy away from the other theater without any noise complaints from the other venue.”

d&b audiotechnik • www.dbaudio.com

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