In Defence Of Music

  Linn are purveyors of fine musical systems for your homestead, they also have a rather wonderful blog; in particular recent post ‘In Defence Of Music’ touches on a few of the themes covered here:

“Think about this, for starters: in less than 15 years, the internet has transformed recorded music from an prized possession into something presumed by a disconcerting number of web denizens to have literally no value.

Or think about the fact that not long ago, even relatively casual music fans listened to their favorite music with the care and attention one gives to something of consequence. Today, songs flood through people’s digital existences at a tempo that debilitates a sense of custody or care.

Or maybe just think about this: when you had to take yourself in the three-dimensional world to a physical retail store, flip through material items to find something of your liking, and pay actual hard currency to take possession of your music item, and when that music item might be one of only two or three you might take possession of in, maybe, a month or two, well then you damn well made sure you sat and listened hard to the thing, and plenty more than once or twice.”

Read the full article here.

Original Resource is How Do You Listen To Music?