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Iranian classical music meets dub and post-punk on Maral’s debut LP

Featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry and Crass’ Penny Rimbaud.

Maral is releasing her debut album, titled Push, via Leaving Records this October.

Across the LP, Maral weaves a collage of Iranain classical music and folk samples through post-punk, punk, noise, and dub influences.

“I try to incorporate the philosophy behind Iranian classical music, the importance of improvisation, by letting my samples play around with each other until they become friends. And if they click, that makes a good song,” explains Maral.

The album also heavily features the Iranian lute instrument setar, with Marla noting its quiet nature “allowed it to flourish during times of invasion when Persian culture and music was banned and needed to be played/passed down in secret.”

Push features contributions from Lee “Scratch” Perry and Crass’ Penny Rimbaud.

It follows Maral’s Mahur Club mixtape, released on Astral Plane Recordings last year.

Head here in advance of Push’s 14th October release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.


1. Kerman Wobble
2. Protect U (feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry)
3. Push
4. Dashti
5. Bushehr
6. Sweet Thing
7. No Type
8. Aziz-E-Man
9. Jadoo
10. Sweet vs. Heavy
11. Let the Distortion Sing
12. Vortex in Love
13. Lita’s Song
14. They Not They (feat. Pennyt Rimbaud)
15. Salam

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Our 10 favourite new vinyl releases this week (18th September)

Tokyo electronica, Detroit electro, Bristol reggae and more.

This week’s rundown is by VF’s Gabriela Helfet, alongside Jesse Bernard, Lucie Stepankova, James Hammond and Emily Hill.






Cressida makes another outing on German label Voitax, commanding the power of jungle, dubstep and grime in his 6 tracker EP Sambo. Inspired by the sounds of Cressida’s youth in London, its an exciting view into the talented producer’s soundscape of cutting vocal samples through high energy frequencies. Splitting between the intense percussive style of ‘Sambo’ and the more playful melodic vibes of ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘The Place Beyond Your Meadow’, the EP taps into the diversity of London’s sounds, while also capturing the essence of the city’s beautiful chaos in the process. – EH

Logic System

‘Unit’ / ‘Clash’

(Tempo Dischi)


Italy’s Tempo Dischi have been steadily building on their collection of understated Italo disco cuts, and this fourth quantum leap from the label mixes up expectations, landing on home shores by way of Japan and the synths of Hideki Matsutake. With Matsutake’s 1981 LP Logic having become a staple of the era’s electronic music, ‘Unit’ / ‘Clash’ 12″ gives it a dance floor sympathetic distillation, and then makes a natural connection to Italo disco realms with Mito’s 1982 remix of ‘Unit’. – JH

Calibre & DRS

‘White Horses’ / ‘Living For’

(Signature Recordings)


DRS and Calibre team up with gossamer d’n’b in ‘White Horses’ / ‘Living For’. A-side ‘White Horses’ loops Calibre’s signature silky smooth production around DRS’ heartrending vocals and melancholy key builds to moving effect. On the B-side, ‘Living For’ takes the sonics into bossed-out, dub realms – a stepper that sees DRS spitting atop percussions that would shake speakers with gustos when played in a club. While both will thrill during home listening, it’s also a 12” that deserves to be wailed from giant stacks at the next opportunity to do so. – GH

Superior Roots Music

Children of Creation & Rock & Rock

(Superior Roots Music)


Serene, uplifting and soothing are the feelings Robert Dallas’ Children of Creation conjured. Perhaps it’s the unifying message or his wide-ranging voice, but this is one of those cuts that is ripe for a meditative state or a chilled day in the sun. On the flip side, the intro to Mickey Brooks’ ‘Rock & Rock’ is magnetising to the degree that when his vocals finally come into the fray, the production has already captured the spirit in such a way that it’s it’s already waiting to jump out of your body. Hopefully come next year, carnival 2021 will be in place where these songs can really be heard and felt. – JB

Elijah Minnelli

Venn Diagram

(Breadminster County Council)


Presenter, producer and DJ Elijah Minelli unveils ‘Venn Diagram’ – the third release in a trilogy on his own Breadminster County Council imprint. Mixing influences including cumbia, dub, reggae and bass, Venn Diagram finalises the series with melancholic harmonium and hazy vocals dancing around groove-soaked rhythms and theremin sub. It comes complete with a dubbed-out version – spiced up with wiggly analogue effects – on the flip. – LS


