Looking for best vinyl care products to help your LPs stay in great condition? Chisto provides the best solutions with Easy Groove

Use Easy Groove vinyl care products to keep your LP collection in top shape and save time by cleaning records quickly and efficiently. Chisto’s Easy Groove line is made up of vinyl care products of top-tier quality, tested and approved by specialists in the chemical industry, as well as audiophiles all over the world.

Vinyl care products: necessities for taking care of LPs

If you’re an audiophile just like us here at Chisto, you surely must know the pain of taking care of our precious vinyl record archive. Given how many of us have collections that have hundreds (if not thousands) of records, coming up with a convenient cleaning method for them is basically an unavoidable problem.

So what should you do? If you’re a bit stingy with your money (understandable, as being an audiophile is generally an expensive hobby), then you might be inclined to try and use whatever cleaning supplies you have in your household for cleaning vinyl LPs. Here’s the thing: you really shouldn’t do that. Why? There’s a very good chance this will end up costing more money in the long run, as household cleaning products are typically designed for less sensitive surfaces than the intricate microgrooves of a vinyl disk, and thus include strong concentrated chemicals. That property makes them great for scrubbing floors and windows or washing dishes – but certainly not cleaning the delicate surfaces of vinyl LPs.

If you try to dig a bit deeper, you’ll see that there is a market for specialized vinyl care products to help many audiophiles like you. After that discovery, everyone faces the same issue: there are all kinds of items and accessories (brushes, cleaners, liquids and even ultrasonic machines) on offer and it is not immediately clear which products are actually useful. What you require is a safe, specialized cleaning solution for cleaning your vinyl LPs, but that definition doesn’t really help, as various cleaning products can be used for different situations. So how does one navigate the market and pinpoint only the best and most effective vinyl care products?

Well, first of all, what do we need our desired solution to be able to do? The answer is pretty obvious: we want it to be able to completely clean the vinyl record. That means being able to remove all of the dirt, dust and other foreign substances from the surface and especially the microgrooves of an LP. This is where we can come to the conclusion that we’re looking for a cleaning liquid: while brushes and expensive ultrasonic cleaners are certainly very useful, a simple spray should be able to handle the job and is much more time-efficient than a cleaning machine. Another important aspect is having a delicate chemical formula (so it doesn’t damage the delicate surface of a record) and ensuring safe dissolution (so that the liquid doesn’t leave residue).

However, there is more to vinyl record care than just cleaning. See, in order to keep vinyl records in top shape, we need to take look at various factors that help preserve LPs so that cleaning is rarely needed. The most notable factor is antibacterial treatment: microgrooves are a perfect habitat for various (and potentially harmful) bacteria to live and reproduce, and that can pose a threat to your (and your family’s) health.

One other crucial factor for many audiophiles is static. It is generated because of the friction that occurs between the microgrooves and the needle of your turntable, and it can interfere with signal transmission, causing it to come out distorted and consequently making the audio quality worse. Thus, antistatic treatment is vital to achieve the best sound possible, which is why many people turn to vinyl in the first place.

After discussing all of the factors that matter to us as audiophiles, the question remains: where do we find vinyl care products that can competently deal with all the aforementioned issues? Enter Chisto.

Chisto’s Easy Groove: state-of-the-art vinyl care products of the highest quality

What makes Chisto different from all of the other vinyl care products you’ll see on sale? It’s simple, really: we’ve asked ourselves the same questions we’ve discussed above, and designed our Easy Groove line according to our conclusions, thereby making it an all-encompassing set of solutions. After countless hours of rigorous testing performed by our team (as well as fellow audiophiles from all over the world) and consultations with professional chemists, we have succeeded in creating and perfecting a formula that now resides in Easy Groove’s bottles. Surface and microgrooves cleaning, antistatic and antibacterial treatment, and, most importantly, guaranteed safety – all of that doesn’t require separate solutions from different vendors, because Chisto offers all of that. In addition to our cleaning liquids, we have also included a special duster and polishing cloths, both of the highest quality. They can be used in conjunction with the liquids, but work just as well separately. We can also confirm that our vinyl care products can be applied for shellac record cleaning purposes: this way your rarities can be prevented from further deterioration and their sound can be restored.

We at Chisto believe in constant betterment, which is why we revise our formula regularly to make sure it’s perfected and up-to-date with current developments in the chemical industry. So if you want the best possible treatment for your precious LPs, look no further than Chisto’s Easy Groove solutions – a definitive answer for any problems related to vinyl record care.