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Doshi Audio EVO Series Tape Head Preamplifier | Review

I had a fantastic time putting the most excellent Doshi Audio Tape Head Preamplifier through its paces. This latest version, labeled the EVO series, has some improvements over the previous Tape Head Preamplifier 3.0 series, but permit me to reminisce a bit first… A Long Time Ago In A Recording Studio Far, Far Away Sitting behind an enormous API console as I peered through the glass to watch the musicians in the tracking room, I heard the last bit of decay from the final chord and cymbal crash fade to silence. I hit stop, then the rewind button on the MCI JH-110 2” 24 track machine. I mashed the talkback button and asked the band to come in and hear the take. When all were gathered in the control room, I hit play. It was a big sonic letdown. In different situations, the disappointment was sometimes extreme, sometimes minimal and on a few very special occasions, I felt the playback actually had an enhanced quality. But it was NEVER the same as the input. Sure, the music and performances were many times excellent and captivating, but why wouldn’t the tape deck serve up all that goodness that I heard going to the [...]

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SugarHill Upgrades Desk with GenesysControl

The long-running SugarHill Studios in Houston have upgraded the facility’s Neve Genesys Black console for total integration with DAWs.
The long-running SugarHill Studios in Houston have upgraded the facility’s Neve Genesys Black console for total integration with DAWs.

Houston, TX (May 22, 2020)—SugarHill Recording Studios in Houston, TX, has upgraded its Neve Genesys Black console, installing the GenesysControl plug-in to enable total integration with DAWs.

The Genesys Black console is installed in SugarHill’s Goldstar room, originally built in 1964 and designed by Jack Clement, who also designed the Sun Recording Studios in Nashville, TN. SugarHill has completed many sessions on the console for artists such as Chance the Rapper, George Thorogood, Kevin Gates, 21 Savage, Maxo Kream and North Mississippi Allstars. Most recently, Finley has been mixing an album for The Killer Hearts, which will be released soon on Spaghetty Town Records.

Inside the Audio Post-Production of Parasite

SugarHill studio engineer Stephen Finley says, “In 2018, we installed our Genesys Black G32 console with 16 analog channels. It is a fantastic console and we all really love the preamps and EQs. We have 16 Neve 1084s, which make everything sound better — just a little always helps. We also have one eight-channel bank of dynamics that I like to use while tracking drums as its helps to tame some hits. I use very little gain reduction.”

Finley says investing in the GenesysControl plug-in has brought an entirely new dimension to the studio’s workflow. “I enjoy being able to automate my drum busses on the 8T [8 track] section during choruses for extra excitement. Also, being able to have the automation plug-in on all my tracks, put all the tracks in Pro Tools into the Neve at a touch and finalize any volume automation on the fly is very helpful. With the new GenesysControl plug-in and the console’s recall software, recalling a mix and making an adjustment is now a fairly easy task — depending on your patching, of course.”

Founded by Bill Quinn as Quinn Recording Studio in 1941, the facility was renamed Gold Star Studio in 1950 and eventually became SugarHill in 1972 when it was acquired and renamed by notorious producer Huey P. Meaux. The studio is now owned by Stephen Finley, Fred “Bubba” Hightower and Ryan Youngblood, collectively known as The Hightower Group.

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