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ATC, Lone Mountain Audio, TriangleArt | T.H.E. SHOW 2021

Lone Mountain Audio, or perhaps more accurately the United States distributor for ATC Loudspeakers, had one of the large rooms on the main floor of T.H.E. Show and they were making full use of it. [...]

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Sault releasing new album, Nine

Available for 99 days only.

Sault are releasing a new album album, titled Nine, via Forever Living Originals this June.

In typically enigmatic Sault style, no further details for the album are available.

However, given that Inflo has produced their previous LPs, it’s likely he is returning once more for Nine, with vocals from frequent collaborator Cleo Sol expected as well.

Notably, the album will only be available for purchase for 99 days; a timer on their website notes there are 107 days left since the announce, indicating the album will be released on the 25th June.

Nine follows the group’s UNTITLED (Black Is) and UNTITLED (Rise) LPs — our two favourite albums of 2020.

Head here for more info.

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Desire Marea mixes gqom with synthesizers and harsh noise on debut album

Exploring loss, displacement, love, and spirituality.

Desire Marea is releasing their debut album Desire on vinyl for the first time, via Mute this August.

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The album explores loss, displacement, spirituality, the divine and “the terrifying manifestations of love in the contemporary world.”

Coinciding with the announcement, Marea has shared new video for ‘Tavern Kween’. Inspired by their aunts who forged their own path in the typically male-occupied taverns of their hometown Amandawe, the track is described as “an ode for defiance and feminine manifestations everywhere.”

Desire is adorned with work by visual activist and photographer Zanele Muholi.

Pre-order Desire here in advance of its 6th August release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Self Center
2. Zibuyile Izimakade
3. You Think I’m Horny
4. Tavern Kween
5. Thokozani
6. The Void
7. Uncle Kenny
8. Ntokozo
9. Studies in Black Trauma

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PBN Audio, Peter Norbaek | T.H.E. SHOW 2021

PBN Audio, a southern California company headed by Peter Norbaek, was showing two of the largest speakers at the show, the enormous MR!777 and MR2!5 speakers, as well as a variety of PBN electronics. Peter [...]

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Densen sold – New owners!

After it’s been a public secret for a while that the founder of the Densen brand, Thomas Sillesen, has been on the look-out for a buyer of his HiFi company, it’s been announced two new partners have taken over the brand, which was founded in 1993 in Esbjerg, Denmark.   Casper Reinhold and Ditlev Leth... Read More »

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Focal Naim America Announces “Mixed on Focal”

HD Audio streaming playlists of songs mixed on Focal speakers show off what the music was meant to sound like when listening on Focal speakers Montreal, Canada (June 15, 2021) — Today Focal Naim America, a leading North American importer, and distributor of premium consumer and professional electronics brands, announces “Mixed on Focal” a new program to highlight the... Read More »

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Canadore College Launches New Recording Program

Canadore College is using a new SSL Origin analog in-line mixing console to teach students.
Canadore College is using a new SSL Origin analog in-line mixing console to teach students.

North Bay, ON, Canada (June 16, 2021)—Canadore College, an applied arts and technology school 180 north of Toronto, is using a new SSL Origin analog in-line mixing console to teach students the similarities and differences between music production hardware and software.

“A lot of our students are used to using the computer and have never worked on a console; they’re not familiar with what a console is capable of,” says Ben Leggett, professor and coordinator on the new two-year Recording Engineering – Music Production program at Canadore College. Leggett is a Juno Award-nominated producer, engineer and mixer working in music production and film post production, and also has his own recording studio in North Bay.

“I wanted to get the Origin because of the EQ on each channel, and how you can shape the sound with the four bands, just like you can in the computer,” he says. “So we’re able to show students how to apply EQ manually with a physical piece of equipment. Another big thing is getting students to understand how the routing works, and how it’s very much the same in a DAW and a console, and having that lightbulb go off.”

Peek Inside Hunter Hayes’ Home Studio with this Video Tour

For a generation of students that has only ever worked on a computer, the console also enables faculty members to highlight some of the differences between analog and digital audio processing. “Sonically, you can crank the console’s EQ knob all the way and it still sounds good, as opposed to digital, which sometimes doesn’t do the same thing,” says Leggett.

Plus, he says, “The sonic quality that the console will add when you push a signal into it is different. Depending on what you’re going for, you can push the signal louder into the SSL console and it will give you a different sound than pushing it into a computer program.”

