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MTVG Debuts Calrec-Equipped 47 FLEX Truck

Mobile TV Group (MTVG) has added a third FLEX mobile unit to its fleet of 30-plus OB trucks, equipping 47 FLEX with Calrec digital audio products.

Denver, CO (November 2, 2020)—Denver-based live production company Mobile TV Group (MTVG) has added a third FLEX mobile unit to its fleet of 30-plus OB trucks, equipping 47 FLEX with Calrec digital audio products and MTVG’s new Cloud Control capability.

The new 47 FLEX truck, along with its sister vehicles 45 FLEX and 46 FLEX, takes full advantage of Calrec’s Artemis digital audio console, with audio-over-IP capabilities via Calrec’s H2-IP Gateway technology. The new dual-trailer units’ infrastructures are all based around the Grass Valley Kayenne K-Frame X IP switcher, an Evertz 384-port EXE 2.0 IP router and an Evertz Magnum control system, to offer 1080p capacity.

Calrec Sound Institute Debuts Online

The three latest FLEX units are dual-trailer outfits, with 53-foot expanding trailers (to 16’ 6” wide) for unit A, and 53-foot long (8’ 6” wide) for Unit B VMU trailers. 47 FLEX serves the Marquee Sports Network, home of the Chicago Cubs. Mobile TV Group is also building a 48 FLEX OB truck, which is a 53-foot expandable unit and will also house a Calrec Artemis.

Mobile TV Group predominantly services the U.S. sports markets, with units spread across the country, each run by around 50 engineers. The current count of 30-plus mobile units, including 15 dual-trailer rigs (Unit A and VMU-Unit B) that can run the group’s ‘dual-feed’ production concept — operations for both home and visiting teams from two spaces but with shared technical resources.

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Calrec Sound Institute Debuts Online

Hebden Bridge, UK (August 18, 2020—Calrec has launched the Calrec Sound Institute, a series of online certification training courses focusing on the company’s products, and is also expanding its online training services.

The Calrec Sound Institute launches with courses for two of Calrec’s digital audio consoles, Brio and Type R. The courses provide an overview of the consoles for engineers and operators, as well as experienced professionals looking to hone their skills.

The courses cover hardware, I/O, routing, mix minus, busses and monitoring and are designed to get users up and running quickly. Once the training is completed, users are officially certified by Calrec.

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Henry Goodman, director of product development at Calrec, said, “We have always had an open-door training policy at Calrec, but COVID-19 has significantly shifted the broadcast landscape and it’s our responsibility to help customers develop with tools that can be accessed remotely. As workflows continue to evolve, online training courses are increasingly important to help customers learn key products and be able to show that they have done so via certification.”

Calrec will expand its online training service with a series of AoIP masterclasses that cover what a broadcast facility needs to know about IP, how it works and the effect it is having on the industry.

“IP is a complicated subject; our new course will break IP down into independent and objective modules which we hope will enable broadcasters to make IP decisions with confidence,” adds Goodman. “It is a very broad course which covers the basics through to PTP, Multicast and the importance of intelligent network design.”

Alongside this, Calrec also offers:

Operator Manuals: Free operator manuals for every Calrec product.

Audio Primer: A 66-page basic introduction to Calrec functionality and applications that also provides a basic overview of audio theory, digital processing, applications and techniques relating to the broadcast industry.

Summa Training Course: A selection of 66 step-by-step video tutorials.

Cleaning Guide: Recommendations for cleaning Calrec equipment.

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Group One Limited Expands to West Coast

The U.S. distributor behind Calrec, DiGiCo, Klang, Solid State Logic, XTA and others has opened a 10,000 square-foot facility outside Los Angeles.
Bryan Bradley, president of Group One, explores the company’s new 10,000-square-foot office/warehouse facility in Chatsworth, CA.

Los Angeles, CA (July 14, 2020) — Group One Limited, distributor for Calrec, DiGiCo, Klang, Solid State Logic, XTA and others, has opened a 10,000-square-foot office/warehouse facility in Chatsworth, CA, just outside Los Angeles.

The new facility features dedicated areas for both live and remote demos and training sessions, and will serve as an operational hub for Audiotonix audio console manufacturers, including Calrec, DiGiCo and Solid State Logic and other companies. The demo spaces can hold up to 50 people at a time, and there are also dedicated technical support facilities onsite as well.

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“Our new west coast-based facility brings us closer to customers, as we are located in the very heart of the entertainment industry,” said Group One Limited president Bryan Bradley. “We are pleased to have a brand-new office space that provides generous expansion opportunities, and which has been designed specifically to offer remote as well as in-person demos and training. All of the companies we work with can take advantage of our new facility, which includes a conference room, lounge, product demo rooms and plenty of office space, all situated within an important geographic hub.”

“Additionally, our logistics team provides comprehensive warehouse operational services,” Bradley continued. “As SSL is now providing high-volume interfaces to the dealer channel, this new warehouse space became an integral component.”

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