LSA T-3 Turntable | REVIEW

  Maybe you’ve started to notice a certain theme in many of my reviews, so it won’t surprise you to hear that the LSA T-3 turntable (website) and I also go way back. We’re talking close to a decade ago, when I first started out as an importer and distributor and I was on the other side for the first time—not as an audiophile attendee or a member of the press, but as someone trying to sell a product. I’d always see the Margules family—as in Margules Audio Group, a manufacturer of tube amplifiers based in Mexico City—at CES in Vegas every January. Colleen had known them personally for years and, oh, they’re such a nice family, you need to meet them, the father has been working on a turntable and they’d like you to take a look at the design. I met Julian Margules, patriarch and chief designer for Margules Audio Group, and he started showing me computer renderings of a turntable he wanted to make. The designs were visually stunning, with thin curvy plinths flowing and undulating in seemingly impossible ways. I was told that these were the result of a student competition at a nearby design school—the [...]

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