Enhance the digital sound via disk static elimination: Chisto presents Disk Analoguer – a product aimed at amplifying your listening experience up to 11

Many worship the convenience of digital audio and even in the age of streaming services, most households still own a collection of CDs and DVDs. But how does one make sure their performance is always up to par?

The More You Know: how digital media distorts what you perceive

If you are even slightly familiar with the audio industry, you have probably heard about the eternal “holy war” between the vinyl “crusaders” and the digital “heathens” (depending on your perspective, the roles may be reversed). While there’s little doubt as to what audio format is more modern and represents the direction of the industry’s movement, the dispute about whether or not the quality of one format is actually superior to the other still rages on, and the funny thing is, there’s still no definitive answer.

Regardless of your view on the matter, it’s highly unlikely that you don’t own a CD or two (as well as DVDs and Blu-rays). And of course, once in a while you decide to watch your favorite movie or enjoy a great album… but something isn’t quite there. Admittedly, we suppose that most won’t notice some inconsistencies in the quality of the picture or, indeed, the sound; it takes many hours of consuming video and audio through different gear to really start paying attention to a dimmed color palette, or a somewhat muffled and occasionally distorted sound of a disk and other seemingly miniscule details; however, when combined, these little technicalities can drastically impact your listening/viewing experience.

Where do these problems come from? Well, this has to do with the complications of conversion from digital data to an analogue signal, the build-up of electrostatic fields as a result of generated heat from the disk’s spinning and other complicated electromagnetic processes which, to be honest, could be a subject of an article in a scientific magazine. The important thing is that the end result of these complications is an impaired and distorted signal, which consequently can lead to weird sonic anomalies (for instance, improper timing of notes, which can absolutely ruin your most beloved tunes where you know every single pitch by heart).

So is there a solution for such a difficult conundrum?

All aforementioned things can certainly seem very troublesome, as it’s not an easy thing to fix (especially when the subject matter is rooted in electromagnetism). Nonetheless, we at Chisto like a good challenge, so we have decided to carry a burden of attempting to figure out a solution to this problem. What we came up with is a special chemical that is capable of disk static elimination, thus erasing the issue of the electromagnetic fields and allowing the signal to come out less altered and distorted, transforming it into something that sounds more “analogue”, hence the name Disk Analoguer. Numerous tests were conducted to ensure the new sound wasn’t just some form of placebo effect; CDs treated with the Analoguer played without any digital artifacts and showed a significant improvement in tone.

The somewhat unexpected side-effect of the Analoguer is its multi-purpose role: as it turns out, CDs aren’t the only thing that could use static elimination for better performance. A similar problem that we described above also happens whenever you play DVD disks and blu-rays (especially the latter, considering its data density); the effects the aforementioned issue can have on a DVD include all kinds of digital artifacts, blurred and faded colors etc. The good news is that our Analoguer provides a fix in similar fashion (acting as an DVD and blu-ray enhancer using the same method of disk static elimination), resulting in a richer color and a better sound (once again, that is attributed to the fact that the signal is able come through far clearer).

The reality of the situation is that the problem isn’t magically gone; audio electronics of this kind are extremely sensitive and deriving a formula that would remove static and not influence the disk in any bad way was quite difficult, considering the fact that even the smallest mistake could potentially deal irreparable damage to a CD. We will still continue to look for even more effective chemical ingredients for our CD and DVD static killers to make the disk static elimination effect even more powerful and capable of enabling your disk collection to deliver the best performance imaginable and unleashing its full potential. For now though, if you’re looking for better CD sound or better DVD quality, you’re in luck, because our line of Analoguers is the best in the area of disk static elimination, which means a guarantee of your CD library sounding the best it conceivably can.