Prolong your records’ life – use Chisto’s Easy Groove line for help with old record preservation

Old record preservation requires specialized products that use a safe chemical formula, but are also effective at removing dirt from the record and keeping it clean. Use Easy Groove cleaning solutions to make old record preservation consume less time and effort, and enjoy sounds of the past instead.

Old record preservation: treat your old friends right

What was the best period for music? The 1980s? The 70s? Or, perhaps, the 60s or even the 50s? Regardless of the era, these time periods have given us an exceptional number of classic records of all genres – from jazz and blues to rock & roll and disco. And if you have some of these timeless older LPs in your possession – congratulations, you are practically sitting on a musical gold mine.

That being said, there’s a problem that comes with owning older records from the 80s, 70s and so on. Since vinyl records are a product of a bygone era (yes, they are still in active production, but the world has first moved on to CDs and then made the jump to digital audio in the modern era), they don’t last forever. In fact, without proper care the speed of their deterioration can be very concerning, literally to a point where a record can become completely unplayable. This is why we feel that audiophiles need to pay more attention to old record preservation in order for the musical (and technological) heritage of the previous generations to be remembered.

So how does one tackle the task of old record preservation? First of all, we have to consider the fact that vinyl records are really sensitive to any form of outside influence. Every little detail of the conditions in which your records are kept matters – humidity, temperature etc. All together these conditions determine how your record will sound when played. From that, we can make a reasonable conclusion that the better these conditions are, the better your record will sound and the slower the rate of its deterioration will be.

Let’s say the conditions are about as close to perfect as possible. Now we arrive at the next problem: vinyl records, just like any other thing in your household, have a tendency to accumulate dust. If you’re a responsible audiophile, you probably use some kind of duster to brush the dust off the items in your collection every once in a while. What you might not realize is that just by using a duster you’re actually doing your records a disservice. See, all that duster is supposed to do is push dust, but you can’t really notice where a lot of it goes. So what ends up happening is that most of the dust is indeed brushed off, but a significant amount of it gets pushed further and further into the microgrooves, where removing it with a simple duster is impossible. What happens then? The amount of dust in the depths of your record slowly increases and begins to harden. During play the needle of your turntable will start to struggle working through the microgrooves, thus negatively impacting the quality of produced audio. Also, this will mean that the needle will need more force to push through the grooves, and as we’ve established previously, excessive physical force does no good to a vinyl record.

Right, so what else do we need to do if we don’t want our old LPs to suffer? Well, you need an effective cleaning solution. Here is where you have to be careful: there are all kinds of cleaning products for vinyl records available for purchase, and certainly not all of them will help with old record preservation; you could even end up making the situation worse (simply because the cleaning solution that you’ve bought doesn’t work well with really old LPs). In order to prevent unnecessary trial & error, we at Chisto have developed the Easy Groove line of “Audio Cosmetics” for old record preservation – simply put, a set of cleaning liquids that will keep your old records clean and in mint condition.

How does Easy Groove help with old record preservation?

Chisto’s motto is “Guarding Heritage”: from day one our goal was to create a product that could be applied for both old and new records. It certainly took a lot of time and hard work (as well as some extremely useful tips from professional chemists), but hours of testing have proven that our cleaning liquids are key to making the process of old record preservation easy.

Exactly what do Easy Groove products do? The answer is relatively simple: our formula completely cleans out any vinyl record. That means both the surface and the microgrooves will be free from any foreign substances, ensuring the best sound possible. However, that’s not enough: we’ve also made sure that the all of the liquid sprayed onto the surface dissolves safely, not leaving behind any chemical traces or surfactants that can attract even more dust (and thus rendering cleaning pointless). These qualities ensure that your records will not require any further cleaning for a long while.

To make Easy Groove even more useful, we have worked to add antibacterial and antistatic properties to its formula in order to prevent any health hazards and guarantee that static won’t ruin your listening experience, respectively. With these features, we truly believe that Easy Groove is truly your number one choice for making old record preservation as easy as possible, so that your old LPs will bring you endless joy.