Chisto’s Easy Groove Superset is a great album cleaning kit designed specifically for audiophiles’ needs

Audiophiles are often confused over what to buy and use when it comes to LP cleaning. Chisto is here to fix that problem by introducing a universal kit for vinyl care. Invest in Chisto’s Superset – the ultimate album cleaning kit – and never have to buy solutions from shady vendors ever again.

Why audiophiles don’t like to talk about cleaning

What immediately springs to your mind when you think of vinyl records? Is it the signature vinyl scratch? Or, perhaps, the unmistakable smell? Or the soothing tones that you hear after placing the needle of the turntable on the surface of the vinyl disc? Regardless, one thing that surely doesn’t immediately pop into your mind is the arduous and boring task of cleaning records. Of course, for good reason: after all, you buy LPs to listen to them and enjoy the music, not to clean them. But, unfortunately, we have to discuss it.

The main reason this topic is relevant to us is that a lot of audiophiles don’t really know much about taking care of their collection. They can probably name the year and on what label that particular LP was released, the circumstances under which the record was acquired etc.; but try asking them the last time they thoroughly cleaned their archive – and a good portion probably won’t be able to answer. While that is understandable, vinyl records require proper maintenance and care, otherwise they’ll deteriorate with time and will no longer provide the audio heaven you yearn for.

Okay, that’s fine: we’ve established that cleaning is necessary. But how does one approach cleaning a vinyl LP properly? Can’t you just wash it using whatever household solutions you can find? Well, you certainly can, but you definitely shouldn’t. Vinyl records aren’t just plates made of PVC — they store data, and are sensitive to many outside factors because of that. They need special treatment, and you’ll do them no favours if you clean them by using chemicals that you typically apply for scrubbing floors, cleaning windows and washing dishes.

The problem arises when you need to actually seek out these special cleaning supplies. As it stands, the internet provides little to no information on what to do or which items to buy and is chock-full of all kinds of “snake oil” that either doesn’t work or, even worse, harms the record in some way. Because audiophiles are such a niche market, quality control is practically unachievable and the actual usefulness and effectiveness of any given product is almost undeterminable. Therefore, it’s hard to blame a jaded audiophile for not trying to look for an album cleaning kit and instead relying on DIY methods that seem cheaper and more approachable.

Easy Groove Superset – the ultimate album cleaning kit

With that in mind, we at Chisto offer an album cleaning kit that has proven to get the job done. Hours of hard work and scrupulous testing with help from many audiophile colleagues, combined with modern advancements in the chemical industry have produced a great result, as we have assembled a set of essential items for effective treatment of your vinyl archive. Our album cleaning kit includes several specialized cleaning liquids with special properties, a premium-quality microfiber cloth and an LP duster. The Superset covers all areas of LP cleaning – our liquids excel in both surface and deep cleaning (leaving no residue), dissipate static and have antibacterial and fungicide properties (thus making sure your record collection provides no health hazards for you or your family and friends.

Some older audiophiles might be scouring the web in order to find a shellac record cleaning kit for their older records. We bring good news for them too: Chisto’s chemical formulas, used in our specialized cleaning liquids, are 100% safe for all types of records and can be used to treat both old and new (for MRA removal) records. If you’re a lucky owner of some ancient 78 RPM shellacs, then Chisto’s Superset can be your go-to shellac record cleaning kit for taking care of your rarities.

So, we encourage audio aficionados from all over the world to try out our Superset – the best album cleaning kit designed to fit all audiophiles’ and vinyl enthusiasts’ needs!