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HIFIMAN debuts TWS800 True Wireless® Earbuds, with Onboard Amplifiers and Audiophile Grade Drivers

BELLMORE, NY (PTA) — At Canjam Socal 2019 in Invine, California, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Adam Sohmer and a chance to preview the then new TWS600 ($199 USD) wireless earphones from HIFIMAN which featured a new True Wireless® technology. The excitement surrounding this new technology was that it finally allowed for better sound and greater distances between the earphones and music source. This was especially useful news for gym-rats like myself and stationary runners who preferred not to have their DAP or phone attached at the hip despite said competitors’  “wireless” earphones of the day still seeming to be still lacking in practical wireless range. The True Wireless® technology debuted by HIFIMAN then was a godsend for earbud users, and now with the new TWS800 ($299 USD) earbuds debuting this week, we’re even more excited as the extended range this series of earbuds is known for now receives a big dose of high-end audiophile sound to boot. More information on the TWS800’s newly designed drivers and electronics can be found in the enclosed press release below. Enjoy! HIFIMAN Debuts TWS800 True Wireless® Earbud, With Onboard Amplifier and Audiophile-grade Drivers New Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud Features High-end Output, Rugged [...]

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