KLIAV 2009 Count Down. 1 Day To Go!

The KLIAV 2009 Show is going to start tomorrow. The event is not only for us audiophiles to gawk or listen at the latest and greatest gears only. We mostly take the oppurtunity to meet up old friends and perhaps gain new ones too, by working the audiophile social network.

Some of us would also take the oppurtunity to grab some of the hifi bargains on offer during the show, especially the last day!

And lastly, most of us will not go home empty handed from a hifi show, there's always an LP or CD at least, to tempt our hard earned $$$ somehow.

But most importantly, is remember to have fun!

Here's hoping for a productive KLIAV show to all participating dealers and friends, and a for us visitors, to have a great time.

Be there or be square!

Original Resource is desirable audio boutique 欲望:音响 http://desirableaudio.blogspot.com/2009/07/kliav-2009-count-down-1-day-to-go.html