Chisto presents Easy Groove: products for LP special treatment, designed and approved by audiophiles all over the world

Vinyl records’ fragileness and sensitivity can cause problems for your listening experience; Chisto’s Easy Groove provides LP special treatment that can solve these problems. Easy Groove’s solutions have a unique chemical formula that provides LP special treatment with guaranteed safety for your records.

LP special treatment: why your records might sound worse that you expected

For many audiophiles, vinyl records represent the holy grail of sound. Vinyl devotees believe that “old school” recordings can top any other form of audio by producing a tone that is impossible to replicate any other way. While we can certainly discuss the “analogue vs digital” debate for ages, we’d much rather turn the attention of many audiophiles to how they treat their records.

See, while vinyl LPs certainly sound great, the reason for their eventual replacement with CDs didn’t just have to do with listening convenience and a more modern format. CDs don’t really require maintenance or any particular special care measures and last for a really long time; meanwhile, vinyl is quite sensitive, fragile and deteriorates a lot faster. Therefore, it’s clear that vinyl records require special care. But what isn’t clear to a lot of audio aficionados is the specific measures and products needed for LP special treatment.

Well, in order to determine that, we have to take a look at various problems that impair the condition and sound of our LPs. What is a distinct feature of a vinyl record? That’s right, the answer is microgrooves. Of course, given that they are a core part of how a vinyl record is played, their condition determines the audio produced by an LP. So what do you think happens when those microgrooves get dirty? The answer should be obvious: your turntable will run into trouble playing the LP, as the needle will run into the dirt and dust that has accumulated in the microgrooves over time.

The other problem that can impact the sound of a vinyl record in a negative way is static. To be more specific, the problem lies within the technology of vinyl records itself: static electricity occurs due to the friction caused by the needle of the turntable when it collides with the surface of a record. That static can then affect the process of audio signal transmission, causing various audio artifacts and glitches. The worse the record’s condition, the more friction occurs during play and thus more static is generated, resulting in worse sound quality.

But what if the record is brand new? Seemingly, there shouldn’t be any problems at all, as the disc has been pressed fairly recently and is completely clean, yet you can hear that the sound is somewhat “muffled”. The reason for that is a special substance called MRA, which is used during pressing. When the process of pressing is done, MRA is still coating the record, but it typically wears off sooner or later. However, when we buy a brand new LP, we typically want to listen to it right away, so immediately dealing with MRA is another issue we have to keep in mind.

So how do we solve these problems in one fell swoop? What products can perform this kind of LP special treatment?

Chisto’s Easy Groove: unique formula for LP special treatment

We at Chisto have come to the all of the aforementioned conclusions and decided to try and make the ultimate cleaning solution for LP special treatment that wouldn’t simply clean the record, but also remove MRA and dissipate static. We figured that none of the available solutions can do the trick (and we certainly tried almost everything), which meant that we had to consult people who actually know a thing or two about creating these kids of products – actual professional chemists. With their help, we have created a very special chemical formula that is now used in all of our Easy Groove solutions and provides LP special treatment. Obviously, we had our concerns: such a powerful chemical formula could theoretically damage the record or leave hazardous residue upon use; however, after months of testing we’ve determined that the formula is completely safe and won’t harm your precious LPs in any way. After we’ve sent our friends in the audiophile community some of Easy Groove items for testing, they have confirmed that their records started sounding far clearer and the “muffled” sound was gone, meaning that MRA has been successfully dealt with. Moreover, they haven’t found any traces of chemicals after using Easy Groove, thus confirming our own tests about Easy Groove’s safety.

So if you want the best in LP special treatment, use Chisto and personally witness the sound of your records transform to soothe you with excellent vinyl tones.