Munich High End 2012.3 the rest

The stuff that got away

Frank Schroder getting intimate with GIP Labs
Avantgarde XA Pre

Denon Cocoon

Tannoy DC10A with alnico

The Petay Pan of the industry, AJ van den Hul

Vertex AQ Aletheia

Tube Technology Synergy Carbon PPS - the Herniator

Tron Discovery 300B

Schick Liebenlhul inc lighting

SWSpeakers Figaro ready for take off

SWSpeakers & MSB system, nice backdrop

Hegel and Zappa 'artwork'

Hegel H300 integrated

Marantz Consolette - nice arse

Avantgarde XA Power

Pathos Aurium & Converto headphone integrated & DAC

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