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Product of The Year | 2020

Product of The Year 2020 Publisher’s Note: Someone told me that hanging a Product of the Year 2020 ribbon would be odd. Maybe this year was not the year to do “congratulations”, and any award, other than “Congrats, we made it” (to those of us that actually did make it), would be out of place. I hear that. To a very large extent, I completely agree–to say that “this year was not a typical year” will probably end up in some dictionary under the heading “blithe understatement”. This was a year that started with a bang followed by a long whimper. We lost so much, and the hits just kept coming. And yet. And yet, with that said, some remarkable things still happened. Like these products, collected here. Acknowledging them seems like the least we could do. It also feels a bit weird to say that 2020 was, in spite of it all, a banner year at Part-Time Audiophile. We have new writers, a new editorial structure, and perhaps surprising given that for most of the year the world was on fire during a time of plague–and that was just the election season–we saw our readership and reach expand explosively. To all of [...]

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Audeze LCD-1 Headphones | REVIEW

This is the story of the Audeze LCD-1 and my emotional rejuvenation. As the pandemic pushed me into a bit of a social lull, I turned to the arts. Days began to fly off the calendar like confetti. Before long, I noticed that I was feeling less and less. When I stop feeling the music is when you know I’ve stopped feeling. By nature I’m a people person. I need human interaction to breathe and think. I need to hear human voices, and see the eyes of someone friendly looking back at me. Don’t get me wrong, music is a powerful thing, but it could never supplant my need for intimacy and connection. Still, amidst my pandemic blues, I feared that music was also losing its potency and emotional currency. Words and Photos by Eric Franklin Shook Listening to music is such a large and consistent part of my life, and has always been fuel for my emotional fires. Countless days have been spent in front of my stereo system, reflecting on my life and relationships. In each therapy listening session, I am going through my emotional inventory, and feeling them one by one as a parade of artists seemingly [...]

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Audio by Van Alstine SET 120 Control Amplifier | REVIEW

This is a story about that time I joined a cult (or two). In this review I stand to gain nothing and lose everything by telling you how staggeringly capable the Audio by Van Alstine SET 120 Control Amplifier is at delivering all of the musical goods. I am here to confess a rare and simple truth—that true high-end sound does not have to be a luxury. The mere utterance of this truth could shatter the system and render all of our phony-baloney writing jobs into the bin of oblivion. Words and Photos by Eric Franklin Shook I have read the forums aplenty as to the happenings at Audio by Van Alstine (avahifi.com) for at least a few decades. I have seen Audio by Van Alstine circuit designs come and go. With each new product the members of the AVA brand forum jumping for joy at the design implementations. I have seen the Audio by Van Alstine preference for the steel black box chassis become a mainstay characteristic of the iconic brand. Even as every other manufacturer clamors to stay ahead of the trending enclosure of the day. I have seen the fandom surrounding the AVA brand come with some [...]

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