Detroit’s Filthiest

Original Not Crispy

(casa voyager)


Detroits Filthiest – who is also one of Detroit’s finest producers – delivers a double LP fusing his iconic blends of old school ghettotech with modern electro funk works, via Moroccan label Casa Voyager. Throughout, gleefully bass-heavy tunes play with vocal cuts and shaking, dance floor-driven beats. Lyrically, some tracks have a more comically playful edge such as ‘Hot Cheetos’, whilst others such as ‘Dis n Dat’ employ a simple, but effective, repetitive agenda. Overall, its an album filled with fun and deep rhythms, from one of Detroits most diligent producers, complete with funky cuts to power every late night soirée. – EH 

Graham Lambkin


(Blank Forms Editions)


With a playful and wide-open approach to microphone and tape recorder, Graham Lambkin’s idiosyncratic field recordings turn things like handling noise and audio detritus into sources of intrigue. Collecting his solo works from 2001-
2011, 4xLP box set Solos dives into a body of work that seeks to reconcile seemingly disparate ideas, and celebrate a sense of the uncanny. Finding a meeting ground for the domestic and the sublime in a family car, and a natural stream in the kitchen sink, for susceptible ears, these are the kind of records that seem to extend from source and merge with your own listening environment. – JH

Avalon Emerson

DJ​-​Kicks: Avalon Emerson



!K7’s DJ Kicks returns and this time it’s Avalon Emerson at the helm. Moving from electronica to acid, breakbeat and techno with a deft touch, as with all of the best instalments in the series, the tracks Avalon Emerson has chosen firmly stand alone in their own right. But taken as a whole, they become something anew – the kind of mix that would, in any other year, set a dance floor alight. In keeping with past instalments, Emerson achieves this euphoria by combining her own productions – ‘Wastelands and Oases’ is a particular highlight – with lesser known tunes – the effusive breakbeat of ‘Finest’ and its chipmunk-vocaled sample of S.O.S. Band – amongst beloved favourites – the weirdo acid dopplereffekt whirls of Oni Ayhun’s ‘OAR004’, to name only a few. Kudos to Emerson, creating a mix that to excite all those who are yearning for the embrace of a dark club. – GH

Action Bronson

Only For Dolphins

(Loma Vista)


Action Bronson been away for a minute, from music anyway, focusing on books, cheffing and that brief cameo alongside Robert De Niro in The Irishman. However, Only For Dolphins, Bronson’s latest LP is a return to fine form since Blue Chips, 7000. Tracks like ‘Golden Eye’ see him take a different direction as well, thanks to reggae-led production, and while it’s a tempo he’s very comfortable with, it’s also a sign his soundscape expanding. On Only For Dolphins, it’s clear the Flushing native is enjoying where he is in life at the moment – seemingly dedicating an entire album to aquatic mammals is something one does when everything else is going good. (Unless he just really, really likes dolphins.) – JB

Morita Vargas


(Hidden Harmony Recordings)


Tallinn-based label Hidden Harmony Recordings is on a spree of well-crafted, experimental and deeply meditative albums, and its latest offering is no exception. Following on from C.R. Gillespie’s Concentration Patterns and Maria Teriaeva’s Conservatory of Flowers released earlier this year, its latest LP comes from Morita Vargas. 8 is rich with symbolism and emotion, taking roots in the spaces between ambient and experimental music. It sees Vargas mindfully reshape her voice through effects in the search of her own language. The thread of her voice acts a light, leading us through metamorphic soundscapes created by combining synthesis and acoustic instruments into bright, enchanting compositions. – LS

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Making of The Beatles’ Let It Be explored in new official book, Get Back

With previously unpublished photographs and intimate conversations from the recording sessions.

The making of the The Beatles 1970 album Let It Be is explored in a new book called Get Back, forthcoming in August 2021.

Read more: Peter Jackson explores the creation of Let It Be in new film

The book takes it start following the release of the bands’ self-titled album in 1969, and journeys through Let It Be’s recording session, culminating in their final performance on top of the Apple Corps office building in London.

Across 240 pages, Get Back brings together over 200 photographs – many of which previously unpublished – alongside conversations taken from over 120 hours of Let It Be’s studio sessions.

The book is being released as a companion to Peter Jackson’s forthcoming documentary of the same name, and features a foreword from Jackson himself.

Let It Be is the first official book linked to the band since 2000’s The Beatles Anthology.