The Origin was part of a complete studio package supplied by Studio Economik in Montreal, including an SSL Fusion processor. Leggett and other faculty members at the college installed, integrated and commissioned the new music production studio shortly before the program launched in September 2020. The new control room is housed in a former television broadcast studio on the campus that the college enlarged during summer 2020 to provide space for the recording engineering program.

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RAT Rolls L-Acoustics into The Vermont Hollywood

The Vermont Hollywood is home to North America’s first fixed installation of the new L-Acoustics K3 enclosure
The Vermont Hollywood is home to North America’s first fixed installation of the new L-Acoustics K3 enclosure.

Los Angeles, CA (June 16, 2021)—L.A.’s latest concert venue, The Vermont Hollywood, takes its unusual name from its location, North Vermont Avenue. Much like its name, the rest of the facility is a little different as well. First opening as a cinema back in 1939, the newly revamped space is now a 11,000-square-foot, multipurpose live performance venue capable of hosting 1,200 people, all of whom will be covered by a permanent L-Acoustics K3 loudspeaker system, supplied and installed by Camarillo-based RAT Sound Systems.

The venue, designed by Santa Monica-based Ryder Design & Architecture, features a 56-foot wide by 75-foot deep main room with a 30-foot-deep balcony, initially prompting RAT Sound to consider an L-Acoustics K2 or Kara system for the project. “In our early Soundvision models, K2 far exceeded our system needs for the space, so we switched over to Kara, which we knew would work well,” recalls RAT Sound Systems integration manager Adam Figueroa. Plans changed, however, when the L-Acoustics K3 was announced. “K3 was exactly what we needed,” he said. “It gave us the compact, full-range system we wanted without having to fly any sub hangs, and the system didn’t require any changes in amplification.”

Inside a Six-Month Festival’s Pandemic Audio

Now in place, The Vermont Hollywood’s loudspeaker system features eight K3 flown per side for mains, four Kiva II spread out across the stage lip for frontfill, and six KS28 subs positioned under the stage. Left and right flown sidefills each comprised of one A15 Focus over one A15 Wide are complemented on stage by an X12 monitor package, while short-throw X4i and 5XT enclosures are located out in the lobby area for additional coverage. Driven by LA12X amplified controllers, the entire system is connected via AVB with an AES fallback coming from an L-Acoustics P1 processor at FOH. A QSC S-SYS system is also in place for control of the main PA and processing for the distributed audio system, and a DiGiCo SD12 mixing console is located at the venue’s FOH mix position.

Jacques Massachi, co-founder and managing partner of the venue’s owner, MCAP Partners, was pleased with Figueroa and RAT’s results, noting, “What they brought to the table allowed us to transform what was effectively an empty shell into a technologically superior venue—the best-sounding space we’ve ever heard! We definitely hit a home run with L-Acoustics and RAT together, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear our K3 system for themselves.”

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Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi Speaker Combines Sonos Sound, Ikea Design

In a collaboration that stretches back to 2019, Sonos and Ikea have been angling at making quality audio easier to access. And the upcoming entry in the Symfonisk line is a picture frame WiFi speaker that combines the audio company’s track record in sound with the trappings of visual art.

Available in the United States beginning July 15, the Symfonisk picture frame WiFi speaker ($199), will come in black and white models, and is set to feature a tweeter and a woofer in a package that’s about two-inches deep and measures 16″ x 22″. The new speaker’s meant to function as a standalone sound source, be paired with another frame for a stereo effect or to compliment other entries into the Symfonisk line.

Like other Sonos products, it can be controlled by the company’s namesake app and enables the use of Apple’s AirPlay 2. The speaker, however, does not feature Bluetooth capabilities.

“Sonos’ acoustic design means the picture frame speaker sounds amazing for such a compact shape, and the Sonos app means it is effortless to set up and effortless to use,” said Sonos’ Principal Product Manager Sara Morris in a press release. “This long-term collaboration continues to deliver exciting new ideas that will bring great listening experiences to homes across the globe — we look forward to delivering more unique products together in the future.”

Adorning the Symfonisk picture frame WiFi speaker is a design by Jennifer Idrizi. Only two options exist now, as the front of the speaker doesn’t allow for users to affix anything other than the factory-produced images, but more options are said to be forthcoming.

The Sonos-Ikea collaboration reportedly is continuing, according to The Verge, with an update in the works for a redesigned table-lamp speaker. For more information about the Symfonisk line, visit the Sonos website.

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