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Deborah Silver, Glitter & Grits | The Vinyl Anachronist

When I first moved to Texas back in 2009, I was more than a little concerned about the music situation there. I know, I lived outside of Austin and shouldn’t have worried one bit–but this Southern California boy just didn’t trust the hype. Once there, I quickly discovered the difference between garden-variety C&W and the Texas version, which was more honest and intelligent and, quite frankly, more rooted in rock and roll. I relaxed and soaked it all in. We’re talking Townes Van Zandt. We’re talking Guy Clark. We’re talking Ray Wylie Hubbard. We’re talking WILLIE. We’re also talking about Texas swing, which Deborah Silver sings on her new album Glitter & Grits. Uh oh, I thought, when I found a CD with that title in my mailbox. “Are you lost, little CD?” I asked. But I took a listen and said oh, this is Texas swing! Everything’s gonna be okay. Texas swing, if you don’t know, is closer to big band jazz than country music–although the influences are both obvious. Deborah Silver borrows liberally from both genres, and then throws in a little hot Parisian jazz just to take advantage of her alluring, utterly charming vocals skills (which are [...]

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