Simple, quick, safe and effective – the best vinyl record cleaning kit by Chisto

Befitting treatment of one’s record collection has become a heated subject of debate in recent months. In this article Chisto presents its vision of what such treatment should be.

Whether you’ve already attained a record collection or it’s your ambition to do so, the topic of LP cleaning using a vinyl record care kit is of interest to any audiophile.

Enter the debate: the problem of cleaning vinyl records

The renaissance of vinyl in the world of audio (as well as the re-ignition of the age-old dispute between devotees of digital and analogue sound) has encouraged many casual music consumers to acquire a record collection of their own and enter the close-knit community of audiophiles. We at Chisto, being proud members of said community, would like to welcome the newcomers and give a short guide on the topic of treating your newly obtained audio library with respect. Now that we’ve exchanged pleasantries and got acquainted with one another, it’s time to move on to the purpose of the article you’re reading right now.

While it’s easy to fall out of reality after surrounding yourself with legendary landmarks of music culture shaped into black discs, it is vital to remember that taking measures for vinyl record treatment is an undisputable necessity. Old records, unlike digital audio, are physical objects which are affected by their surroundings;

consider the fact that we’re dealing with technology of audio recording that dates back to the 19th century, and you’ll understand why searching for the best way to clean records is such a hot topic these days.

Naturally, audiophiles from numerous backgrounds have contrasting opinions of what the best vinyl record treatment method is, but all of us share an obsession to make our favorite LPs sound the best they possibly can. That obsession drove us in our pursuit to create what we believe to be the most effective vinyl record cleaning kit to date – our line of Easy Groove products, developed specifically to ensure that the artist’s original vision of the record remains untarnished.

So what is the best way to clean vinyl records?

The main problem of cleaning vinyl records is the presence of grooves on the surface of the record; the dirtier they get, the poorer the quality of the tone produced by the turntable. Removing said dirt from the grooves, however, is far harder than you might think. Some methods you’ll find will only push the grease further into the grooves to a point of no return, other will take care of it, but leave stains or, God forbid, actually damage the record in one way or another. Banishing nasty substances from vinyl “trenches” is not the only headache to deal with: there’s also the problem of preserving the disk, as well as other pressing matters like the need to eliminate static and preventing horrible smell (when stockpiled in large numbers and without a proper storage place and appropriate precautionary measures, the disks will exude quite an unpleasant stench, which could potentially be harmful to your and your family’s health). Audio enthusiasts have worked around these issues by developing special vinyl record cleaners, but they typically range from quite costly to ridiculously expensive and require maintenance of their own. You’ll find certain individuals who are content with simple brushing of their collection, but, as we’ve already established, it’s mostly ineffective and can make the problem worse. This is where Chisto comes into the picture, as our know-how of the subject combined with the consistent monitoring of the developments in the chemical industry produced a vinyl record cleaning kit that bypasses all of the problems mentioned above.

Of course, the “best way to clean records” is a concept that can be completely different with every opinion you encounter; Chisto believes in four qualities that such a method should possess:

  • simplicity
  • quickness
  • absolute safety
  • guaranteed effectiveness

Therefore, we made sure that all of our products included in the vinyl record care kit are as easy to use as possible, while still maintaining quality control. Every item in the Easy Groove record cleaning kit has been extensively tested to guarantee maximum safety and effectiveness; as a matter of fact, certain tests continue to be conducted to this day in order to improve the speed and efficiency of every single component of the kit. Chisto’s philosophy is that of constant betterment, which is the reason our vinyl record care products are among the leading items on the market in this category.

How do I use the vinyl record cleaning kit correctly?

Of course, if you are new to the world of vinyl, you might have all kinds of question that can’t be answered in the span of a short internet article, such as:

  • How often should I clean my records?
  • Can I use the same vinyl cleaning fluid on different records?
  • Should I clean brand new vinyl records?
  • Is cleaning old records any different from cleaning newer ones?
  • Is anti-static record treatment necessary?

…and so on and so forth, you get the idea. If you’re asking those questions, then congratulations, you’re on the right path and you won’t need anyone’s advice pretty soon. For now though, to answer all of those questions and more, we have written a complete guide on how to clean vinyl records, so that even a newcomer to the audiophile community can treat his vinyl collection with the affection and respect it deserves. You may have your doubts, but don’t worry: the guide was written by an experienced audiophile himself, so everything you’ll see in the article comes from countless hours spent cleaning vinyl records of all kinds, types, shapes and sizes and trying out dozens of vinyl record care products in the process. That being said, all of us are only human and such a complicated problem always gets a few new layers with each new person diving into this subject; on the plus side, there are always fresh opinions on what the best approach is. Thus, any feedback or criticism is certainly appreciated, as our aim is to constantly upgrade the performance and efficacy of our chemicals to their maximum, so all of your cleaning needs are satisfied instantly.

With all that said, we hope this article accomplished its task of conveying our vision of how to clean vinyl records and our approach to creating the best LP record cleaning supplies possible. Our mission is to help audiophiles all over the world enjoy their record collection to its fullest potential, which is why consider our vinyl record cleaning kit to be the most helpful item for any analogue enthusiast. Take care, and may the soothing tone of vinyl comfort your ears!