Head here to pre-order a copy in advance of Let It Be’s 31st August publication.

Photo credit: Linda McCartney/Paul McCartney

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Empire Ears Odin Review

The Empire Ears Odin is a flagship universal IEM with 11 proprietary drivers including a dual dynamic, 5 BA, and 4 electrostatic drivers. It is priced at $3399. Disclaimer: The Empire Ears Odin was sent to us in exchange for our honest opinion in this review. Many thanks to Empire Ears for giving us this opportunity. You […]

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Duval Timothy’s Brown Loop reissued in new edition

Mixing jazz and hip-hop with techno repetitions.

Duval Timothy’s Brown Loop album is being reissued, this October via The Vinyl Factory / Carrying Colour.

Originally recorded in New York in the winter of 2016, produced and mixed by Timothy, the new edition of Brown Loop features an adjusted tracklisting, with artwork by Timothy.

“I heard Duval describe the music of Brown Loop as ascending a mountain, and after you reached the top you come down to the other end. Through rhythmic repetitive patterns, the music builds,” shares Martyn Dykers.

“Within the pieces, melodies stray away from the theme, into unknown territories, but always find their way back to a comfortable home. Most elaborately this happens on my favorite piece, ‘Hairs’.”

“The patterns and melodies on pieces such as Through The Night and (recently added to the vinyl version) G are stripped down to their very essence.

It is not just jazz, it’s pure hip hop, as the hooks are reminiscent of the shards of melancholy legends like Dilla, Pete Rock and Havoc used in their best work. In terms of repetition, the music is also very techno. And like in all good techno, the patterns (perhaps contrary to popular belief) ooze humanity and emotion.”

It follows the release of Timothy’s Help LP earlier this year, on The Vinyl Factory / Carrying Colour.

Pre-order a copy of Brown Loop here in advance of its 2nd October release, check out the cover art and tracklist below.


1. Through The Night
2. Cold Is Coming
3. Badman
4. Clouds
5. G
6. Blue Borough
7. Hairs
8. Pleats
9. Smoke Alarm
10. Passing
11. Older than we used to be
12. Old Kent Rd

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Goldring Ethos Phono Cartridge | REVIEW

I wasn’t supposed to review the Goldring Ethos phono cartridge. It merely hitched a ride with the Thorens TD-1601 turntable and arm combo that I have in for review. Anthony Chiarella, who represents both companies, had it mounted on the ‘table before it shipped. He told me that it was a match that everyone had really enjoyed while testing out the Thorens. Goldring? Sure, I was more than happy to keep the Goldring Ethos on the arm for the time being. 25 or 30 years ago, when I was deep deep deep into Brit hi-fi, Goldring was certainly a contender when it came to refined MM phono cartridges that were also affordable. Classic models such as the 1012 and the 1042 were great choices for the lesser Regas, especially if you felt like some of the cartridges from Rega lacked a bit of excitement (which I sometimes did). Goldring MC models such as the Eroica, Elite and Etile, have been favorites among my British pals over the years. I never bought a Goldring, but I came so close at least a couple of times. (I can say that about a lot of products, I suppose. Forty-plus years in this hobby [...]

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MOON by Simaudio 40th Anniversary Edition System

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC, CANADA (PTA) — It’s starting to look like my favourite high-end audio trend of 2020 is going to be ‘anniversary trim‘ enclosures. The new 40th Anniversary Edition System from MOON by Simaudio is one of the most stunning looking collections I’ve seen yet. The MOON system is comprised of the 680D Streaming DAC, and 600i V2 Integrated Amplifier, both decked out in anniversary trim. More information and photography are enclosed below. Enjoy! Press Release Enclosed MOON LAUNCHES 40th ANNIVERSARY EDITION SYSTEM SEDUCTIVE SOUND, BEWITCHING LOOKS MOON has created an iconic audio system to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The stunning MOON Anniversary Edition features the highly acclaimed 680D streaming DAC and the elegantly powerful 600i v2 integrated amplifier. Each model is finished in a beautiful Millesime Red colorway designed to give a contemporary look plus a discreet styling cue recalling MOON’s 1980 genesis. To complement the system, the remote-control unit is also in stunning Millesime Red and the MOON bridges in rose gold. A full set of premium cables is supplied. With an exclusive production run of just forty systems, the Anniversary Edition system is designed for passionate audiophiles who want to be part of MOON’s audio heritage. Each [...]

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