How Music Works

David Byrne’s new book ‘How Music Works’ is a fine read for anyone remotely interested in music; there are some nice passages that resonated with me and this project.

On the subject of those beastly things, MP3s:

MP3s? They may be the most convenient medium so far, but I can’t help thinking that the psychoacoustic trickery used to develop them the ability to cause the mind to think and feel that all the musical information is there when in reality a huge percentage has been removed is a continuation of this trend in which we are seduced by convenience. It’s music in pill form, it delivers vitamins, it does the job, but something is missing. We are often offered and gladly accept, convenient mediums that are “good enough”, rather that the ones that are actually better”
Grab the book here.

Original Resource is How Do You Listen To Music?