CD, DVD Enhancing


Neu Version 2.0! noch effektiver Perfekt zusammen mit Disk Analoguer benutzt Nur für die Labelseite!

Black Analoguer II wurde noch kraftvoller gemacht um statische Aufladungen effektiv zu vermindern. 10 mal so stark wie die erste Version oder 30-40 mal stärker als renommierte Mitbewerber. BlackAnaloguer II (version 2.0) is made it more powerful to be a static killer. How powerful? 10 times oldversion, and 30-40 times compared to control competitiveproduct . Look at the performance on polycarbonate surfaces (charge dissipation time - less is better) results chart we received from our lab. Actually BA II dissipation time was from to 0.1 sec to unmeasurably close to zero.


einige Auszüge aus vielen euphorischen Tests:

Disk Detox! ...I was surprised therefore when a quick spray with the Analoguer resuscitated a copy of Norah Jones' first album that I had thought was beyond redemption.... I found that on virtually all my CDs the spray made a difference. It seemed to enhance the detail in the soundstage,…