Does your vinyl record collection smell bad? Don’t risk your health – use Chisto’s vinyl record cleaning kit to eradicate harmful bacteria and prevent horrible smell.

Foul odor emanating from your vinyl vault isn’t just unpleasant – it is unhealthy for you and your family, which is why dealing with it should be one of your top priorities. In this article we shall dive into the “ugly” side of cleaning vinyl records – and you’ll see that eliminating any potential threat to your health is easy with our vinyl record cleaning kit.

Love hurts: your beloved records can be dangerous for your health

Any vinyl enthusiast knows his collection by heart. An extensive tour of someone’s collection may take hours (if not days or weeks), as each record is priceless and unique: the circumstances surrounding its purchase, first time it’s been played, different memories connected to that particular record – audiophiles tend to obsess over details, and this sentimental connection to a black disk is essential. To a true audiophile, it’s not just a disk, not even a piece of music – it’s a little part of the owner’s personality, his thoughts and memories forever intertwined in a glorious marriage of sound.

But enough dreamy remarks, let’s get down to business. If you are somewhat educated in the field of vinyl records, you know that every little detail matters in what sound you get when you play a record. Some of these details are beyond our control (quality of the vinyl used, little imperfections during pressing etc.), but we care only about factors that we, as owners of a collection, can directly influence. One of the most important factors is place of storage. No matter how often you perform your cleaning procedures, your collection will always sound bad if it’s stored improperly. Vinyl disks, just like any physical object, are affected greatly by their surroundings; their lifespan will be significantly shorter if the temperature and humidity of the room they’re stored in is not adjusted.

Let’s say you’ve got the perfect place with ideal conditions. Not too humid, not too dry; it’s not freezing, but not hot either – everything is just right. So one day, you walk in and smell something foul. If the conditions are perfect, what causes the smell?

Records are made of PVC – polyvinyl chloride, with the addition of carbon black to add the signature color to the record. It’s fair to point out that the technology of pressing vinyl records dates back to 1940s, so things like standards for safety of the consumer weren’t really at play. Now, PVC itself, while certainly not the healthiest material, isn’t the incarnation of the devil some make it out to be (it causes cancer about as much as everything around you causes cancer), so no, you won’t die a painful death, surrounded by your beloved black disks. However, large amounts of vinyl stacked together can certainly emit an odor, which, as you can imagine, isn’t good for your lungs. Another potential health scare is, paradoxically, the ideal environment you created for your collection. See, vinyl records will definitely enjoy being kept in a great environment, but sadly, the same can be said for a variety of microorganisms. Add the emanating smell and you’ve got yourself a dangerous habitat of bacteria.

The formula for healthy listening

So, how do you keep your vinyl collection and at the same time not harm your well-being? Enter Chisto’s Easy Groove vinyl record cleaning kit. We know the feeling of keeping thousands of records in a relatively small space – and yes, we know how it smells, too. That’s precisely the reason we searched for a chemical formula that would kill harmful bacteria and eliminate horrible smell (and not be cancerous). Thankfully, hundreds of conducted tests showed that our specialized liquids included in the vinyl record cleaning kit are safe for everyone and don’t harm any types of records (even the really old shellac copies).

If you thought about using your typical household products for antibacterial and odor-eliminating purposes, we would strongly suggest you reconsider. Household cleaning supplies are designed for different tasks and usually contain concentrated chemicals that could easily ruin the delicate surface of a vinyl record. Our record cleaning kit, however, was explicitly designed to have as many useful features as possible, so you won’t have to buy different solutions for each cleaning task you need done.

These tasks include: simple surface cleaning, deep cleaning in the grooves, static elimination and the aforementioned disinfection. For every one of these and more we have a solution with a specific formula to be used in conjunction with each other, thus boosting effectiveness to the maximum. A special duster and polishing cloths are included in the vinyl record cleaning kit, this way you’ll get pretty much everything you’ll ever need to clean your collection and keep it in great shape.

So, what you have to remember is this: if you need an all-in-one record cleaning kit with a selection of top-tier vinyl record care products that take care of all your troubles and issues related to cleaning LPs, Chisto is the place for you.