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Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO turntable and TA-5000 tonearm | REVIEW

Does anyone really NEED a $34,000 turntable/arm/cartridge setup like the Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO, TA-5000 and Acoustical Systems Palladium? Well, of course not! Okay, let me qualify and rephrase that. If someone is a serious [...]

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Charisma Audio Signature One Moving Coil Phono Cartridge | REVIEW

Let’s talk about the Passion Of St. Bernard. No, not the dog. No, not Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153), the Benedictine monk–although he was no doubt passionate about his stuff. I’m talking about the founder, and head of Charisma Audio (website), Mr. Bernard Li.THIS Bernard is deeply passionate about high fidelity home playback with a special focus on cartridges and all things analog. You’d also need to have the patience of a saint to go to the lengths that Mr. Li has in producing the supremely musical sounding Charisma Audio Signature One moving coil phono cartridge. At this point, it’s no surprise to me when I hear about the back stories of these passionately driven hi-fi industry folks. It usually starts with a deep connection to music and a fortuitous way into the industry. Bernard is no exception. From his 40 plus years as an audiophile, reviewer, dealer and distributor, Mr. Li’s knowledge and experience in this industry is deep. Actually, that would be an understatement. About eight years ago, Mr. Li began working with an experienced phono cartridge artisan whose identity must remain secret. The partnership produced a line of cartridges, adding to an already impressive lineup of brands that [...]

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Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 GT Turntable | REVIEW

Golf balls and squash balls, what have I gotten myself into? Literally! When Bernard Li, CEO of Charisma Audio, delivered the Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 GT table to me, I immediately questioned the sanity of my decision to embark on this review. The turntable itself is absolutely gorgeous. With its post-industrial look and aluminum top, the Amadeus captivated me momentarily, but as soon as Li started to assemble the $13,688 Amadeus the alarm bells started to sound off in my head.   The acrylic platter was the first question mark. Acrylic has a very strong sonic character of its own, and I’ve never been a fan. I also noticed the platter seems to rock back and forth in the idle position, which made me question the stability of the design. Then there are the squash balls. The table literally uses four of them sandwiched in between the plinth as the primary isolation mechanism. The tonearm has a bottom pivot made of half a golf ball suspended on a bed of silicon. Finally, the pivot of the tonearm seems to change position every time you move the arm wand, so we are really getting off to a bad start!   “Trust me on [...]

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