If you struggle with vinyl record preservation, use Easy Groove – a line of special solutions to suit all audiophiles’ needs.

As music lovers, we buy vinyl records to lose ourselves the soundscapes only they can offer. Having to deal with cleaning LPs is also part of the experience, so might as well make it easy. We believe that acquiring our set of products for record cleaning is money well spent due its universal role in cleaning records of all types and ages and simplicity in use.

If you’re an audiophile, then you also need to be a smart consumer.

Music is a universal language: whatever country you’re from, whatever ethnicity you belong to – music speaks to us all individually; it resonates within our consciousness and subconscious, invoking feelings and igniting new ideas. Some audiophiles believe that while music is universal, the sound that conveys it can alter our sonic perception. Of course, we are talking about the eternal “analogue vs digital” debate: many analogue devotees are adamant in their belief that in its transition to digital data, music loses some of its warmth, richness in tone and a big amount of audio detail, instead favoring the convenience and mobility of music being represented by an audio file. Both sides present valid arguments, but we’re here to talk about one factor specifically: maintenance and preservation.

While CDs won’t last an eternity and audio files can be lost and corrupted, they are far easier to preserve compared to records made of PVC. The method of pressing records is more than a century old, and vinyl as the main material for 78rpm disks was introduced in the 1930s – we think you get the idea of where most flaws of old records come from. Of course, we live in an age where methods of preserving old technology are far superior to what we had decades ago, and vinyl record preservation is no exception.

Vinyl record preservation is difficult for several reasons. Material used in pressing is a major influence on how long will a given record last. Its quality may vary from passable to absolutely horrible, so even with the best methods of preservation some items in your collection will deteriorate faster than others; the little imperfections created in the process of pressing also matter. Then one has to consider their place of storage, because changes in levels of humidity and temperature will affect the records’ condition; all LPs are likely to accumulate dust and grease in a relatively short amount of time, so that’s another headache to deal with. And even then, some people don’t even start to think about things like static, different microorganisms that live in the depths of a record, the state of their turntable and its stylus etc.

Basically, it’s really hard to account for every single factor that causes changes in how the record sounds, so finding the right solution for vinyl record preservation that will magically make records live forever is impossible. But we don’t need to do that: as it stands, even doing the most basic measures of vinyl record preservation is enough to squeeze the best possible audio out of an LP and increase its lifespan.

Obviously, cleaning plays a huge role in preserving LPs. Think about it: cleaning has to do with abolishing dirty substances from the record; vinyl record preservation is essentially making sure dirty substances won’t find their way back quickly. Let’s see if we can kill two birds with one stone: our desired solution needs to excel in polishing the surface and clearing out the depths, be safe and biodegradable and have a chemical composition that will expel any possibility of leaving residue in the depths of an LP, rendering our cleaning pointless; to satisfy our preservation requirements, it also has to be antibacterial and be capable of dissipating static – that is about as much as we can possibly do to prolong the lifespan of our collection.

In order to concoct such a magical potion, we at Chisto analyzed popular record cleaning products and various “do-it-yourself” methods. After identifying common problems with their efficacy, we have turned to the chemical industry to look for our answer. Our concerns were correct: most vendors don’t update the chemical composition of their solutions, despite them becoming complacent in the wake of new developments and discoveries. Using that information and new chemical formulas, we have created a brand new vinyl record cleaning kit comprised of several specialized liquids mixed using innovative formulas and a “fur coat” duster to be used along with them, thus completing the list of items needed for vinyl record preservation.

Research and testing showed significant improvements: the audio came out far clearer and richer (thanks to the removed grease and dissipated static), and the collection itself remained healthy and clean for far longer than with any other solution (even the awful smell produced by vinyl disks stacked in large quantities in a mostly enclosed space was gone).

Therefore, we believe that our assembled cleaning set is incomparable to anything else available on the market when it comes to the price-quality ratio, as the effectiveness of included record cleaning liquids is equal to cleaning machines, some of which go for ridiculous prices (up to 700$). As audiophiles, we treat value for money extremely seriously, as acquiring and maintaining a large archive of LPs (and adding on to it every now and then) is very costly, and thus being smart with your investments is an essential skill for a vinyl enthusiast.

This article is not a call for audiophiles to be “greedy” or, God forbid, disregard taking care of their audio library in order to save some money; we want you to optimize your investments and buy products that are guaranteed to have gone through extensive quality control; great reviews from trusted experts and casual collectors alike will also help build trust towards a brand. While it’s important to be mobile with your options, the world of vinyl is full of useless “snake oil”, which is why we want you to trust Chisto’s vision and try out our record cleaning solution. This has to do not only with vinyl record preservation, but preserving your bank account as well. Our experience in this area and our obsessive nature, characteristic for audiophiles, is what pushed us towards this endeavor and fruit of our labor have gotten positive reviews from all over the world.

So, if you’re sick of “snake oil” being marketed to you at every turn or not ready to throw away several hundred bucks for a cleaning machine, try Chisto – and we guarantee you’ll never have to look elsewhere for effective and simple-in-application products for vinyl record preservation.