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Audio by Van Alstine DVA M225 Monoblock Amplifiers | REVIEW

I’m not gonna tease any of the readers by making them wait (or skip to my conclusion), so I’ll say right up front: OH. MY. LAWD.™ I was in audiophile heaven from the minute I [...]

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Lyle Workman, Uncommon Measures | The Vinyl Anachronist

It’s happened a couple of times so far, where I publish a Vinyl Anachronist music review and our own Dave McNair messages me and says “oh, I worked on that one.” I felt kind of bad about not mentioning him, but I don’t want anyone to think there’s a connection between Dave McNair Mastering and me getting something cool to review. But in the case of Lyle Workman and his new album, Uncommon Measures, it’s kind of a funny story about some really fascinating music and some unlikely personal connections. A few months ago, Dave asked for my honest opinion on an album he was working on–something new from composer and legendary session musician Lyle Workman. The first interesting connection: my best buddy growing up is now in the film industry, and he worked with Lyle Workman on Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I vaguely remember hearing a couple of stories about Workman, how he was such a nice guy and had plenty of great rock and roll stories (he’s toured with Beck, Sting, Todd Rundgren and one of my favorite humans, Frank Black). Before you know it, Dave’s telling me the same kind of stories, how he’s known Lyle for years [...]

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Hi-Fi: Why Do Records Sound Better? | The Ivory Tower

Into The Groove Why do a lot of us audiophiles (and casual listener types) prefer the sound of records over the same music released digitally? Is it something about the inferiority of digital? Are vinyl records, without those sacrilegious anti-aliasing filters and stair-step samples, somehow higher in resolution? Or is it simply the much-heralded warmth of vinyl? Some would say digital is superior without the surface noise, side length limitations, and inner groove distortion. So what’s the point of putting digital mixes on an analog record? Records should be cut from an analog master, right? I’m not talking about the ritual of owning and playing records. Putting aside the factors of having a tangible object that requires more care and intention, along with the fun of combing bins for used treasures and everything else that goes with being a record collector, let’s explore the sonics and what’s responsible for that warm and fuzzy feeling we often get when having a platter party. Words and Photos by Dave McNair Everyone hears things differently. Folks have different tastes for what lights up that pleasure center in our brains. It’s a subject I talk about a lot with my audiophile friends, especially the [...]

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Part-Time Audiophile now featuring Contributor Columns

PART-TIME AUDIOPHILE INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS — We are proud to announce, the greatest addition to our Part-Time Audiophile website toolbar in over a decade—we bring to you, the Contributor Columns! It has been discussed amongst our staff of writers and decided that now-better-than-never is the perfect time to update our website’s navigation toolbar, thus making our editorial content that much easier to find. The new COLUMNS tab and included drop-down menu contains linkage to all of our favorite Part-Time Audiophile editorial columns from the past, present, and future. With our existing brain-trust of audiophile experts, hi-fi industry veterans, technical gurus, journalists, explorers, gourmets, thought leaders, and historians on the writing team, we felt it was time to set our rich column archives free from the search bar and entrust them to the navigation toolbar for quick access. The Contributor Columns For all of our long-time Part-Time Audiophile column readers, please know this: we appreciate your investment of time (and ad-clicking) towards our success, and for your patronage we bring forth some of our most revered content for a second (or third) helping. Returning to the stage are columns like Scot Hull‘s Publishers Desk, along with lifestyle columns like Nina Sventitsky‘s Reluctant [...]

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Audio by Van Alstine SET 120 Control Amplifier | REVIEW

This is a story about that time I joined a cult (or two). In this review I stand to gain nothing and lose everything by telling you how staggeringly capable the Audio by Van Alstine SET 120 Control Amplifier is at delivering all of the musical goods. I am here to confess a rare and simple truth—that true high-end sound does not have to be a luxury. The mere utterance of this truth could shatter the system and render all of our phony-baloney writing jobs into the bin of oblivion. Words and Photos by Eric Franklin Shook I have read the forums aplenty as to the happenings at Audio by Van Alstine (avahifi.com) for at least a few decades. I have seen Audio by Van Alstine circuit designs come and go. With each new product the members of the AVA brand forum jumping for joy at the design implementations. I have seen the Audio by Van Alstine preference for the steel black box chassis become a mainstay characteristic of the iconic brand. Even as every other manufacturer clamors to stay ahead of the trending enclosure of the day. I have seen the fandom surrounding the AVA brand come with some [...]

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