Having problems with static on your vinyl records? Chisto’s Easy Groove vinyl record cleaning solution is specifically designed to act as a static killer.

Static electricity is a problem that most casual listeners probably don’t even know about, while audio aficionados hate it with a passion. Why is it so important and how does one get rid of it? Let’s discuss the importance and necessity of owning an LP cleaning fluid that has static-eliminating properties to make your collection sound the best it can.

The Invisible Enemy: how static affects records

Vinyl records are a delicate bunch: while many audiophiles agree that no modern technology of recording audio has come close to their signature “warm” sonic atmosphere, it’s pretty trick to get it to sound exactly right. A casual listener might not be considering it at all, but there are dozens and dozens of factors that can influence the way something sounds, and that is especially apparent when a vinyl record is being played. Audio enthusiasts are fighting a never-ending battle against laws of physics in an attempt to get the most out of seemingly obsolete technology, which really says something about their devotion. (Or stubbornness.) So, if you are a newcomer to the world of audiophiles, be warned: the constant struggle for audio perfection isn’t an easy thing to get out of your system.

But let’s go back to vinyl. If it’s as good as everyone says it is, why then must we put in so much effort to get the best sound? Well, again, we’re dealing with “breakthroughs” of the 60s, so mechanically speaking, vinyl is very peculiar and can easily produce awful audio, if appropriate measures aren’t taken. Now, common sense can certainly point out what those measures might be: thorough and regular cleaning, a good place for storage with appropriate temperature and humidity conditions – as you can see, not exactly rocket science. On the surface, anyway…

Let me ask you a question: what do you know about static? You may or may not answer this question (depending on how well you studied Physics at school), but that’s not the point. Whenever electricity is involved, audio quality suffers, as static interferes with the signal and causes distortions. Unlike dust on the surface of a vinyl disk, it is not visible, and to many casual listeners, the problem never arises. So you might end up in a situation where you record is clean, was kept in perfect condition, your turntable is adjusted and ready to go and yet the sound is still not quite there. That is why it is imperative for a vinyl record cleaning solution to also be an effective static killer for reaching sonic heights of the analogue sound.

Now, you might have seen special brushes that, according to their description on the Internet, have anti-static qualities. Is that true? Well, yes, to a degree: some of them will actually prevent the initial build-up of static… and that’s about it. Friction occurs the entire duration of time the record is being played, so if you want to hear every little sonic detail, you’ll have it to brush it while the music is playing, which hardly adds to the experience.

What makes Chisto’s record cleaning products special?

The reason we advise you to acquire our vinyl record cleaning solution is due to its lasting effect. In order to prevent constant static interference we use a special chemical formula, which dissipates static instantly. This allows the sound to come out richer in all its analogue glory, which is the result we were aiming for originally. As you can see, all aspects of cleaning LPs and preservation matter in how your record will sound, and while a static killer might be the last item on your buying list of record cleaning products, its application is necessary for the best listening experience possible.

We’d also like to direct your attention towards other record cleaning liquids by Chisto, as together (including the aforementioned static killer) they make up the Easy Groove Superset, which will save you countless hours of time and make cleaning your collection that much easier. Our chemical agents are safe for your records and don’t leave any stains or residue; plus, the formula used in our record cleaning liquids is also antibacterial, due to the fact that vinyl grooves make a perfect home for harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses. We have also included special polishing cloths and a premium-quality duster to be used in combination with record cleaning liquids for maximum efficiency. Thus, the Easy Groove Superset has everything you need for most effective cleaning possible.