Looking for a simple vinyl album cleaning solution that removes the complications of cleaning your LPs? You’ve struck gold with Chisto’s LP record spray – Spray&Wipe.

People don’t trust “easy and quick” solutions – most of us are used to everything requiring excessive effort. We’re here to prove that cleaning LPs needs only a tiny bit of time and effort. So can something as simple in concept as an LP cleaning spray really replace any other solution that is time-consuming and objectively inconvenient to use? Let’s find out.

Don’t waste your time: spend it listening to your LPs instead of cleaning them

Being an owner of a record collection is tough: mountains and stacks of LPs take up so much space, and people generally look at you as an old-fashioned weirdo who doesn’t accept the benefits of modern technology. Well, too bad for them: they have no idea what they’re missing out on. Perhaps it’s a generational thing, but the feeling holding a record in your hand, studying it and looking through every nook and cranny, learning every little curve and groove of a vinyl disk is something that seems to be lost in the modern world. Ah well, that’s what record collectors and audiophiles are for, right?

Anyway, one of the biggest inconveniences that comes with owning a record collection is its maintenance and preservation. The bigger the volume of your archive, the more space it’s going to take (and not just any space, but a room with specific conditions to keep your records healthy), and, of course, cleaning is just awful. You can’t listen to all of your LPs at once, but that certainly doesn’t stop them from simultaneously gathering dust, dirt, grease and other nasties. Of course, they won’t clean themselves, so eventually you’ll just have to clench your teeth and start the process. So yeah, cleaning is just boring and tedious. But does it really need to be that way?

No, we’re certainly not suggesting that you abandon cleaning entirely. That sort of removes the joy of listening to vinyl records entirely, as accumulated dirt will “muddy up” the sound of your LPs, making the experience unbearable. Therefore, cleaning is a necessity; however, you’re making it harder by nor looking for an easy solution.

We know what you’re thinking: “There is no simple vinyl album cleaning solution, because such things don’t exist!” Your doubt is commendable, because it is important to be wary of things that advertise themselves as easier-in-application and more effective than other similar products in a particular market (in other words, being a smart consumer). That’s exactly why it’s on us, the vendors, to prove the efficacy of our product and convince you to trust us.

So what can Chisto offer to make quick LP cleaning a reality?

Having said all that, we’d like to introduce you to Spray&Wipe – an LP cleaning spray that takes the annoyance out of cleaning. It’s all literally spelled out in the name: spray it on, wipe it with a cloth – viola, you’ve got a clean record. No wasted motions or time, it is really as simple as that.

For years, we at Chisto worked hard to develop a universal solution for quick LP cleaning, and after studying the new discoveries in the ever-developing chemical industry, we’ve finally figured out a formula that works wonders. Our goal was to make quick LP cleaning possible so that you have more time to actually listen to and enjoy the record. And thus, after years of developing, nurturing and perfecting our formula, Spray&Wipe was born. How does it work?

Spray&Wipe comes in package with a premium-quality cloth (unlimited use, just wash it and it’s as good as new) and a record duster. This little kit is all you need for quick LP cleaning, and it’s a simple vinyl album cleaning solution that works. The formula used in the LP cleaning spray is safe and contains no harmful ingredients or concentrated chemicals that could leave stains on your record. This also means that it can be used on records of any age, both old and new. Unlike other similar LP record sprays that only clean the surface, our products has proven to be very reliable in deep cleaning, so the grooves of a record will be free of any substances that will hinder its performance.

That’s great, but still no enough. We didn’t just want to make quick LP cleaning a reality, we also aimed to make it as rare as possible. So an LP record spray didn’t only need to excel in deep cleaning, but also in doing certain things to preserve the record. For that reason, our formula also contains other components that help it stand out among our competitors. For one, it eliminates static, which is a huge issue for a lot of audiophiles (because static charges diminish the quality of audio; it is also antibacterial, because vinyl likes to attract harmful bacteria that are the cause of many illnesses. All of these qualities make our vinyl record cleaning spray a unique item on the market; sadly, many companies that sell record cleaning products don’t work on their formula, which is why you’ve been led to believe that quick LP cleaning is impossible and a simple vinyl album cleaning solution doesn’t exist. Well, guess what: we just proved it does.

So if you don’t want to spend hours trying to get the dirt out of the grooves, or it you are sick of removing stains left by the previous product you’ve used, try Spray&Wipe – and we guarantee that this LP cleaning spray will save you so much time that you can spend listening to your record collection.