Having trouble cleaning dirt out of the grooves of your favorite LPs? Use Chisto’s Easy Groove Superset to aid you in vinyl record cleaning.

Even savvy audiophiles sometimes buy cleaning products that don’t fit their description and price. Our Easy Groove line was tested and reviewed numerous times to eliminate that possibility. Learn to be a smarter customer by investing in a cleaning kit that excels in all areas of vinyl record cleaning rather than buying separate solution for each one.

The Guide on How Not to Waste Money on Vinyl Record Cleaning

As music lovers, we want to get the most out of a record whenever we place the needle on the grooves. The sensation of music gives us joy, taking us away from our troubled reality and helping us escape to another dimension, where we surf sonic waves and bathe in the sea of sound. Complicated metaphors aside, audiophiles and casual listeners alike hate when something disturbs the sonic atmosphere or spoils the joy of music. More often than not, these misfortunes happen to those who don’t treat their records with respect and affection necessary. To many audiophiles, an LP isn’t an acronym, it is almost a living, breathing personification of musical perfection that hasn’t been reproduced to this day. They should be treated as ancient treasures, technology of days past that still serves us in the present.

The point of ramblings above is to convey that records tend to give back the treatment they receive: the better you take care of them, the richer they sound. This isn’t just some magic rule that we made up – this is almost literally ingrained in how the vinyl records work. There are hundreds of miniscule factors that influence the sound you hear produced by the collision of a vinyl disk and the needle of a turntable, so achieving audio heaven is almost certainly impossible, but we still can influence these factors to get the analogue sound as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Interestingly, vinyl record cleaning is where most of these factors we can influence lie. Yes, it’s as simple as that. At the same time, something so seemingly simple is an area in which a lot of even experienced audiophiles are, pardon us, complete newbies. The market for vinyl record cleaning is filled with snake oil solutions of all shapes and sizes; in this kind of environment actually helpful tools tend to get buried under offers of cheaper but significantly less effective products.

Why are they less effective? Well, the main problem of vinyl record cleaning is clearing out the grooves, as they have a nasty habit of accumulating large amounts of dust, dirt, grease and all kinds of nasty stuff (if things are especially bad, records can get moldy, and at that stage you might as well throw the record out). Most common methods you’ll find are pretty useless, since all of them deal with surface cleaning pretty well, but appear to be invalid when it comes to deep cleaning. The less common ways of ultrasonic cleaning are certainly more effective, but lack in time efficiency.

The ultimate vinyl record cleaning kit

After a long and arduous journey of experiments and tests we have compiled a special Easy Groove Superset of safe LP cleaning solutions that will solve every problem you’ll encounter in vinyl record cleaning, including the aforementioned “groovy” troubles. The unique formula used in our liquids is specifically targeted towards removing substances from the depths of the record. Unlike some other solutions on the market (or concocted using DIY recipes), our product doesn’t contaminate or smear the record in any way, making it safe for use on any type of LP you have (from old to completely new).

Among the other items in our set are liquids with anti-static and disinfecting properties. We are aware of the fact that cleaning is only a part of the problem – the other part is preserving the record and making it sound good. Static elimination decreases interference from static electricity, which prevents the distortion of the signal, while disinfection is necessary in order for your audio library to smell good and never be a habitat for harmful bacteria.

As you can see, our cleaning kit was devised to aid audiophiles in all issues that are vinyl record cleaning related, as well as to include all the much-needed features in our solutions so that you don’t have to waste extra money on solutions from different vendors, since you can get them all in one place. Being fellow audiophiles and music lovers, we value convenience and efficacy to spend as little time on vinyl record cleaning as possible, in order to immerse ourselves in the wonderful fairytale of music that is so vividly told by a simple black disk being touched by the needle of a turntable.